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Example sentences for "bottoming"

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  1. After brake takes effect in vehicle operation, brake foot pedal should have 1-inch reserve travel before bottoming on footboard.

  2. Register the operating lever on flat of actuating sleeve, and see that lever has full movement to the left without bottoming sleeve in the fork stem.

  3. This spheroid having become cool and somewhat stiff, is next carried to the bottoming hole (like fig.

  4. The plug and bottoming taps are made parallel in the thread, the former being tapered slightly at and for two or three threads from the entering, as shown in Fig.

  5. Whereupon he put me at the cane chair bottoming business, which gave me another room and another chum, and I remained at this work while I was in the prison.

  6. In three weeks I could bottom one chair, while my mate was bottoming nine or ten as his day's work; but I told the keeper I did not mean to work hard, or work at all, if I could help it.

  7. If round pipes are used, a round bottoming tool must be used to form a semi-circular groove in which the pipes are to lie.

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