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Example sentences for "gulped"

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gullies; gulling; gulls; gully; gulp; gulph; gulphs; gulping; gulps; guls
  1. Polozov gulped down his wine, rinsed his mouth, and washed his hands, carefully wiped them on the napkin, took out and lighted a cigar.

  2. Polozov gulped down a glass of wine, wiped his lips with the napkin, and again set to work chewing slowly and noisily.

  3. He was well bound now; but twice in the night they brought him cups of warmed, strong wine, and he gulped it down, when held to his lips: he too resolved to husband his strength.

  4. Toby gulped down some obstruction in the throat.

  5. She did not speak for a second or two, only gulped with desperate effort at self-restraint.

  6. She isn't like anyone I've ever met," declared Bunny, and gulped down his drink abruptly.

  7. Toby gulped down her distress, was silent for a moment or two, then suddenly smiled upon him--a sunny inconsequent smile.

  8. When the Trolls came to the water, they lay down to drink it all up, and they gulped and gulped it down till they burst.

  9. He spilled the absinthe over the sides of the glass in his eagerness to fill it, and in spite of the cracked ice it still must have been far from the delectable frappe of the conoisseur when he gulped it down.

  10. McGrath straightened up with a long breath and gulped the last of his glass of absinthe and water.

  11. It was so perfect an approach by the English youth that Dave gulped and was violently startled in spite of the fact that he had known Freddy was close.

  12. The figure in German uniform stopped short and gulped in surprise.

  13. Dave looked into those eyes and gulped a little.

  14. So he gulped down the lump in his throat.

  15. Mr. Kimball, as he gulped down his second cup of coffee.

  16. She gulped bravely and lifted her eyes to mine.

  17. When it dawned upon her that the phrase in question was only one of those hybrid, meaningless objurgations, the use of which will scarcely justify a lecture, my darling gulped dismally and waited for me to go on.

  18. Her uncle and the boys always poured their coffee into the saucers and blew on it to take the first heat off, then gulped it in great draughts.

  19. Nan gulped down a sob and looked at him with dry eyes.

  20. They look as queer and out o' nature as flying fish, or"--he gulped the words down that should have followed.

  21. Ay," John gulped at last from a throat that felt closing.

  22. He flung out of bed, uncorked a bottle with his teeth, tilted it up, and gulped the gurgling fire in the darkness.

  23. He gulped a huge swill of whisky to cover his vexation; and oh, the mighty difference!

  24. He loosened his gaudy kerchief and gulped in fear, not of what pursued, but of what was miles before him.

  25. All talk was tabled while the three men gulped down a cold and uninviting meal.

  26. The spy gave vent to a coarse laugh, shouted once more at the trembling girl, and gulped down a glass of spirit which "Tim" placed close to his hand at that moment.

  27. Friend", snatched at the man's water-bottle and greedily gulped down the contents.

  28. Jack blushed, gulped down a lie and came out with the truth.

  29. Mike gulped down a mouthful and took a swallow of muddy coffee.

  30. Hitt gulped his wrath down his long throat.

  31. Hitt gulped down something in his throat.

  32. Lafelle roused from his sulk and gulped down his wrath.

  33. Ketchim gulped down his wrath, and continued: "How much did the Leveridges get for their farm?

  34. She gulped down the drink, which was hateful, but presently sent a feeling of renewed strength through her tired limbs.

  35. Then she gulped down something in her throat, and giving herself an impatient shake, she went resolutely across the clearing to the tent and peeped in.

  36. He gulped painfully once or twice, and turned his face away from her.

  37. You ought to have seen the wry face baby made as it gulped down the new kind of food, which had such an odd taste.

  38. He twisted his neck this way and that, gulped and squeezed and pried, until I feared he would burst his throat open.

  39. His glass of water came and he gulped it greedily.

  40. Charles gulped his gin and turned shakily to his deliverer, a little reactor specialist he had seen on the sub once or twice.

  41. Brook exclaimed to his wife and gulped his wine.

  42. Manguino before he gulped the glass of wine into his gut.

  43. His heart did loop with joy this time, and he gulped with relief.

  44. Dave gulped and gave a little confused shake of his head.

  45. He gulped and swallowed hard, and backed away a couple of steps.

  46. Yes, sir," gulped Phelan, with murder in one eye for the real Gladwin and craven apology in the other for the impostor.

  47. Old Grim Barnes flung down his cigar, gulped his coffee till he choked and stamped off to the telephone booth.

  48. Phelan hesitated, gulped some more, and at last produced the bill.

  49. When she said "David," the Harvester looked out of the window and gulped down his delight.

  50. The Harvester grabbed the hand of his friend and stood pumping it up and down while he gulped at the lump in his throat, and big tears squeezed from his eyes, but he could only nod his proud head.

  51. Hill said while they was giving it and taking it that way he most choked--particular as the old gent just gulped it all down whole.

  52. The first thing you knowed about it, he'd a-gulped you down whole!

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