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Example sentences for "fry"

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fruto; frutti; frutto; fruyt; fruyte; fryars; fryed; fryers; frying; fryingpan
  1. Tha tha Tyrjar thus fry spel hedon, kemon hja alan wither to farand vsa weron sa heinde as fere vsa ajn sekampar to skadne.

  2. Minerva seide, sahwersa ninman manneska kapja nilda sa ne skolde ninman jvw bern rawa and i ne skolda thervr nen orloch have, wilst thus vsa harlinga biliwa sa mot-i thina slavona fry leta.

  3. Alrek wet that-i fry and vnforleth wil leva, and that ore that ak wille.

  4. Tach alsa nil-t vs drochten navt, hi wil that wi ekkorum helpa, men hi wil ak that jahweder fry sy and wis wrde.

  5. That ljucht thera skil than evg jvwe bryn vpklarja, and j skilun than evin fry bilyva fon vnfrya weld as jvwa swite rinstrama fon that salte weter ther andelase se.

  6. Demetrius were vvl and vnsedlik, and hi thogte that-im ella fry stvnde.

  7. Bist thv alsa gyrich that thu irtha allena erva wilste, alsa achst thv nimmer mare nen ore tale ovir thina wera ni kvma to letane as god-is tale, and than achst thv to njodane, til thju thin ajn tale fry fon uthemeda klinka bilyweth.

  8. Send ther svm thrvch thene fyand fat and kvmath hja to bak, sa mot man hjam fer fon that kamp of fora, hwand hja machton fry leten wesa by arge loftum and than ne muegon hja hjara lofta navt ni halda and toch erlik bilywa.

  9. Men nw kem Kalta and keth, thv bist fry bern and vmbe litha leka heth man thi to vrwurpene makad, navt vmbe thi to beterja, men vmbe tin to winnande thrvch thina handa.

  10. Put 4 tablespoons Crisco in saute pan and when hot put in cutlets, seasoned with salt and pepper, fry till brown.

  11. Make Crisco hot in stewpan, fry onions and cucumber 5 minutes, add parsley with stock, let it simmer 20 minutes.

  12. Melt Crisco in stewpan; when hot add onion, fry over gentle fire until light fawn color, then add rice; shake pan over fire for a few minutes, so as to fry rice a little.

  13. Brush cutlets over with this preparation, coat them carefully with breadcrumbs, fry quickly and lightly in hot Crisco.

  14. Have ready some frying-batter, dip apricots into it, then fry in plenty of hot Crisco.

  15. Melt Crisco in a saucepan, fry cod lightly in it, then take out and set aside.

  16. Make Crisco hot in stewpan, add vegetables, fry and cook until Crisco is absorbed, stirring frequently to prevent them browning.

  17. Have ready pan of hot Crisco, fry croquettes in it until a golden brown.

  18. Cut large dinner roll into slices, and toast them lightly on both sides; dip them in egg well beaten then fry in hot Crisco and drain.

  19. When garlic turns brown take out, put chicken in, fry till brown, then cover closely, allow to simmer till ready.

  20. Colonel Fry and two other commissioners from Virginia concluded a treaty with the tribes above named; by which the latter engaged not to molest any English settlers south of the Ohio.

  21. He had but two companies with him, amounting to about one hundred and fifty men; the remainder of the regiment was to follow under Colonel Fry with the artillery, which was to be conveyed up the Potomac.

  22. Cut up 2 chickens; fry each piece quickly in bacon fat to a nice brown (not cooking them).

  23. Put in a saucepan a spoonful of lard or butter, and when very hot an onion; fry a little and add the corn and squash, 1 tomato, 1 green pepper cut small and salt to taste.

  24. When a little cool, add the egg and fry in very hot lard.

  25. When they are partly fried, add 2 pounds of lean beef cut in small dice, and let fry five minutes.

  26. This restaurant has three head chefs and thirty-eight chefs, besides pâtissiers and all the smaller fry of the kitchen.

  27. The nonnats are the small fry of the bay, smaller far than whitebait, and are delicious to eat.

  28. Both of these boast what the Spaniards term Cocina Francesa, which only means that if you make a request, as the English always do, the cook will fry your food with butter instead of oil.

  29. The Fritto di Calamaretti is a fry of cuttle-fish in oil.

  30. But, if Morgan were really the Big Shot, would he have deigned to interview personally such small fry as Olmstead?

  31. You know as well as I do that nabbing a few of the small fry isn't enough.

  32. These small fry were not smart, and their customers were even less so.

  33. The top men were defiant, the middle ranks were sullen, the smaller fry were apprehensive as well as sullen.

  34. The ignoble birds of prey, the Kites[4], keep close by the shore, and hover round the returning boats of the fishermen to feast on the fry rejected from their nets.

  35. The Malabar coolies are so fond of their flesh, that they evince a preference for those districts in which the coffee plantations are subject to these incursions, where they fry the rats in oil, or convert them into curry.

  36. You will want a medium-size steel fry pan, with handle of the same piece of metal--not riveted.

  37. Let them fry so covered, till the side next the Pan be done enough; then turn the other side, and let that fry, till it be enough.

  38. Then lay another row of slices in the Pan to fry as before; and when they are enough, put them into the dish to the other.

  39. Then take out the back-bone, and put it to fry with Onions.

  40. Then fry them in Butter, such quantity as may boil over the tops of the tosts.

  41. In another saucepan let boil one tablespoonful of butter, add a chopped onion, fry till it is clear.

  42. Roll one-half inch thick, cut out, fry in lard.

  43. When it boils, add a chopped onion and some parsley, and let fry about five minutes, then add one tablespoonful flour previously mixed with water; boil all for ten minutes, strain and serve.

  44. If you wish to brown, don't use cream, just fry slowly in butter.

  45. This little fry issued into the world with the true Viper spirit about them, showing great alertness as soon as they were disengaged from the body of their parent.

  46. The Salmon fry go down the river to the sea in April.

  47. It was long supposed that the Whitebait was the fry of the shad, but it is now proved to be a distinct species.

  48. Then break the slices up into separate rings, drop these into a thin batter and fry them as you fry French-fried potatoes.

  49. Don’t fry in deep fat, as with doughnuts, but plenty of fat, as with fried chicken.

  50. From the pack basket take a piece of pork or bacon, fry well in a skillet over a carefully laid fire.

  51. When hot enough fry in it two large onions, sliced, and two cloves of garlic chopped.

  52. Select a thick slice of mild cured ham, fry it in its own fat in a hot skillet until both sides show a golden brown.

  53. In the first group of four was Captain Fry himself.

  54. The result was that Captain Fry and forty-eight of the crew and passengers, including a number of Americans and Englishmen, were sentenced to death.

  55. The wonderful success which has followed the planting of shad and striped bass fry in the waters of the Pacific coast is well known.

  56. In this connection mention may be made of the chinook or quinnat salmon of the Pacific coast (Oncorhynchus chouicha), fry of which have been extensively planted in eastern waters by the U.

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