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  1. When one has pressed both bottoms all around, turn trousers right side out and press bottoms as in ordinary pressing.

  2. But not with sponge cloth, only with iron and wet bottoms with sponge).

  3. When bottoms are felled, leave two inches for turn up and cut off the balance.

  4. There were numerous deep swamps in the bottoms between the undulations, and upon arrival at one of these green dells we fired the grass on the opposite side.

  5. In the north-eastern Nan-shan, on the contrary, a stream runs through each gorge, and both the mountain slopes and the bottoms of the valleys are covered with vegetation.

  6. The cold and bleak hills of New England no more resemble the rich river bottoms of the South than the sand dunes of Prussia resemble the fertile plains of Andalusia.

  7. Land was virtually free to those who could pay for the cost of clearing, and the rich soil of the tide-water bottoms assured an easy living and the prospect of accumulating a competence.

  8. In many parts of the island the bottoms of the valleys are covered in an extraordinary manner by myriads of great loose angular fragments of the quartz rock, forming "streams of stones.

  9. These fringes evidently once extended across the valleys and were united; and the bottoms of the valleys in northern Chile, where there are no streams, are thus smoothly filled up.

  10. It is very common, and frequents the bottoms of hedgerows, and the bushes scattered over the barren hills, where scarcely another bird can exist.

  11. Where each of the roads crosses the bottoms the water spreads out over the roads to the width of a hundred yards.

  12. In the morning our operations of notifying the planters was renewed, and our route lay along the bottoms of Davis Creek, toward the head-waters of the creek.

  13. On account of its weight, the gas often collects in the bottoms of old wells, mines, and tunnels.

  14. Equal weights of soils of different kinds and degrees of fineness are placed in funnels or in inverted bottles with bottoms removed.

  15. All Tibet he described as mountainous, and an inconceivably poor country: there are no plains, save flats in the bottoms of the valleys, and the paths lead over lofty mountains.

  16. They are rather cracks in the lunar crust, although their bottoms are frequently visible.

  17. But the most severe circumstance of this disaster was the loss of four capital ships, two of which were destroyed, and the other two brought in triumph to England, to be numbered among the best bottoms of the British navy.

  18. Lenape Stone, and that the bottoms of the grooves are more rounded.

  19. This gate was therefore not only a passage-way, but also the water-gap or channel through which the mesilla was finally drained into the bottoms of the Arroyo de Pecos.

  20. He went on quickly until he had formed in the same curious manner, beginning at the ends and bottoms of the letters, the word Jarndyce, without once leaving two letters on the wall together.

  21. Judy, not interested in what she has often heard, begins to collect in a basin various tributary streams of tea, from the bottoms of cups and saucers and from the bottom of the tea-pot for the little charwoman's evening meal.

  22. I always wanted to tell you, but Tug, who worshipped you both, would never consent to it until the morning your husband went into the bottoms alone.

  23. I was out in the bottoms with Armsby, yesterday," Davy continued, "and twice we passed a man rowing about alone.

  24. Among those distressed by the unfortunate condition of those living in the bottoms were Allan Dorris and his wife, safe in their home above the town.

  25. He must not go into the bottoms unless accompanied by a party, and as he hasn't been over yet, he may take it into his head to go to-day.

  26. Out into the river like a shot; that's the way I rowed that misty morning when I found that Allan Dorris had gone into the bottoms alone.

  27. To make easy the routes to El Dorado of prairies and river bottoms was the quickest way to wealth.

  28. The owners of the prairies and woods and river bottoms became suddenly rich, as a miner in Idaho becomes rich when he strikes a true fissure vein.

  29. General Hunt, chief of artillery, skilfully posted one hundred and forty-seven guns to cover the bottoms upon which the infantry was to form for the attack, and at the same time play upon the Confederate batteries.

  30. If he held straight on the best road, keeping to the left of the extensive bottoms along here, he went through the present sites of Granada, a village 4 m.

  31. The river bottoms full of salt ponds; grass similar to our salt meadows.

  32. The village we stayed at last night being the last, we entered the wilderness and the road became rough, small hills running into the river, making valleys; but the bottoms appear richer than those more to the north.

  33. Cheyenne Bottoms above said, and coming to Walnut cr.

  34. On the north are low bottoms and heavy timber.

  35. The slough itself is very narrow, and hardly more than a sluggish creek, like a good many others that meander bottoms before they discharge.

  36. Small hills, with rocks, alternately border the eastern and western shores; the bottoms being very excellent soil, and the country abounding in game.

  37. It is in much estimation for paying the bottoms of vessels, for which use, to give it firmness and duration, it ought to be mixed with some of the hard kind, of which it corrects the brittleness.

  38. Certain clays are wet and beaten up into this consistency, to form the bottoms of ponds, and to tighten dams and reservoirs.

  39. As soon as they are made, let the bottoms of them be covered with fresh-cut blackthorn bushes.

  40. These wells are liable, too, to be obstructed in their operation by their bottoms being puddled with the clay carried into them by the water, and so becoming impervious.

  41. The various tools for finishing the bottoms of drains, as figured in Morton, are the following: [Illustration: Fig.

  42. Below, we give from Morton, drawings, and a description of Elkington's augers for boring in the bottoms of ditches.

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