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Example sentences for "gill"

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  1. Gill o' the Red Cap's first arrow struck only a finger's breadth from the center, and his second was nearer still.

  2. Gill nets are used to catch them, and are set within five fathoms of the surface by setting the inner buoy in water of that depth, and then paying the net out into deeper water and anchoring it.

  3. The Reverend Mr. Renison, who has had much to do with bettering the condition of these Indians, told me that he had caught 1020 pounds of white-fish in two nights with two gill nets in Lake Nepigon.

  4. New Legal Measure, "One Gill more than equal to Several Legal Pints.

  5. The parallax has been determined by Sir David Gill and W.

  6. A skeletal rod or gill bar separates the gills from each other.

  7. The ovaries and testes are saccular organs arranged in a row along the gill and succeeding region.

  8. It was not until he rolled over and saw Roy lying stretched on another mattress beside him, and Gill a little beyond, that any sort of recollection came back to him.

  9. At last they managed it, and then they had only just strength enough left to haul Gill up across it and, each with an arm across the keel, cling and let themselves drift where the current took them.

  10. Roy was almost done as the result of the exertions he had made in holding up Gill, and Gill himself weighted them terribly.

  11. Gill is the only man left from the trawler.

  12. Cotched one, I reckon,' remarked Gill briefly, and hurried on deck followed by the two boys.

  13. It is caught in large quantities with gill nets and traps, for canning and use in a fresh condition.

  14. In that part of the river adjacent to Bangor there is a small fishery prosecuted with set gill nets.

  15. It appears besides to be a very small body, for Sir David Gill finds a parallax which makes it only as far off from us as Sirius.

  16. This idea of surveying the face of the sky by photography sprang indirectly from the fine photographs which Sir David Gill took, when at the Cape of Good Hope, of the Comet of 1882.

  17. There was a sham battle of the troops, too; half a gill to every fifth man, and fifty pounds for the cannon on the hill, which cost Sir William a pretty penny, our Governor refusing to allow for the powder burned.

  18. Experimental gill nets were set on three occasions in areas with little current.

  19. The Gill estate, in the parish of Bromfield, is said to have belonged to the Reays "as long as any other estate in the kingdom has been in one family.

  20. When the distress has reached sufficient proportions to justify such an extreme measure, the patient should be restricted to a diet exclusively of skimmed milk, of which he is directed to take a gill or more every three hours.

  21. Peptonized milk is prepared by putting into a clean quart bottle 5 grains of extractum pancreatis, 15 grains of bicarbonate of sodium, and a gill of cool water; shake, and add a pint of fresh cool milk.

  22. Two cups of rich milk, four tablespoonfuls of butter and a gill of yeast, a teaspoonful of salt; mix warm, add flour enough to make a light dough.

  23. Pour off a little of the water, add a small lump of butter, a little pepper, and a gill of sweet cream and a teaspoonful of flour stirred to a paste.

  24. Stir one tablespoonful of Indian meal into a gill of boiling water and add one tablespoonful of bruised stramonium seeds.

  25. Beat the yolks of two eggs; add to them a dash of nutmeg and a gill each of cold water and rum; stir this into the luke-warm batter and allow it to heat gradually.

  26. Remove the fish and strain the gravy; add to the latter a gill more of claret, a teaspoonful of brown flour and a pinch of cayenne, and serve with the fish.

  27. Put a tablespoonful of the crumbs of stale bread into a gill of milk, and give the whole one boil up.

  28. Take twenty grains of cochineal and fifteen grains of cream of tartar finely powdered; add to them a piece of alum the size of a cherry stone and boil them with a gill of soft water in an earthen vessel, slowly, for half an hour.

  29. Mince one small onion and fry it slightly; add a gill of hot water, the tomato pulp and two ounces of cold veal or chicken chopped fine, simmer slowly and season with salt and pepper.

  30. Put half a gill of broth in a saucepan with about one pint of turnips and set on a good fire; toss and stir now and then till done, and till the broth is all boiled away.

  31. Add to the above about a gill of thick tomato-sauce, just before pouring the consomme over the macaroni, etc.

  32. Put a gill of sweet-oil in a tin saucepan and set it on a sharp fire; when hot, add two onions and two cloves of garlic sliced; stir so as to partly fry them, and then take from the fire.

  33. Set the chopped onion on the fire with one gill of vinegar, and boil gently till the vinegar is entirely absorbed, or boiled away.

  34. Blanch the cabbage for about ten minutes and drain it; then put it in a saucepan with about an ounce of butter and stir for five minutes, when add a little salt, a little sugar, a gill of claret wine, and same of broth or water.

  35. Then set the rice and flesh back on the fire in a saucepan with broth to taste, stir and add immediately from two to four ounces of butter, a gill of cream, or, if not handy, a gill of milk.

  36. The sun was very hot, and there was a great demand for water; but the doctor would only serve out half-a-gill to each person.

  37. Closed with an extra Gill of Whiskey & a Dance untill 11 oClock.

  38. He learned, among other things, that Healy had telephoned Sheriff Gill that Keller was lying wounded at Seven Mile, and that the sheriff was expecting to follow them in a few hours.

  39. If your blood is cold, sir," said he, "I can recommend a gill of port wine.

  40. On examining his brain, nearly half a gill of fluid, strongly impregnated with gin, was found in the cavities of this organ.

  41. The first condition can be easily and safely affected, by abstaining from food, and drinking no more than a gill of fluid in twenty-four hours.

  42. The trees in the gill below the house were motionless.

  43. There had been a heavy storm, and the waters were out, and he was certain she had been in the gill and slipped in and been drowned.

  44. The roar of the swollen stream thundering down the gill filled the air; the larches strained away from the buildings they sheltered, creaking with every fresh blast.

  45. It must ha' been her, and she'd slipped into t' gill and bided there while I crossed t' watter.

  46. Now Gill and now Richepin had the advantage.

  47. When a mug of flip was called for, he filled a quart mug two-thirds full of beer, placed in it four great spoonfuls of the compound, then thrust in the seething loggerhead, and added a gill of rum to the creamy mixture.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gill" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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