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Example sentences for "gulping"

Lexicographically close words:
gully; gulp; gulped; gulph; gulphs; gulps; guls; gum; gumbo; gumma
  1. I don't know," I said, pushing by her and gulping at something in my throat.

  2. With a look at Molly, crumpled unconscious in the corner, he sought for more liquor, found it and poured himself a big jorum, gulping it down while the blood dripped heavily from the bandage.

  3. I have not," said Toppleton, gulping down a glass of wine to gain a little time as well as to stimulate his nerves.

  4. Deputy, hastily gulping down the last of his tea, and rising to his feet.

  5. He turned his head over his shoulder and gave them one look, then fell to tearing and gulping his meal as unconcernedly as if the two savage little beasts had been field mice.

  6. Gulping down a sob and dabbing hastily at her eyes with a sodden wad of handkerchief, she caught through a veil of tears a blurred impression of her interrogator.

  7. He drank noisily, gulping and slobbering; overflowing at either corner of his mouth, the liquor dripped twin streams upon his naked bosom.

  8. This thin air that kept you perpetually gulping and swallowing saliva, made you feel more than ever how good it is to be alive.

  9. Thus the Goblin, gulping within her rows of pearls, red-eyed under her towering osprey panache.

  10. The rare days on which he worked, he placed a bottle of brandy beside his blacksmith's vise, gulping some of it down every half hour.

  11. Poisson bit off the end of his pipe twice while gulping and gasping.

  12. The slowly sipping of a single goblet of water will do more to alleviate thirst than the sudden gulping down of a gallon.

  13. Burke tried to laugh, but the hollow chuckle sounded like the gulping of a smothering man.

  14. But Jimmy went on--gulping and obstructing, obstructing and gulping.

  15. But there Jimmy Lowther was, gulping and obstructing, obstructing and gulping.

  16. I followed the old servant up the great stairs, gulping down a sob that would rise, and clutching my mother's gown tight under my arm.

  17. She has lost her island mannerisms, such as gulping impulsively and biting off chunks of food.

  18. For an infinitude, the oars paced, a boat swung, another boat anchoring alongside, the armor on deck flashing, the waves gulping at the gulls.

  19. You've just got to give us Tom Jonah," Dot added, gulping down a sob.

  20. We're going," said the boy, gulping down his first surprise.

  21. The blue distance promised many alluring adventures, so we went along singing and simply gulping in summer.

  22. The men had gathered about the fire and were gulping hot coffee and cold beef and bread.

  23. At this moment a peculiar gulping noise in Neal's throat drew the eyes of his companions upon him.

  24. Then Palura made a horrible gulping sound, and writhed as he gave up his last gasp of life.

  25. Gulping it down, he was willing to congratulate himself on his endurance and wisdom, his very heroism in undertaking that deadly specific.

  26. Then with a thud some horse's foot Stamped, and the gulping munch again Resumed its lippings at the grain.

  27. Slow gulping sounds of steady greed Came from each stall, and sometimes stampings, Whinnies (at well-known steps) and rampings To see the horse in the next stall.

  28. In speaking he made every word diminutive, like a child; this produced a strange impression when heard from the mouth of such a devil incarnate and such a cruel ruffian, who was ever gulping human blood.

  29. At the moment when the old man was greedily gulping his portion down, Mrs. Vance put her hand into her pocket and drew out a netted purse of shining gold coin.

  30. Aloud he said very politely: "Yes, madam, I am aware of that fact, and I believe some very severe illnesses have resulted from injudicious gulping down of cold water by thoughtless persons.

  31. Lucy, moving her head restlessly from side to side and gulping down a sob.

  32. And Lucy, gulping down fresh tears, sat intensely upright, and looked frowningly at Dora as though defying her to take the matter lightly.

  33. The sound of the lines, the roll of the oi's and ou's was in David's ear all day, and to learn a dozen irregular verbs in the interval between two customers was like the gulping of a dainty.

  34. Still," he thought, as he stood gulping in air to relieve his collapsed lungs, "I could swear something chased me.

  35. That's right," said Chub Tuttle, gulping down a mouthful of half-chewed peanuts.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gulping" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    drunkenness; eating; gluttonous; gobbling; greedy; gulp; hoggish; ingestion; insatiable; intemperate; lapping; omnivorous; piggish; potation; pulling; rapacious; ravenous; stuffing; swallow; swinish; symposium; tasting; voracious