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Example sentences for "bilge"

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  1. There are worse smells than bilge water," replied the captain.

  2. The first lieutenant observed that it would be necessary to let water into the ship every morning, and pump it out, to avoid the smell of the bilge water.

  3. We blew in that piece of her bilge with dynamite before I went on board again.

  4. If her bilge was in the sand and the divers couldn't break into the engine-room--" He paused and laughed.

  5. The divers had bolted on plates to cover the holes in the vessel's bilge before one fell ill and his mate's nerve went.

  6. Those logs made to slide under the bilge of a ship in order to support her.

  7. A heavy roll, weather or lee, as occasioned by a sea suddenly striking or receding from the weather-bilge of the vessel.

  8. A cask having a square piece sawn out of its bilge and lashed in a convenient place to hold water for present use.

  9. All braces placed diagonally across the hold of any vessel, to support the bilge and prevent loose-working, are called pointers.


  11. This, in marine architecture, is the third diagonal, terminating the length of the floors near the bilge of the ship, and bevellings are taken from it both forward and abaft.

  12. A cask so stowed as to rest entirely on its beds, keeping the lower part of the bilge at least the thickness of the hand clear of the bottom of the ship, or other place on which it is stowed.

  13. The end of one cask stowed against the bilge of another.

  14. The breadth of the ship astern from the tuck upwards: it is terminated by the counter above, by the bilge below, by the stern-post in the middle, and by the quarter on the side.

  15. The only way to do this was to creep under the bunkers among the bilge water, an unpleasant and dangerous task.

  16. A grievous stench from foul bilge water poisoned the close, heavy air.

  17. The cries of the wretched slaves, unaccustomed to the motion, reached our ears, while the tossing stirred up the bilge water and almost stifled us.

  18. Often and often I've known the whole ship's company get no better fare than that, with little better than bilge water to drink.

  19. This unusual degree of overhang gave an opportunity for the elongation of the body of the yacht, the fulness of the bilge being extended quite to the extreme point of the bow and stern.

  20. Two deep bilge pieces 10 feet long are bolted to broad stringers above the timbers, and extend fore and aft some 5 feet longer than the bilge pieces, thus distributing the strain over a large portion of the boat.

  21. It will be seen from the cut below that some of the peculiarities of the 'Gloriana' form are embodied in this singular craft--namely, the long overhang and the rounded elongation of the bilge to the extreme limits of the bow and stern.

  22. More and more she heeled, till the whole length of her bilge keel became visible.

  23. Shouting orders to the engine-room for the bilge and condenser pumps to be brought into action, Terence bade the quartermaster turn the ship head to wind.

  24. Now you don't want to bilge again, and you don't want to take up anything that will interfere with your studies.

  25. He's up to something, and I'll see that he gets reported for this, and I hope it will bilge him.

  26. I'd almost prefer to bilge than to report your son for a serious matter.

  27. I had rather bilge than do it," thought our cadet lieutenant.

  28. She lay with deck unpleasantly slanted and one bilge in the mire, a rusty, two-masted steamer, with the blistered paint peeling off her, and the burnt awnings hanging from their spars.

  29. She has two plates started, but with the boiler blowing away half her steam we haven't very hard work to run all that came in that way down, and her bilge pump would have kept her clear.

  30. There were two side or bilge keels (e), reaching down to the level of the keel plate of the ship, so that when grounded in dock she might rest on three points in her width.

  31. This cunning, evocation of smells, jute, bilge water, the warm oils of the engine room?

  32. Moreover, special appliances, such as bilge keels and bilge tanks, were employed to lessen these movements still more, even when the sea was high.

  33. Seems as we might even get down under her bilge durin' this spell av weather, an' see where th' leak is located.

  34. Only a survey of her bilge outside would help clear up matters, and allow work upon it.

  35. I joined Sackett and Chips on the frame, and studied the ship's bilge the entire length of her waist.

  36. Lines were rove and passed under the ship's bilge and keel.

  37. The copper on the ship's bilge looked a light gray, and even the tacks were visible.

  38. It was after eight bells in the afternoon before this was finished, and then Sackett and he went out on it to study the ship's bilge through the calm water.

  39. Upper Deck, double from Bilge to Bilge in way of Engines.

  40. She finally squatted in the bilge water to do what she could for his injuries.

  41. Caught unawares the keg slipped from Olan's hand to the bottom of the boat, and the precious fluid gurgled out into the bilge water.

  42. On the other hand, the place where Rose stood, or the bilge of the vessel, was two or three feet above the surface of the sea, though slippery and inclining in shape.

  43. On the former occasion, the schooner had gone down almost as soon as she fell over; but now she floated with so much buoyancy as to leave most of her keel and all of her bilge on one side quite clear of the water.

  44. Suppose you get the bilge pump to work, Tom, and I'll try to find the leak.

  45. Get the hand bilge pump going and I'll start the power pump with the electric light engine!

  46. I'll venture there are gallons of gasoline in the bilge right now!

  47. Arrived at the stern of the vessel, Captain Bilge looked cautiously around a moment and then dropped the boy into the sea.

  48. Yes," said Captain Bilge more quietly, "he is overboard.

  49. I noticed one gigantic fellow brandishing a knotted towel, and striking right and left among our men, until Captain Bilge rushed at him and struck him flat across the mouth with a banana skin.

  50. Beside him were the first and third mates, both of them being quiet men of poor stature, who looked at Captain Bilge with what seemed to me an apprehensive expression in their eyes.

  51. On the third morning Captain Bilge descended to my cabin.

  52. The ship rolled till she was almost on her beam ends; Torbek braced himself with practiced feet, but Cappen went into the bilge again.

  53. The bilge water was new coldness on his drenched clothes.

  54. It is not pleasant, understand, down there, where bilge collects and rats run riot, and grease is rolled into filthy black balls, and the stench is intolerable.

  55. When the margin of the outer floe first touched the bilge of the schooner, it was at the precise spot where the vessel had just been fortified within.

  56. This time the schooner was not suffered to lie on her bilge at all.

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