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Example sentences for "garlic"

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  1. If the atmosphere were analysed by Faraday, it would be found to contain equal portions of stale cigar smoke and fresh garlic fume.

  2. Spanish garlic and onions degenerate after three years' planting when transplanted into England.

  3. It, however, agrees well with the peasants, as does the soup of their neighbours the Catalans, which is made of bread and garlic in equal portions fried in oil and diluted with hot water.

  4. At the side of the kitchen is a den of a room, into which the ventero keeps stowed away that stock of raw materials which forms the foundation of the national cuisine, and in which garlic plays the first fiddle.

  5. This Valencian butter is composed (for the cow has nothing to do with it) of equal portions of garlic and hogs' lard pounded together in a mortar; it is then spread on bread, just as we do arsenic to destroy vermin.

  6. Nor is garlic necessarily either a poison or a source of baseness; for Henry IV.

  7. Thus these imprecatory vegetables retain in Spain their old Egyptian flavour and mystical charm; as on the Nile, according to Pliny, onions and garlic were worshipped as adjuratory divinities.

  8. In hot countries, where beasts are lean, oil supplies the place of fat, as garlic does the want of flavour, while a stimulating condiment excites or curries up the coats of a languid stomach.

  9. A clove of garlic is called un diente, a tooth.

  10. A small button of garlic in a quart of vinegar will give it a mysterious delicious flavor, and it will immensely improve salads or anything in which it is used.

  11. For nervous vomiting; two to five drops of garlic juice is good.

  12. To dream of garlic indicates the discovery of hidden treasures, but the approach of some domestic quarrel.

  13. The Bolognese, who regard garlic as the symbol of abundance, buy it at the festival as a charm against poverty during the coming year.

  14. To the foreigner garlic is as sweet tasting as the onion and its flavor delightful in food.

  15. Separate a clump of garlic into cloves and then peel and place in a fruit jar.

  16. Garlic is an excellent seasoning in its proper place and quantity, and the upper classes of the Spaniards have their meat lightly rubbed with it before being cooked, but the lower classes use it in the cooking to an intolerable extent.

  17. There was perhaps a shade too much garlic in the cookery, he thought; but he was not particular, and appetite returned with absence of fear.

  18. A goodly pile of bread had already accumulated; and in two earthen pots simmered messes of vegetables and split-peas, from which a strong, and not unsavoury, smell of onions and garlic proceeded.

  19. Virtues of the onion, garlic and pennyroyal.

  20. It is said to have brought Badajoz so near, that you saw how the French soldiers made their soup, and even smell the garlic they put into it.

  21. There alone it is that they do not bring their savor of garlic with them," and she here buried her pretty little turned-up nose in a bunch of Lady Mabel's most fragrant flowers.

  22. And stuff themselves with garlic to boot, like Portuguese sausage," said Mrs. Shortridge.

  23. After all there's a lot in that vegetarian fine flavour of things from the earth garlic of course it stinks after Italian organgrinders crisp of onions mushrooms truffles.

  24. The smell of garlic and tobacco are two odorous substances with which travelers in Cuba must become accustomed.

  25. I tell thee that the smell of garlic came to the stage; but Nero bowed, pressed his hand to his heart, sent kisses from his lips, and shed tears.

  26. It is repugnant to you because, as some one here has said, we smell of garlic and old clothes; but just now you cannot have too many friends and allies.

  27. They accuse us of exhaling garlic wherever we go.

  28. All the Albanians had their pockets full of it, and they enjoyed a piece of garlic with as much relish as we do a sugar-plum.

  29. The air was dense with the fumes of bad tobacco, and vapours reeking of beer and garlic issued from every mouth.

  30. I ordered all the family to kiss me, and finding that Javotte had eaten garlic I forbade the use of it entirely, which order Franzia promised should be complied with.

  31. I only drank water, and Soradaci drank all the wine and consumed all the garlic I had, and thus made himself worse.

  32. My companions in misery proceeded to dine on bad garlic soup and wretched bread, washed down by plain water, two priests and an individual who was styled corregidor excepted, and they seemed to fare very well.

  33. When heated at the blowpipe, it melts with great readiness, and diffuses white vapours, possessing somewhat of a garlic smell.

  34. At the blowpipe it emits a strong garlic smell.

  35. Before the blowpipe it melts exhaling fumes of a garlic odour, and it affords metallic globules when in contact with charcoal.

  36. It exhales white fumes in the air, which have a garlic smell, appear luminous in the dark, and spontaneously condense into liquid phosphorous acid.

  37. The arsenic is expelled by roasting the powdered speise first by itself, next with the addition of charcoal powder, till the garlic smell be no longer perceived.

  38. To a decoction of wormwood and garlic in water, strained through a cloth, a little common salt, and some vinegar are added.

  39. It volatilizes easily before the blowpipe, emitting the garlic smell of arsenic, along with that of burning sulphur.

  40. Odour of family predominated in two corners, stewed rustic reigned supreme in the centre, and garlic in the noisy group by the window.

  41. Garlic filled up the interstices of the air.

  42. Prepare as lettuce salad, first rubbing over the bowl with a clove of garlic cut in halves.

  43. A chapon, according to gastronomic usage, is a thin piece of bread rubbed on all sides with the cut surface of a clove of garlic and put into the salad-bowl before the seasonings.

  44. Rub the salad-bowl with a clove of garlic cut in halves.

  45. Contrary to the opinion I formed when I first came into Egypt, the onion, leek, and garlic are not sacred.

  46. I stopped and shook one of his hands, which still clung to a bag of garlic and red peppers.

  47. Here is the value of your two swine, the garlic and the salt.

  48. War throws some garlic into his mortar as emblematical of the city of Megara, where it was grown in abundance.

  49. I too have seen the goddess, descending from the Acropolis with an owl perched upon her helmet; on your head she was pouring out ambrosia, on that of Cleon garlic pickle.

  50. Dicaeopolis had brought a clove of garlic with him to eat during the Assembly.

  51. Master, have you got garlic in your fist, I wonder?

  52. Because the smell of bruised garlic causes the eyes to water.

  53. Now just you dare to measure strength with me, old greybeard, and I warrant you you'll never eat garlic or black beans more.

  54. Garlic was given to game-cocks, before setting them at each other, to give them pluck for the fight.

  55. Season your ragout, and throw in your slices, a bit of garlic and parsley, with some thyme, and squeeze a lemon in it, but be cautious to have it skimmed well.

  56. Put in a pound or two of whole garlic prepared as above to act as a pickle.

  57. Those who are fond of onions or garlic may make either the prevailing ingredient.

  58. But, as observed before, I do not believe that garlic story.

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