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Example sentences for "bombardments"

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  1. Their High Command had continually improved their system of trench defense in accordance with the experiences of their own hurricane bombardments in Champagne and the Carency sector.

  2. Heavy bombardments of the German lines along the Western Front.

  3. Western Front:--Heavy bombardments and many trench raids by the British.

  4. One of the fiercest bombardments was that directed against the Portuguese during the fighting along the Lys.

  5. Germany, perceiving the indignation of the world at these bombardments of defenseless watering places, endeavored to appease criticism by describing them as fortified towns.

  6. During the last two bombardments from French and English, the garrison "lived in holes like rats," and the telling-off of reliefs and moving of reserves were always attended with danger and certain loss.

  7. The noise was terrible; and when the shells began to explode, the din was like the opening crash of one of the great cannonades or bombardments of the siege.

  8. Building stone will be wanted; the bombardments and the fires in Alsace will long furnish work for architects, quarrymen, and masons: it will be a great and important business.

  9. Your scruples betray too much weakness for this Babylon: Bombard quick: Bombardments have succeeded better than anything else.

  10. I have seen very different bombardments from these; at Saint Jean d'Ulloa they fired upon us with shells of a hundred-and-twenty pounds; these are only sixes and twelves.

  11. Various bombardments in day; 10 shells, 5 to 6 P.

  12. Else why these daily bombardments of a few shells only, these days of calm or of little doing, these spurts of agony, bringing sudden death or useless destruction, only to be followed by lapses into silence?

  13. Despite the bombardments it had undergone, the rides were clearly marked, and several trees were still alive, including one or two fine copper beeches.

  14. So well anchored were the revetments that in spite of the continuous bombardments of the Somme Battle they were still in position.

  15. This First Main Line, even now, after countless bombardments and nine months of neglect, is a great and deep trench of immense strength.

  16. Proved herself worthy of this glory by the fortitude with which she daily supported bombardments and fires, confident that her sacrifices were helping to save the Country and the Common Cause.

  17. It may be that the Germans expected that troops advancing after such bombardments would be helped by the splashes of colour, and that these earlier attempts were purely experimental.

  18. Their gas bombardments usually occurred on fronts where they had reason to fear an attack, with the idea of inflicting casualties in areas where troops might be massing.

  19. In place of hurling men against uncut wire, shells were hurled instead, the bombardments being sufficiently long to enable the Germans to transport troops from the east of Poland to France in time to meet the assault.

  20. Infantry actions were now succeeded by continuous bombardments on both sides, and by isolated raids.

  21. Bombardments of the shore took place frequently at that time.

  22. The frequent bombardments by ships’ guns, which he had no means of opposing, Lieut.

  23. Bombardments of the coast towns were constantly taking place.

  24. Mutual bombardments frequently enlivened the proceedings, the supremacy in which undoubtedly lay with our artillery.

  25. At dusk, that evening, down came one of the most furious bombardments put down by the enemy in Palestine.

  26. By the end of October "liveliness" was increasing all round, and mutual bombardments were growing more intense.

  27. The bombardments might be written down a fiasco, and what after all did it matter whether relief came to-morrow, or not till the day following.

  28. The Germans, in their effort to reach Souville, sought by frequent bombardments to destroy the fort which resisted stubbornly, but on May 7th a 17-inch shell destroyed one of the arches and caused serious damage.

  29. Through the steeple which was cut in two by the bombardments can be seen the internal structure: the Germans had fitted up an observation post inside.

  30. Great bombardments seemed to be of daily occurrence.

  31. Organised bombardments of sections of the enemy's front were carried out by the artillery, and the combination of the heavy batteries and field guns was most effective.

  32. On the whole, however, their bombardments were characterised by the usual features--a wide dispersement of shells over a large area, Dranoutre being heavily bombarded during the early part of the month.

  33. The daylight bombardments were fierce and intensive, for the Germans had the range to a nicety with their trench mortars.

  34. It was an exceptionally deep dugout, and was safe from all but the very heaviest bombardments of the German guns.

  35. And there had been bombardments from time to time ever since the Americans had swept irresistibly and victoriously over the Boche lines.

  36. The bombardments of 1914 destroyed a similar statue on the left representing David slaying Goliath with a stone from his sling.

  37. Turn to the left into the Rue Chanzy, which was destroyed by the bombardments of April-August, 1918.

  38. Although this house suffered from the bombardments of 1918, its front is practically intact.

  39. On the left of the Palais take the Rue Carnot, destroyed by the bombardments of April, 1918.

  40. The Rue St. Jacques leads to the long Place Drouet d'Erlon, which was much damaged by the bombardments of 1918 (photo opposite).

  41. It was destroyed by the bombardments of April, 1918, with the exception of a part of the front.

  42. The Rue des Deux Anges, which continues the Rue de la Clef, leads to the Place du Palais, destroyed during the bombardments of April, 1918.

  43. The Place St. Nicaise was destroyed by the bombardments of April-August, 1918.

  44. Follow this street, the greater part of which was destroyed by fire during the bombardments of April, 1918.

  45. For the same reason the bombardments reached their maximum of intensity in April and May, 1918, i.

  46. Square, was protected from the bombardments by masonry-work (photos, p.

  47. The bombardments in the spring of the following year further damaged the gallery, also causing fresh mutilations to the flying buttresses and the pinnacles of the apse.

  48. From June 29 to July 15 the battle broke out again in this sector, interrupted from time to time by terrible bombardments with gas shells.

  49. Immediately on taking over the trenches they were subjected to trench mortar bombardments and sniping raids.

  50. Intermittent spells of artillery and trench mortar and gas shell bombardments of varying severity disturbed the sector, but despite this the unit not only immediately repaired any damage done, but considerably extended and improved the system.

  51. One recalls from old photographs and movie or television screens, the comatose and glazed expressions of survivors of the great bombardments of World War I and the attendant horrors and death of trench warfare.

  52. The cease fire in the bloody Iran-Iraq war was quick to follow after the commencement of daily Iraqi long-range rocket bombardments of Tehran that amounted to a reign of terror.

  53. The Germans changed their range: an evening, a morning and an afternoon--three separate bombardments with heavy shells.

  54. With the wailing of shells in the air, every few seconds, the thud and thunder of their impact, the scattering of the shattered metal, it was one of the hot, thorough bombardments of the war.

  55. He remained there under one of the heaviest bombardments of the war for three hours, picking up the wounded who lay on curbs and in cellars and under debris.

  56. Weather conditions now rapidly became so severe that any actions beyond artillery bombardments and minor attacks by small detachments had become impossible.

  57. Heavy bombardments on both sides, trench raids, and counterattacks, which resulted in some successes for the Allied troops, marked the following days.

  58. The concentrated fire of the German guns damaged the French defenses, but were ineffective in crushing French spirit, so that the attacks that followed the bombardments failed in every instance to gain any advantage.

  59. The two bombardments were clearly the forerunners of an infantry counter-attack aiming at the recapture of the earthwork from the south-west.

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