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Example sentences for "gouge"

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  1. One shoulder was lower than the other; one arm she carried in contorted fashion, as though it were paralyzed; and behind a high collar of cheap lace there was a gouge in the anemic neck which had once been shining and softly plump.

  2. Beyond them was a hill with a gouge of yellow clay like a vast wound.

  3. If I have Nothing, I have no taxes to pay; no interest to collect; no houses to burn; nobody to gouge or harass, and nobody to gouge or harass me.

  4. This has to be worked round the gouge lines with a steady hand, and may be fairly hot if it is kept moving.

  5. Gouge lines are easier to work, and look better, if a small space is left where the gouges end.

  6. At C is shown a section of a gouge impression before and after the use of this tool.

  7. It must be remembered that a gouge or fillet line is very thin, and will look weak if it goes far without support.

  8. One edge of all gouge or fillet impressions can be smoothed down with some such tool as shown in section at B.

  9. A finisher can always alter the thickness of a gouge with emery paper.

  10. Some workers are dishonest and they gouge the employers.

  11. Some employers are dishonest and they gouge the workers.

  12. One of my discouragements had been the belief that my interest in this tour had been so slender that I couldn't gouge matter enough out of it to make a book.

  13. Bret is to draw a plot, and I am to do the same; we shall use the best of the two, or gouge from both and build a third.

  14. The safest and quickest way is to make a small gouge cut with No.

  15. A to A1 is to be cleared away, gouge cuts are made at b and b1, then the space between b and b1 may be quickly cleared without risk to the edge of the form at A.

  16. The small spaces are cleared by means of small flat or round chisels without the mallet or the preliminary gouge cut: this is only needed where a large space has to be cleared.

  17. The record is cut by means of a tiny sapphire point having a circular concave end very sharp at the edges, to gouge minute depressions into the wax.

  18. The periosteum, which is thick and easily separable, is raised from the new case with an elevator, and with the chisel or gouge enough of the new bone is taken away to allow of the removal of the sequestrum.

  19. We, however, prefer hollowing out the lower surface of the prong-piece butt with a gouge until it fits on the pole after the manner of a hollow slide or rider.

  20. In its upper surface we cut with a gouge a cup-like cavity.

  21. Every single gouge of the complete set (it should contain at least 20 pieces) forms the quarter of a circle.

  22. They are always pasted, covered with a dark pressed paper; and the edge at the centre is cut with a gouge as seen in the adjoining illustration (Fig.

  23. Adz or gouge of chert from Miller's Cave 79 17.

  24. Adz or gouge of chert from Miller's Cave.

  25. How at such an apparently unassailable surface, they contrive to gouge out such symmetrical mouthfuls, remains a part of the universal problem of all things.

  26. I did intend to send you a beautiful gouge of hornblende, but to my surprise, it is not to be found; the like are frequently found here.

  27. The convex side of an outside gouge should be made level on the face of the oilstone, and while the gouge is moved to and fro its handle must be revolved so as to bring all parts of the curve in contact with the oilstone.

  28. The main point in the use of the gouge is the plane in which the trough shall lie.

  29. The inside gouge may be ground a little keener than the chisel, and requires great care in grinding, because it must be held on the corner of the grindstone, which is rarely of the desired curve.

  30. When the bevel is on the outside or convex side of the gouge it is termed an outside, while when the bevel is on the inside or concave side it is termed an inside gouge.

  31. The gouge trough should lie nearly horizontal lengthwise, the cutting edge being slightly elevated.

  32. In oilstoning the concave side of a gouge an oilstone slip is employed, the gouge being held in the left hand and the slip in the right, the latter being supplied with clean oil.

  33. The proper way to hold a gouge is shown in Fig.

  34. I clamp it to the bench and proceed to cut with a gouge several pieces from the surface of an area of about three inches, close to the thick edge.

  35. I take gouge 43, used before, and in the roughest way possible, and avoiding any depth of cutting, I model the back in its first stage, as shown in fig.

  36. This, as you must see, enables the wood upon which you are to work, perfect freedom from obstruction of any sort, whilst the gouge cuts roughly all round, as shown in plate 3.

  37. This being done, and the places marked levelled down, using spoke shaves, flat gouge No.

  38. The horn haft is the same; the pointed gouge is the same; the blade shaped like the young moon is the same.

  39. Macumazahn, in strange lands one meets strange men with whom one does not always agree, and then Inkosikaas begins to talk," and he whirled the great axe round his head, making the air whistle as it was forced through the gouge at its back.

  40. They might gouge and rend in a fight--which was no more than natural; but he felt, somehow, that they would gouge and rend according to rule.

  41. He met them in the clubs, and wondered how real was the good-fellowship they displayed and how quickly they would unsheathe their claws and gouge and rend.

  42. I will show you," he said, and taking with him a gouge and ax, he approached a maple still untapped.

  43. With the back of his ax he drove his gouge into the corner of the notch, and then fitted his spile into the incision so made.

  44. The gouge should go well to the back of the eye and separate the ligament which holds it to the socket.

  45. Should the gouge go into the eye, it will let out the moisture, which often damages the skin.

  46. These points are generally accepted without great argument, but when comparisons are made between the gouge and the farrier's knife (with its modifications) the opinions of planters are so varied and conflicting as to be almost irreconcilable.

  47. It is claimed, therefore, that the average shavings taken off by the bent gouge should be thinner than those obtained by the use of the straight instrument.

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