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gullible; gullied; gullies; gulling; gulls; gulp; gulped; gulph; gulphs; gulping
  1. A strong odor of sulphureted hydrogen had been perceptible for some time, and when we entered the gully the fumes became oppressive, causing a heavy burning sensation in the throat and lungs.

  2. Above these deposits "the creek cuts into a bank of sulphur and gravel cemented by this material, and a few yards beyond is the debouchure of a small lateral gully coming down from the mountainside.

  3. Division, was there, and directed us up a gully where we were to stay in reserve for the time being, meantime to take lightly-wounded cases.

  4. The 4th Brigade were some distance up the gully and greatly in want of water.

  5. The mules were all stalled in the next gully to ours, and one afternoon three or four of us were sitting admiring the sunset when a shell came over.

  6. Once service was being conducted in the gully when a platoon was observed coming down the opposite hill in a position exposed to rifle fire.

  7. The Aghyl Dere proved to be a fairly wide gully with steep hills on either side.

  8. We were up the gully at the advance dressing station, and a machine gun was playing right down the position.

  9. We now commenced making dug-outs in the side of the gully and placing the men in these.

  10. The commanding officers of all the ambulances in General Godley's Division met in the gully and had the operation orders explained to them by the A.

  11. The distance to Rest Gully was about a mile and a half, through saps and over very rough cobble-stones, and our household goods and chattels became heavy indeed before we halted; I know mine did.

  12. As there was still a good deal of delay in getting the cases off, our tent was brought over from Canterbury Gully and pitched on the beach; the cooks keeping the bovril and biscuits going.

  13. We were seated there one morning when our howitzer in the gully was fired, and we felt that the shell was not far from where we sat.

  14. Men rushing into the gully one after another, and even a company of infantry tried to take shelter there; but that, of course, could not be allowed.

  15. One I judged to be an officer of rank, for the bearers carried him shoulder-high down a gully to the rear.

  16. Guess I'll set to and run up a barricade down there where the gully is narrowest.

  17. You can't stay in this gully all the time.

  18. Though eager to reach it, he paused at the edge of the chasm that separated him from it; the turmoil of the water in the gully and the raging of the surge in the great cave to which the gully led disconcerted and checked him.

  19. An old man, a relative of Macao's, joined us, and a short walk through a gully brought us quite suddenly into a village square.

  20. In a moment the creeks swelled to torrents, and in every gully there ran rivers, which collected to a deep lake in the plain.

  21. Next, the centre of interest shifted to the South bank of the Ancre, where Y Gully commands the passage of the river and the road to Beaucourt.

  22. I cannot say that he landed smoothly or expertly, but he landed with no worse mishap than a bent axle on the landing gear, and a squeal from Mary V, who thought they were going to keep on bouncing until they landed in a gully farther on.

  23. I saw him get off his horse and wait there for a few minutes, and then I saw another man riding along the gully from the other direction.

  24. Tracking the shooter's footprints back to the gully oil the other slope of the hill, they were found to lead to where a horse had been tied.

  25. The dull thud of axes fell from a gully that rent the mountain-side, and now and then a mass of shattered rock came crashing down, while the sharp clinking of the drills broke intermittently through the hoarse roar of the fall.

  26. They went down the gully together, and a few minutes later walked into the flickering light of a great fire, near which a rudely bountiful supper had been laid out.

  27. Some of the boys got a little riled with him, and they took him up the gully and put him on his horse.

  28. Anyway, I'm not going back up that gully until I've had supper.

  29. Gordon took up the hammer, and, when Wheeler went back to the gully to inquire whether one of the men at work there would undertake some timber-squaring he wanted done at the mill, Laura Waynefleet and Nasmyth were left together.

  30. A group of men who had scrambled down the gully met him.

  31. There she dismounted, and led the cayuse up a steep gully through which a torrent poured.

  32. While Sandy is speeding off to Jago's the rest are busy picking the pocket and carrying it down to a flat by the side of the tiny stream which ran along the gully bottom.

  33. In a few minutes the fire is burning briskly, and as soon as breakfast is demolished the lucky diggers make their way to the gully to start operations.

  34. He rounds the trap fence, bolts down the grassy valley apace, twists up a gully with a swerve that almosts unseats Billy, dashes into Glen Creek, and mounts the bank to enter a defile.

