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Example sentences for "bilges"

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  1. The Cree canoe had basically the same dish-shaped midsection, but it had very full, round bilges and the flare was so curved in the topside that it was even less apparent than in the Ojibway model.

  2. The width, as previously explained, is usually carried all across the bottom; above the bilges there is a moderate taper.

  3. The topside sheathing was laid up in short lengths with overlapping butts and edges in an irregular plan, those strakes along the bilges being longer than above.

  4. The bilges amidship are slack, and the reverse curve to form the tumble-home starts within 6 inches of the gunwales (see drawing, p.

  5. Two ballast pumps were placed in the reciprocating-engine room, with large suctions from the bilges direct and from the bilge main.

  6. Pipes were also led from this steam supply to the pumps in the engine room, which were connected to the bilges throughout the ship.

  7. What in the world could be the advantage of it taking days to get a drop in the bilges, and what did bilges have to do with life preservers, and what were bilges anyway?

  8. The bilges were washed out, the ship disinfected fore and aft, and a gang of men employed for some time to sweeten her up.

  9. Though, of course, we had washed out the bilges in New Zealand, the constant stream of water which leaked in from the topsides had carried much coal-dust into them.

  10. Her sections are, as you doubtless have observed, almost square, the ridges of the deck and the bilges being very slightly rounded off.

  11. The space between the bilges of two casks stowed side by side.

  12. The space between the bilges of two casks stowed end to end.

  13. Are employed to wedge off casks of liquids from each other, and steady them, in order that their bilges may not rub at sea, and occasion leaks.

  14. Yelcho' hailed us and said that the ship's bilges were full of water (so were our decks) and they were short of coal.

  15. The 'Aurora' was quite helpless in the grip of the ice, and after the engine-room bilges had been thawed and pumped out the boilers were blown down.

  16. Then Mossamedes rolled, the water in her bilges splashed about, chains clanged on deck, and one heard hammers and shovels in the stokehold.

  17. The water in her bilges splashed, and a ragged plume of smoke, blown flat from her funnel, indicated that Macallister kept keen watch.

  18. And we must bear in mind, Mike, the fact that a German is naturally thrifty; if he can sink a ship with shell fire or bombs set in her bilges he will not waste on her a torpedo that costs from ten to twenty thousand dollars.

  19. They're going to put bombs in the bilges and blow up the ship.

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