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Example sentences for "balderdash"

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bald; baldacchino; baldachin; baldachino; balde; baldest; baldfaced; baldheaded; balding; baldish
  1. It's jist some more o' his balderdash to keep young folk oot o' their beds at night," he declared bitterly.

  2. Aye, he's after some bit balderdash a' the time.

  3. Galway and some balderdash about the Greeks.

  4. What a check on the expansive balderdash of the 'gent' at his dessert to know and feel that 'Adam Bede' was behind him!

  5. He envied them their gilt and stars, and he envied them the prospect of winning the great battles which Balderdash had promised them.

  6. Even Count von Balderdash was ignorant of the card which his master had determined to play in view of all mankind.

  7. We have avenged the death of our ambassador," Balderdash was saying.

  8. He's got on his admiral's uniform, and now he's passing his own fleet that Balderdash brought with him.

  9. All the balderdash that ever came into your head scattered over the world to bring shame on us!

  10. It will use your patriotic blatherskite and balderdash to get parliamentary powers over you as cynically as it would bait a mousetrap with toasted cheese.

  11. What I mean is this," resumed he: "that it's all balderdash to talk of the hardship of doing things that we never planned out for ourselves.

  12. Don't come back with any insolent balderdash about the stone being false, or having a flaw in it.

  13. After all, I suppose it is downright balderdash to say that a man is not adapted for this, or suited to that.

  14. You write to them about your son or your nephew, and they answer you with some tawdry balderdash about their principles, as if any one of us ever believed they were troubled with principles!

  15. Of course be batters up the pastors of the people; but he might as well leave that alone; the priests are too cunning for all that balderdash nowadays.

  16. As to any occasion for them at home in their own land, it's downright balderdash to talk of it!

  17. But the balderdash and babble Of our too facetious hero, Tho' attractive to the rabble, Send our spirits down to zero.

  18. On this balderdash no vocal Praises can my tongue bestow; To the dust-bin of some local Pulp-mill let it go!

  19. That his ordinary language on the platform is balderdash and blasphemy is not true.

  20. He, too, as well as other conjurers, has thrown dust in our eyes and has made the platform reel beneath the superincumbent weight of his balderdash and blasphemy.

  21. I 'd just say,4 Look here, young gent, is this balderdash here your hand?

  22. That his ordinary language on the platform is 'balderdash and blasphemy' is NOT TRUE.

  23. He, too, as well as other conjurers, has thrown dust in our eyes, and has made the platform reel beneath the superincumbent weight of his balderdash and blasphemy.

  24. You have your cumbrous details, and your lawyers, and judges, and juries, and you cannot even proclaim a county in a state of siege without a bill in your blessed Parliament, and a basketful of balderdash about the liberty of the subject.

  25. And, after all, what balderdash it is to compare the little meaningless incidents of our lives with the soul-stirring passions that rage within us!

  26. It's all balderdash to pretend it, Molly.

  27. As to that printed paper, with its twenty-seven queries, it is positive balderdash from beginning to end.

  28. What a deal of balderdash people talk about Italian liberty, and the cause of constitutional freedom!

  29. It makes me actually sick to hear you, an Irishman born and bred, repeating all that English balderdash about "a cheap and indisputable title.

  30. Come, come, none of this balderdash with me, Master Maurice.

  31. What's this balderdash here from the 'Galway Indicator'?

  32. It lives solely by reason of the insipid tunefulness of one or two airs, regardless of the fact that the plot is transcendentally foolish, and that the words are a shining example of the immortal balderdash of the poet Bunn.

  33. It is balderdash to talk of the Spaniards as being too proud to treat with a person whom they believed to be nothing better than a pirate.

  34. What balderdash to write about a man ablaze with reasoning energy and genius of the highest order!

  35. He would fly into a rage when he read the patriotic and social balderdash retailed daily in the newspapers, and would exaggerate the significance of the plaudits which a sovereign public always reserves for works deficient in ideas and style.

  36. The balderdash of philosophers and scholars, the logomachy of the Middle Ages, thenceforth held absolute sway.

  37. Was he beginning to believe this balderdash himself?

  38. Conn Maxwell knows better than this balderdash he's been spouting to you.

  39. Now, how is it possible for people to be living among us here, who are fooled by such wretched balderdash as this?

  40. There are pages in Alroy that read as if they were written for a wager, to see how much balderdash the public will endure.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "balderdash" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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