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Example sentences for "bombarded"

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boma; bomas; bomb; bombard; bombarde; bombardier; bombardiers; bombarding; bombardment; bombardments
  1. Andrew Jackson bombarded them with two light guns, sent his men over the breastworks, and captured the breastworks in hand-to-hand fighting in which quarter was neither asked nor given.

  2. Farther south another fleet entered Long Island Sound, bombarded Stonington, and laid it in ruins.

  3. Deliberately the Phoebe and Cherub selected their stations and, late in this stormy afternoon, bombarded the crippled Essex without mercy.

  4. One bombarded French village is very like another bombarded French village.

  5. Bombarded for three and a half long years, over all this huge area the shell-craters nearly touched each other.

  6. Fortunately, nobody happens to be hurt, beyond the half-burying in the debris of some donkeys, which are finally induced to extricate themselves by being vigorously bombarded with stones.

  7. Several merchant vessels were seized in and about Manila Bay, and supplies from seawards were cut off from the city, which was quite at the mercy of Admiral Dewey, who could have bombarded it and forced surrender the same day.

  8. When there were no ships to meet, they bombarded the ports where others were being built.

  9. The whole time there was an incessant din from a thousand rifles and the roar of cannon from the gunboats which bombarded the enemy's position near Las PiƱas and Bacoor.

  10. In 1667 it was ineffectually bombarded by the Dutch.

  11. Cagliari was bombarded by the French fleet in 1793, but Napoleon's attempt to take the island failed.

  12. The Manchesters were stationed at Festubert not far from Ypres and, near the end of October, their trenches were fiercely bombarded by the Germans and then rushed with the utmost violence.

  13. The place in which he fought was heavily bombarded by the enemy and the machine-gun company suffered greatly.

  14. Among the first shots of the war were those fired by the Austrians when they bombarded Belgrade, the capital of Servia, and made an attempt to invade the country.

  15. A reply was demanded within twenty-four hours, and failing to receive a reply considered satisfactory, Italy immediately sent warships to Tripoli, bombarded and captured the city.

  16. So they bombarded the poor bumpkin with "wordy pyrotechnics," at which the stranger bewilderingly added his laugh and finally was emboldened to ask what would be the upshot of "this here comet business?

  17. Stanton, as secretary of war, was bombarded with complaints and bickerings of the officers under him; they seemed to revel in annoying one famed for being of the irritable genus.

  18. When we repulsed these attacks the enemy succeeded in taking several of our guns, which had bombarded the enemy's columns until the latter were close to the muzzles, and the last shell was spent.

  19. An Austrian squadron bombarded the Italian coast on the Adriatic, and Austrian aeroplanes dropped eleven bombs on Venice.

  20. Because of all the geniuses who performed for our amusement and whom we bombarded with pennies you were the only one who threw out your arms and your eyes to us as if we were rainbow's end.

  21. The flood never bombarded his house--he was only on the hem of it.

  22. The flood had bombarded a row of fifty houses, and demolished them so utterly that only one arch of one cellar remained; the very foundations were torn up, and huge holes of incredible breadth and depth bored by the furious eddies.

  23. To-day the enemy bombarded heavily, but did nothing but bombard, and will do nothing; they can do nothing at all against us.

  24. Another interesting point visited was the Fortress of Arabat, which was bombarded for several hours by the Allied squadron.

  25. The earth is being constantly bombarded with meteorites, usually of very small size.

  26. He returned to Tripoli, and once more bombarded the town.

  27. Then he bombarded Algiers, but the strength of the place was so great that this measure proved of little effect.

  28. He drove the Austrians everywhere before him, and but for the lateness of the season would have bombarded Vienna.

  29. In April a great navy and army sailed up the Mississippi River, bombarded the forts below New Orleans, then passed up and captured the city.

  30. Commodore Porter's gunboats now threw huge shells into the doomed city from the river and Grant's army bombarded it on the east.

  31. Next the British army marched to Baltimore, where the fleet bombarded Fort McHenry all day and all night, but without avail.

  32. On September 12 the first serious fight took place, the town being bombarded heavily by the fleet, to which the guns of the forts responded on behalf of the Government.

  33. The British monitors which so successfully bombarded the Belgian coast and the fortifications of the Dardanelles were fitted with blisters, and more than one of them owed their salvation to this means.

  34. These were so placed as to catch hostile submarines operating off the east coast of England, or a surface raiding squadron, such as those which in the earlier years of the war bombarded certain British ports.

  35. In 1884, in the course of belligerent proceedings arising out of the Tongking dispute, the forts at Kelung on the north were bombarded by the French fleet, and the place was captured and held for some months by French troops.

  36. Takau was bombarded and captured on the 15th of October, and the resistance collapsed.

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