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Example sentences for "dado"

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  1. Verona marble; the balusters, wall-lining and frieze of the entablature of alabaster, and the dado of the ground floor is gris-rouge marble.

  2. Above the dado at the first floor level the walls are painted a delicate green tint, relieved by a powdering of C's and Civic Crowns.

  3. The effect of a ceiled-up wall or of a dado may be easily obtained by stretching burlap or denim over the studding or over a backing of inexpensive sheathing.

  4. It is often possible, when the wire must be exposed, to stop it just below the dado cap and thus avoid showing the wire over the frieze.

  5. Publico fue, aunque dello no ubo averiguacion in certenidad, que el capitan Chaliconiman le abia dado ierbas o a beber con que murio.

  6. All the rooms were painted alike, in salmon-colour with a high dado of maroon; and there was in them an odour of disinfectants, mingling as the afternoon wore on with the crude stench of humanity.

  7. The dissecting-room was a large apartment painted like the corridors, the upper part a rich salmon and the dado a dark terra-cotta.

  8. This result, however, will not be obtained by a patriotic misuse of old designs, and even the most enthusiastic Home Ruler must not be allowed to decorate his dining-room with a dado of Oghams.

  9. Very likely the white-eyed boy with the hickory dado along the base of his overalls is the boy who in future years is to be the president of the United States.

  10. So all the rest of the journey I was trying to eradicate a cream dado from my pantaloons.

  11. This is realism carried to excess, and yet the leaves are so finely carved, the whole design so compact, and the surrounding whitewashed wall with its dado of tiles so plain, that the effect is quite good.

  12. All round the court is a dado of white and green tiles arranged in an Arab pattern.

  13. The refectory, without any other ornament than the bold ribs of its vaulted roof, and a dado of late tiles, is far more pleasing.

  14. There is scarcely a church, certainly scarcely one of any size or importance which even in the far north has not some lining or dado of tiles, while others are entirely covered with them from floor to ceiling or vault.

  15. The wainscoting or dado should be the same as the top border or frieze, but of a darker tone.

  16. It is the background for the furniture, and should be deeper than the dado or wainscoting.

  17. The intermixture of white or black is always permissible; thus a paper as a side-wall might have as its frieze the complementary coloring with more white, while the wainscoting or dado should be the complementary with black added.

  18. Her disappointment about the dado for the nursery faded into nothingness now that she might actually decorate her own form room.

  19. I would have the wooden dado painted a dark bottle-green, and the wall over it a rich Pompeian red--I don't believe the colours of a hall can be too bold if the tones are good in themselves.

  20. The lower part is designed as a dado in Proconessian striped marble, with upright posts of dark red at the angles and at intervals on the longer stretches of wall, and rests on a moulded marble base.

  21. The usual design consists of a dado of upright slabs surmounted by panelling to the cornice level, the panels being outlined with plain or carved beads.

  22. Above the dado are two bands, red and green, separated from the dado and from each other by white fillets.

  23. So it was decided to use the dado joint as shown at a.

  24. The construction was similar to the knife box; but this was larger and heavier, and the dado joints at the ends were replaced by a butt joint fastened with flat-head screws.

  25. Dado joint used in box design] The next question was the manner of fastening the sides and ends.

  26. We may again notice here the five lofty doorways, surmounted by flat architraves, and the oak pilasters in the dado as characteristic of Kent.

  27. Y, and then a dado in this rabbet, into which fits a tongue of the other member, X.

  28. The bottom of the dado thus cut should be flat so as to afford surface for gluing.

  29. Properly speaking a groove runs with the grain, a dado across it, so that the bottom of a drawer is inserted in a groove while the back of the drawer is inserted in a dado.

  30. The second member, Y, should just fit into a dado thus made, but if the joint is too tight, the cheeks of the dado may be pared with a chisel.

  31. Where the whole of the end of one member is let into the other, such a dado is also called a housed dado.

  32. Or the front may be attached to the sides with a dado tongue and rabbet joint, Fig.

  33. Then locate the other side of the dado by placing, if possible, the proper part of the other member, called Y, close to the line drawn.

  34. There is usually a cupboard space running round the room about the height of a dado and projecting a little beyond the bookcases above.

  35. In a French music room the walls may be either paneled, or have a dado with a soft tint above it.

  36. The pilasters ran from base or dado to the cornice and the over-doors made the doors a dignified part of the scheme, rather than mere useful holes in the wall as they too often are nowadays.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dado" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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