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  1. The upturned convex keel corresponds to the middle line of the back; the small chamber underneath the fore-deck represents the capital cavity, and the small chamber under the rear-deck the pelvic chamber of the gut (cf.

  2. This pronounced curve of the back is due to the more rapid growth of the convex dorsal surface, and is directly connected with the severance of the embryo from the yelk-sac.

  3. Hence the normal convex curve of the back (Figure 1.

  4. From this the blastula is developed; the regular bi-convex lens being converted into a disk, like a watch-glass, with thick borders.

  5. Receptacle mostly elevated (varying from convex to columnar), and Chaffy only at the summit; the chaff deciduous.

  6. Receptacle convex or conical, with narrow and membranaceous chaff.

  7. Spikelets 1-flowered, diffusely panicled, not jointed with their pedicels, consisting of 2 equal membranaceous convex and awnless persistent glumes, with a coriaceous awnless flowering glume and narrow palet.

  8. Receptacle convex to subulate, chaffy, the scarious chaff not embracing the smooth dorsally compressed achenes.

  9. Pod mostly globular or inflated, with a broad orbicular to ovate hyaline partition nerved to the middle, the hemispherical or convex thin valves nerveless.

  10. The maxillaries bear well-developed dorsal flanges, curve gently, join the moderately convex premaxillaries anteriorly and form a slightly truncate snout.

  11. As made by Huyghens, it consists of two plano-convex lenses, with their plane sides next the eye, as shown in the figure.

  12. The convex surface must be ground in a saucer-shaped tool of corresponding form.

  13. Old people, and those who can only see things at a distance, from the flatness of the eye, which prevents the rays of light converging so as to meet in the centre, require convex lenses.

  14. They are either convex or concave, according to the kind of sight requiring them.

  15. The strongly convex upper lip frequently seen among the lower classes of the Irish is a modified quadrumanous character.

  16. In fact, a plano-convex crystal lens has been found among the ruins of Nineveh.

  17. These pieces, usually fragments from large vessels, are embedded in the adobe with the convex side out, forming an armor of pottery scales well adapted to resist disintegration, by the elements.

  18. Ten or a dozen cottonwood saplings are set firmly into the ground, so as to form a slightly curved inclosure with convex side toward the south.

  19. Smeaton saw this piece of lead, and observed that part of the coat of the stomach had firmly adhered to the convex side of it.

  20. The centre of each side is occupied by a plano-convex lens, something similar to a burning-glass, having a diameter of about fifteen inches.

  21. It has been already seen, in describing the curved strata on the east coast of Scotland, in Forfarshire and Berwickshire, that a series of concave and convex bendings are occasionally repeated several times.

  22. He heard the loud echo of his feet upon that hollow plateau of rock, with convex skin of stone laid upon convex skin, and then suddenly the solid rock which gave no echo under his tread, where Rhodes lies buried.

  23. From this rounded form other species, more and more flattened, gradually lead to the Scutella, which takes the form of a thin round plate, quite flat beneath, but slightly convex on the upper surface.

  24. The upper surface is convex and cake-like, but can be plumped up at pleasure.

  25. Profile oval, with a somewhat convex nape, and the face descending in a very slightly concave line.

  26. The oblong profile is highest at the third dorsal spine, whence it descends with a slightly convex curve to the mouth, which is low down--the under jaw when extended, being nearly on a line with the belly.

  27. It affects the spheroidal form, and its convex part is decorated with a double line of curved festoons in relief; there was a similar ornament, no doubt, at the base.

  28. The fact that the sharply concave portions of the neck are marked with as much regularity as the convex body of the vessel, precludes the idea of the use of a solid or non-elastic stamp.

  29. This disk is somewhat more convex on the front than is indicated in the engraving.

  30. A shell ornament, on the convex surface of which a very curious ornamental design has been engraved.

  31. Prothorax very large, extending back in a rounded form beyond the base of hind wings, the sides sharp pointed, the back very convex and wrinkled.

  32. Here is a wonderful creature, a vast armadillo, with a body as big as a rhinoceros, covered with a convex oval shield, formed of hexagonal plates accurately fitted to each other.

  33. A piece which has naturally sprung lengthways should be placed with the convex edge upwards.

  34. It is very convenient to have a number of them with edges of various degrees of curvature (both convex and concave), but these you can make as you need them.

  35. They become convex toward the pith, or heart, and concave toward the outside.

  36. If naturally sprung in a bow-like curve, put the convex side upwards.

  37. In some gauges the spur or marking point is sharpened to an edge parallel with the head, rather than to a point, as it is more certain to make a clear, sharp line, and is best when slightly convex on the side toward the head (Fig.

  38. The common gouge has the bevel on the convex or outer side and is known as an "outside" gouge.

  39. The circular-plane is used for planing curved surfaces, the sole being now made of a thin, flexible metal plate and adjustable so that either concave or convex surfaces can be smoothed.

  40. It is reflected to the convex mirror (M6), then back in a less rapidly convergent beam toward the large mirror.

  41. Bill very short, thick, convex (stronger than that of L.

  42. Plane glasses, instead of a convex and concave, may be used; in this case the size of the object will not be increased, but it will appear brighter.

  43. With a convex lens of about an inch focus, look attentively at a silver seal, on which a cipher is engraved.

  44. Consequently this face in profile is more convex thruout.

  45. By sucking out a little air, the bottom springs into a concave form with a smart crack; and by breathing or blowing gently into the orifice, the bottom, with a like noise, springs into its former convex form.

  46. The remedy is the use of powerful convex lenses.

  47. How then could they have avoided observing that two glasses, one convex and the other concave, placed at a certain distance from each other, magnified objects seen through them?

  48. Numerous experiments must have been made with concave and convex glasses before burning mirrors made of glass could have been employed.

  49. Mangin's projector consists of a glass mirror with double curvature, silvered upon its convex face.

  50. The convex part of the scales forms a depressed pyramid, with rounded angles, the summit of which is umbilical.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "convex" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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