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Example sentences for "braise"

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  1. They braise it four or five hours, and it makes the toughest meat tender.

  2. We might do what the French call braise the end of the roast, if you like to see the effect of slow cooking.

  3. The French always braise in what is called a braising pan; that is, two oval pans made in such a way that one sets into the other, and goes about a third of the way down.

  4. If we have any cabbage we will braise the meat with it.

  5. Immerse the chicken pieces in this sauce and braise them to a point.

  6. Carve the birds very neatly, and strip every particle of skin and fat from the legs, wings, and breasts, braise the bodies well and put them with the skin and other trimmings into a very clean stewpan.

  7. Mix together a cup of Chablis wine and a cup of broth, season with pepper and salt; braise the ducks till they are tender.

  8. Braise a couple of small summer cabbages, drain well, and stir over the fire till quite dry; then roll them on a cloth and cut them into pieces about two inches long and an inch thick.

  9. Take four pigeons, truss and braise them in stock, then glaze them, dish them up against a block of fried bread.

  10. Tie each piece of pigeon in a little bit of calico, and braise them till nicely tender.

  11. Braise the drumsticks, and arrange them uprightly in tent fashion, and all around and between the drumsticks should be finely chopped salad.

  12. Roll the rabbits up tight and sew them, lard the top part with slips of fat bacon very neat, and blanch and braise them.

  13. Sew it up, braise it in a pint of veal stock, cover it with white paper and the cover of the stewpan.

  14. Braise them till tender, drain them dry, and serve them up with green truffle sauce, or celery, asparagus, or peas.

  15. Bind it round with packthread, and braise it till tender; then wipe it dry, glaize the top, and serve it up with the sauce round.

  16. Roll it up tight in a cloth, tie each end, and braise it till tender.

  17. When the different articles are ready, blanch and wash them, then braise each in a separate stewpan, with the stock that was strained.

  18. LARD very neat two heart sweetbreads, then blanch and braise or roast them; and when they are to be served up, glaize the top part, and put stewed endive under them.

  19. Braise them till tender, and put them in an earthen pan for use.

  20. BONE the legs and wings of four pigeons and draw them in; then fill them with a high-seasoned forcemeat, and braise them in a half pint of veal stock.

  21. CUT the scragg and the chine bone from a neck of house lamb; then take off the skin, trim part of the fat away to lard the neck lengthways, blanch it, and braise or roast it gently with a veal caul over.

  22. BONE the birds, put into them some light forcemeat well-seasoned; sew them up, blanch and wipe them dry, and braise them in a pint of stock till tender.

  23. SCALD four tails and five ears very clean, and braise them in a pint of veal stock.

  24. BONE the birds, and force and braise them in a small quantity of stock.

  25. CUT some savoys in quarters, blanch them, and then tie them round and braise them with the beef till half done.

  26. The pan in which a braise is to be made always should be lined with slices of bacon, carrot, onions and herbs, upon which the meat is placed.

  27. Procure the ribs of a lamb, saw off the breast as large as possible, leaving the bones of the neck long enough to cut cotelettes, braise and press as directed for breast of mutton (No.

  28. Prepare, stuff, and braise six legs as in the last, also have a fine larded sweetbread (No.

  29. Prepare and braise a neck of mutton as described for the Removes, see that it is not too fat; you have prepared a purée of onions like for the cotelettes (see No.

  30. Bone the legs of two poulardes, leaving as much skin as possible on them, then stuff and braise them as directed for poularde à la Marie Stuart (No.

  31. Procure two breasts of mutton cut as large as possible, which put in a stewpan, and braise three hours in the same manner as described for neck of mutton Provençale (No.

  32. Prepare, bone, stuff, and braise as the last, dress the same, and serve with stewed peas round and in the centre.

  33. Fillet two fowls but leave the pinions of the wings attached to them, lard and braise as directed for filets de poulardes à la Marie Stuart (No.

  34. Then place four pieces of lettuce braise on a platter, lay the fillets on top, cover with cream sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese, put small bits of butter on top, and bake again in the oven until brown.

  35. Place four sweetbreads braise on a platter, garnish with a puree of fresh or canned peas, and pour brown gravy around the bottom.

  36. Braise four nice sweetbreads, and place them on fresh artichoke bottoms on a platter.

  37. Braise some sweetbreads (see index), place on a platter with their own gravy, and garnish with fresh bottoms of artichokes filled with puree of fresh mushrooms.

  38. Split four large sweetbreads, fill with chicken forcemeat, and braise them.

  39. Put the sorrel on a platter, lay sweetbreads braise on top, and pour the gravy around the bottom of the platter.

  40. Braise the sweetbreads and dish up on a platter.

  41. Braise the sweetbreads until about two-thirds done.

  42. Braise the sweetbreads in the usual manner.

  43. Braise some sweetbreads, place on a platter, and garnish with okra and tomatoes saute and green peppers cut like matches and sauteed in butter.

  44. The braise is put on the cover, which, in some cases, is made deep on purpose to hold it.

  45. Bone a shoulder of lamb, and fill it up with forcemeat; braise it two hours over a slow stove.

  46. To braise any kind of meat, put it into a stewpan, and cover it with fat bacon.

  47. Braise for an hour in a moderate oven till the meat is very tender, remove, and press between two dishes until they are cold.

  48. Braise this galantine for six hours in stock, which may be made of a small knuckle of veal and the bones and trimmings.

  49. Then braise slowly for four to five hours, as directed for galantine of veal.

  50. Braise it one and one-half hours on a moderate fire.

  51. If there is any doubt about the age of the goose, it is better to braise than to roast it.

  52. Cut up the pheasants, flour and braise them in the butter and ham till they are of a nice brown, but not burnt.

  53. Braise these for ¼ of an hour, keeping them well stirred.

  54. Cut the partridges into pieces, and braise them in the butter and ham until quite tender; then take out the legs, wings, and breast, and set them by.

  55. Columba root; braise and boil all together in 3 pints of water till it is reduced to a quart: strain, and take a wine-glassful every four hours.

  56. Braise these for 1/4 of an hour, keeping them well stirred.

  57. Braise the galantine for an hour in stock made from the bones of the fish.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "braise" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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