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  1. The immediate convertibility of heat into light is not yet established beyond question, although these two forces exhibit many curious analogies with each other.

  2. He applies the principle of the convertibility of heat and motion to the question of the origin of the sun's heat, which he ascribes to the fall of asteroids upon the sun's surface.

  3. The currency would rest upon the presumption that all paper money rests upon, that its use and convenience and convertibility will always keep it at par with coin.

  4. The actual amount of currency in circulation, I think, will be as large in specie times as now, and its equality and convertibility will rather increase than prevent the circulation of either.

  5. The other proposed a system of national banks authorized to issue notes for circulation under national direction, to be secured as to prompt convertibility into coin by the pledge of United States bonds and other needful regulations.

  6. Can 'resumption' be maintained after the law has placed a premium on coin, and virtually demonetized the paper, by rendering its convertibility compulsory?

  7. As to your second question: 'Can resumption be maintained after the law has placed a premium on coin and virtually demonetized the paper, by rendering its convertibility compulsory?

  8. As a result of these various measures, the rupee remains the local currency in India, but the Government take precautions for ensuring its convertibility into international currency at an approximately stable rate.

  9. The convertibility of the sovereign into rupees at the Rs.

  10. He satisfied himself completely of the true identity of all the various forms of electricity, and of the convertibility of electricity and chemical action.

  11. Even where there has been a nominal convertibility on demand of the bills of government banks, they have worked badly in practice.

  12. It was proposed to make them receivable everywhere and to establish at various points depositories of gold and silver to be held in trust for the redemption of such notes, so as to insure their convertibility into specie.

  13. With this we leave the Birmingham school, but should add in passing that the doctrine of the ideal measure of money acquired new importance in the controversy over the question of the convertibility or non-convertibility of bank notes.

  14. If paper receives its name from gold or silver, then the convertibility of a note or its exchangeability for gold or silver remains an economic law, no matter what the civil law may be.

  15. The phenomena of convertibility have been already explained.

  16. From the fact of the great convertibility of conjunctions it is often necessary to determine whether a word be a conjunction or not.

  17. The convertibility of words in English is very great; and it is so because the structure of the language favours it.

  18. This may be called the convertibility of words.

  19. The convertibility of words is in the inverse ratio to the amount of their inflection.

  20. This property of convertibility is explained by the fact of accentuation being a relative quality.

  21. The convertibility of sound into electricity.

  22. The fact is, it is a beautiful example of the convertibility of forces from one form to another.

  23. But this farther assumption cannot be granted here, because it would imply that we already know the rule respecting the convertibility of Particular Affirmatives, viz.

  24. The notion of the convertibility of the note being in danger never crossed your mind?

  25. I refer not to the convertibility of the note, but to the state of the Banking Department of the Bank of England?

  26. It is his contention that inflation may occur in India, if it has not already occurred, on account of the "impeded convertibility of rupees into gold.

  27. Would we not seek at once to explain it by reference to rising prices and greater volume of goods, making a broader basis for credit, while along with that is a greater gold supply which promotes the convertibility of an extended credit?

  28. The beautiful experiments of Seebeck and Peltier show the convertibility of heat and electricity; and others by Oersted and myself show the convertibility of electricity and magnetism.

  29. Unity and convertibility of natural forces: theory of the electric current.

  30. The convertibility of natural forces consists solely in transformations of dynamic into potential, and of potential into dynamic, energy, which are incessantly going on.

  31. In no other sense has the convertibility of force, at present, any scientific meaning.

  32. He had certain views regarding the unity and convertibility of natural forces; certain ideas regarding the vibrations of light and their relations to the lines of magnetic force; these views and ideas drove him to investigation.

  33. The final disclosure of modern science is the convertibility and homogeneity of all forms of physical energy--"a dynamical self-identification masked by transmigration.

  34. A] This experiment, frequently repeated, gave the same result and established largely the law of the convertibility of energy.

  35. The law of the indestructibility and convertibility of energy, is of equal fundamental value with that of the indestructibility of matter.

  36. The discussion relative to the convertibility of various forms of energy was in all probability not known to him.

  37. They know very well that perfect convertibility is a dream, but they try to keep up the semblance of it so far as they can, and the absurd and complicated machinery of the Bank of England was constructed for no other purpose.

  38. The reader must decide which of these effects is produced by the following passage:-- "The feat of the imagination is in showing the convertibility of everything into every other thing.

  39. The transition however from y to ee or to g, is extremely easy, and hence the mistake that y is short ee, as also the convertibility of y with g.

  40. By its convertibility with k and c in the ancient languages, we have reason to conclude that it once had a guttural sound, and the pronunciation of some northern nations of Europe confirms the opinion.

  41. The Union had to suspend silver convertibility and thus accept a humiliating de facto gold standard.

  42. Rampant arbitrage - ask anyone in Asia - often leads to the need to impose exchange controls, thus eliminating convertibility and inducing panic.

  43. But having a single currency with free and guaranteed convertibility is only the manifestation of a monetary union - not one of its economic pillars.

  44. There is not, indeed, the self-acting check which convertibility brings with it.

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