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  1. But even amidst the artificial poetry then in vogue, there were a few side streams which turned away from the main current of the great poet schools, from the unnaturalness and bombast affected especially by the Silesians.

  2. Artificiality and bombast reached its highest pitch in these poets, and feeling for Nature was entirely absent.

  3. The two main defects of the heroical dramas of Dryden and his contemporaries are bombast in the ideas and bad taste in the expressions.

  4. Though not quite a match for Crowne's it must be conceded that neither is Dryden's bombast of a mean order.

  5. He has been careful to use an easy, flowing style, and to avoid bombast "except in speeches.

  6. Despite the bombast of his tone, there was something in his sigh that struck her as genuine.

  7. At such a moment the bombast of it was too much.

  8. His name was Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim, and he was the son of a doctor living in Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz, named Wilhelm Bombast von Hohenheim, natural son of a Grand Master of the Teutonic Order.

  9. It is easy to see from his life and work that Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim shared his views.

  10. That he soon fell under Marlowe's influence is evident from the atrocities and bombast of Titus Andronicus and Richard III.

  11. From the stage spectacle he developed the drama of human life; and instead of the doggerel and bombast of our first plays he gives us the poetry of Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream.

  12. But if he avoided the weakness of Burns' verses to animals, the occasional morbidity, bombast and moralisation on himself, the credit is surely due to a cleaner and more transparent life.

  13. The reason is, of course, that these men are afraid of bombast and Scott was not.

  14. No, my ungentle reader, not all this bombast at sixteen and a half.

  15. There was no bombast in Katie, either expressed or unexpressed.

  16. Tome they layd great store of red yarne, of bombast died with a roote which they call Saia, as aforesayd, which colour will neuer out.

  17. Also there goeth another great shippe from Bengala euery yeere, laden with fine cloth of bombast of all sorts, which arriueth in the harbour of Pegu, when the ship that commeth from S.

  18. From the great port of Chatigan they cary for the Indies great store of rice, very great quantitie of Bombast cloth of euery sort, Suger, corne, and money, with other marchandize.

  19. All of this was only the spread-eagle bombast of amateur filibusters, as events proved, but good cause for Brock, who had been appointed janitor of Canada and been given the keys of the country, to ponder deeply.

  20. As a sample of egotism, bluff and bombast it stands unrivalled.

  21. He allowed that in his "Conquest of Granada" the sublimity burst into burlesque, and he could censure the extravagance of Almanzor as freely as he did the bombast of Maximin.

  22. Kynaston roared through the bombast of some of the dramatists with a laughable earnestness; but in Shakspeare's monarchs he was every inch a king--dignified and natural.

  23. Younger men of the most various type, from Morellet down to Joubert, men quite competent to detect mere bombast or ardent vagueness, were held captive by the cogency of his understanding.

  24. Others followed in the same career: the Count of Torrepalma, whose Deucalion, notwithstanding some touches of bombast and purism which it preserves, is one of the strongest and best pieces of descriptive poetry in Castilian; D.

  25. It is written to the bombast of Mrs. Hemans, and is fittingly hysterical; occasionally it fairly shrieks itself out.

  26. But this effort is like the bombast of a young people or a juvenile literature; the directness and repose of fidelity to nature come later.

  27. Without any sense of strain or bombast he reaches superb climaxes; without eccentricity he is individual; and his songs are truly interpreters of the words they express.

  28. The introduction of irrelevant episodes would be less reprehensible were it not that such episodes are for the most part either dull or a fresh excuse for bombast or (worse still) a display of erudition.

  29. As far as the grotesqueness and bombast of the plays go, the age of Nero might have tolerated them.

  30. We must remember that seventeenth-century England enjoyed the brilliant bombast of Dryden (e.

  31. A banquet is in full swing, Herod's officers are about him, the customary rant and bombast is on his lips when those two steal in.

  32. It is fairly clear that the former was not much influenced by the latter, or he would have caught the taint of rant and bombast which infected Greene and Peele.

  33. You must not take the vaporings and bombast of the Paris Bourgeois or the ranting of Blanqui and the Belleville roughs as the voice of France.

  34. The more I see of them the more I get tired of their bombast and their empty talk.

  35. It was the outcome of the boredom and the laughter caused by the wildness and bombast of the Restoration plays.

  36. Nothing is so damaging to appeals to prejudice, spread-eagleism, and fustian bombast as an impassive reception.

  37. The style of the great eulogy, born of the occasion and the speaker, becomes only exaggerated bombast and nonsense from the lips of a student.

  38. His rhetoric, though deformed by every imaginable fault of taste, from bombast down to buffoonery, was not wholly without force and vivacity.

  39. He was well acquainted with the great Greek writers; and, though unable fully to appreciate their creative genius, admired the majestic simplicity of their manner, and had learned from them to despise bombast and tinsel.

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