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Example sentences for "baldest"

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  1. The Moral World may afford a basis for religious truth, but even this is often the baldest concession; while the appeal to the Physical universe is everywhere dismissed as, on the face of it, irrelevant and unfruitful.

  2. We have even the remarkable spectacle presented to us just now of a sublime Morality-Religion divorced from Christianity altogether, and wedded to the baldest form of materialism.

  3. Certain things are true of all news stories; whether the story be the baldest recital of facts or the most sensational featuring of an imaginary thrill in a commonplace happening, certain characteristics are always present.

  4. Either incident may or may not have had news value in its baldest aspect, but the sympathetic treatment makes the resulting human interest story worth printing.

  5. It tells the whole story in its baldest aspects and aims to satisfy the reader who wants only the gist of the story and does not care for the details.

  6. A copyreader might not find it perfect, for the assault is allotted too much space and the pursuit too little, but it tells the story in its baldest aspect.

  7. He went on unmoved with his lunch, and confined his conversational efforts to the baldest commonplace, evincing neither surprise nor resentment when no reply was vouchsafed to some of his remarks.

  8. The baldest commonplace was all the utterance she found it possible to make.

  9. The true epics of the world are generally told in the baldest prose.

  10. It is the baldest rubbish I ever heard in all my life.

  11. Up to that minute I had been as certain as you are that human hands, and human hands alone, were at the back of this diabolical business, and that the talk of the bells being rung by spirits was the baldest rubbish in all the world.

  12. The tragic pity and terror of it break through the baldest translation stripped of the enchantment of the original verse.

  13. His command ranges from the baldest sort of every day conversation to prose harmonies that are as near to verse as prose can go without breaking over.

  14. Life certainly is full of the baldest facts, but they are so subordinated to the relatively few but important events by which our lives are checkered that we shortly forget the commonplaces and remember only the striking occurrences.

  15. The following titles show how fond is the novice of these objectionable words in their baldest combinations: "Sarah's Christmas Present.

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