  35. The gully was long and winding, and to this, for some reason, the dingo stuck.

  36. This gully was, more correctly speaking, a depression, lacking abrupt and precipitous sides, and was comparatively free from rocks.

  37. The beasts, most of them, lay huddled, showing evidence of mangling; others had struggled out of the gully into the scrub.

  38. We moved on to a rocky gully that opens out on to a big plain.

  39. The town end of these flats, which the river water backing up through the gully had submerged, making a long reach of stagnant waters, formed the area of the boys' row.

  40. The two men were driving a tunnel at a likely spot in the bank of a blind gully about three miles from the main camp.

  41. Strange to say, the long gully refused to appear, until it dawned on Joe at last that he was off the track.

  42. After a somewhat varied career, the ex-pickpocket, who had served his time, became a settler on Rocky Creek; and when the Rocky Gully gold rush set in he drove a very profitable trade with the diggers.

  43. The flooded gully by which the water obtained entrance, it has been explained, ran parallel with the river for some distance; in some places being not more than a few yards therefrom.

  44. Every gully was a rivulet, and every depression a lake.

  45. There was no sign whatever from inside the house--nothing but the moonlight strip on the high wall, and the blackness of Amir Nath's Gully behind.

  46. It was a quiet corner you see, and a sort of breeze from the gully came in at the window now and then.

  47. Her room looked out through the grated window into the narrow dark Gully where the sun never came and where the buffaloes wallowed in the blue slime.

  48. Trejago, thinking that the rupture had lasted quite long enough, went down to Amir Nath's Gully for the fifth time in the three weeks, hoping that his rap at the sill of the shifting grating would be answered.

  49. At the head of the Gully is a big cow-byre, and the walls on either side of the Gully are without windows.

  50. Then he saw that the Gully ended in a trap, and heard a little laugh from behind the grated window.

  51. We used to call the gully, "the Gully of the Black Smoke," but its native name is altogether different of course.

  52. He has lost her in the City, where each man's house is as guarded and as unknowable as the grave; and the grating that opens into Amir Nath's Gully has been walled up.

  53. You might even go through the very gully it stands in a hundred times, and be none the wiser.

  54. Just ahead, a wedge-shaped gully split the low bank that bordered the beach on the landward side.

  55. The fishermen, as it happened, were just then in the gully itself, and consequently invisible.

  56. Crossing this a somewhat dangerous gully leads up to the cliffs at about 1,650 ft.

  57. They found good climbing without special difficulty among the rocks on the top of the great gully in the centre.

  58. Evans then tried to get out of the gully by the ledge mentioned in Mr. Stocker's account.

  59. Go up the gully till the foot of the steep bit is reached; then climb out of the gully by ledges on the right on to the western buttress.

  60. There is no main gully to adhere to, and the cliffs are less impracticable than they look.

  61. Snowdon from Glaslyn by the first gully on Clogwyn y Garnedd.

  62. Crossing the heavy-shingled foreshore to the base of the opposite cliffs, there is a gully which appears practicable from below, and leads to the very crest of the cliffs.

  63. About Piper's Gut a small gully is difficult to pass.

  64. About half-way up the gully trends away to the left, and comes out at a deep notch in the summit ridge.

  65. From here the three remaining pitches directly up the gully offer the simplest solution to the rest of the problem; variations to the left and right have been freely suggested, but are still untested.

  66. In search of rare plants the writer has made several distinct ascents above the Stilloges, and also at Coonshingaun, quite apart from the easier gully tracks, by which the ordinary visitor gains the top.

  67. If a climb is desired when the gullies are in a dangerous condition, there is a place further to the right than the right-hand or west gully where a very steep but safe scramble among big blocks leads up on to the bridge of the Nose.

  68. Lliwedd by the rocks of the western buttress, keeping close to the central gully almost the whole of the way.

  69. They found the holding good, but the rocks by which the gully is blocked somewhat difficult to pass.

  70. As regards the present site: firstly, all along the front of the graveyard there is a gully as deep as the height of two men.

  71. The deep gully presses against the tombs like a wall, obstructing the passage of benign influences.

  72. When the sides of the gully have been denuded of their timber, and a huge collection of logs lies piled in the bottom, preparation is made to further their descent to the river.

  73. So, after this, Brail built himself a hut in a little gully some three miles distant from the shanty.

  74. There were some lambing ewes lying on the grass in that direction, and Brail had to watch these, while falling bush on one side of the gully at the same time.

  75. The stream in the gully pours down a great volume of water, which, checked by the dam, spreads out behind it into a broad lake that fills all the lower ground.

  76. And up through the thick jungle of the gully comes stealing the great yellow body of that dreadful brute, that devilish cur that had first ruined him and now meant to kill him.

  77. But exactly the same process may be practically and profitably carried out for only a few logs, where the gully is not large, and not too far from the river.

  78. I rushed down through the gully on the left, and made my way to where he lay.

  79. We traversed it in all directions, sending the dogs round all the standing bush, and then we crossed the further range into a gully where a narrow strip of pasture extended for some two miles.

  80. Now and then an easy rock slope presented itself, or a gully between two buttresses of the mountain, as they won their way higher and higher.

  81. Melchior nodded, and strode on at once for the foot of the narrow rift, which looked like a gully or shoot, down which the snow fell from above.

  82. Still, I feel pretty safe so far, and to-morrow we will climb to the mouth of that gully and stop about it, even if we do not go up.

  83. Walked out to the lighthouse in the evening and watched the shells bursting over Gully Beach where we were yesterday.

  84. There was a good lot of shelling from the Turks but, humanly speaking, we were all quite snug and safe in the big gully or moving down the deep communication trenches.

  85. Savage (Lieutenant-Commander Homer) and, with Aspinall and Freddie, steered for Gully Beach.

  86. This is never aimed, and the best protection against it is to move into the bottom of the gully in which the troops are bivouacked.

  87. We slowly worked our way across to the left, past an old, wide ditch full of stagnant water, and into a shallow gully beyond.

  88. As I was on the sloping bank of the gully I heard a colossal rushing swish in the air, and then didn't hear the resultant crash.

  89. Even while he spoke, the vision of his mates on the claim in Rotten Gully rose warmly to his mind; and yet, even before he ceased speaking, he knew that he could never go back to them now.

  90. I sha'n't be satisfied till I see you put your pick into a bit like they took out of Canadian Gully twelve months ago.

  91. The white tents in the gully shimmered in its glare.

  92. In point of fact the Eureka Lead had been followed through the gully and lost on the flat beyond while this deliberate digger built him his hut and sank the hole which he was fated to abandon within a few feet of the gutter.

  93. The tents further down the gully shone white as from a fall of real Christmas snow; and sounds of real Christmas came faintly from them, and more faintly from far beyond.

  94. It might even rival the two giant nuggets, worth thousands apiece, got from Canadian Gully at the beginning of the previous year; the nuggets of which Doherty had spoken after the wreck; the nuggets which first inflamed them both!

  95. So now, in his chair, Mr. GULLY will reign re-gully.

  96. I'll try and get them up the gully on some excuse," he whispered to Mary.

  97. The old horse carefully followed a rough bridle track, which ran up the gully now on one side of the watercourse and now on the other; the gully grew deeper and darker, and its sullen, scrub-covered sides rose more steeply as he progressed.

  98. The sun had set, as far as Long Gully was concerned.

  99. Johnny was just going down the gully again.

  100. The gully saved her life as the sky-splitting shock wave rolled over her.

  101. The rolling concussion swept Hetty from her feet and tumbled her into a drywash gully at the base of the hill.

  102. The pirate had described a small gully in the middle of this bay, at the foot of which he and his men had erected three cairns, which should serve as landmarks to those who had the clue, and point the way to the treasure.

  103. At the foot of the landslip a deep gully opened out which clove the down to the edge of the shore.

  104. On ascending the gully somewhat higher than we had gone on our previous visit we discovered two or three small pools of inferior water.

  105. This stream rises among the tree-ferns at the summit of the mountain and rushes down the gully with a considerable volume of water.

  106. The rain beating on to the windward side of the Sugarloaf gathered in a deep gully on its summit, and, rushing down, struck a projecting rock, and leaped headlong into the sea, seven hundred feet below.

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