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  1. More than once the Grand Vizier sent fleet runners to the Aga of the Janissaries to inquire what was the meaning of all that noise in the camp.

  2. How he would have liked a contrary wind to have kept back the fleet for a day or two.

  3. The purpose of the navy-yards is to keep the fleet in efficient condition.

  4. If a fleet of a dozen Zeppelins should be able to attack and destroy an entire British fortified town like Dover, it would be a good investment.

  5. We are lacking also in that harmonious composition of the fleet which is needed to give to every element of it the support that it needs from other elements, to make up a symmetrical and well-balanced whole.

  6. We have capable naval bureaus of Ordnance, Construction, and Repair, and for the direction of personnel; but these bureaus are not responsible for the readiness of the fleet for war.

  7. The fleet with fastest ships and guns of longest range, lining up at the maximum effective distance for its fire, steams at first in a line parallel with the enemy and in the same direction that the enemy is steaming.

  8. Therefore, we see that superior speed enables the fleet possessing it to put a portion of an enemy's fleet entirely out of action, while at the same time placing the remainder of the enemy's ships under the combined fire of a superior number.

  9. When a fleet goes into distant waters, it should have a nearby base.

  10. A fleet without fuel-ships is like a fleet without stokers.

  11. A fleet of fifty-four vessels, covered with flags and streamers, conveyed him and his retinue, together with the large deputation which had welcomed him at Flushing, to the great commercial metropolis.

  12. The gaily bannered fleet lay conspicuous in the river, while an enormous concourse of people were thronging from all sides to greet the new sovereign.

  13. By the tale of your successful elusion of the law I should imagine you exceeding fleet of foot.

  14. And later on we hope to establish the American seaports as bases for a fleet of naval auxiliaries, loaded with supplies for our swift submarines and cruisers.

  15. Have you learned where the fleet will be sent?

  16. The Department must have awakened to the fact that if sent there the fleet would have to return by rail," growled von Fincke.

  17. The complement of torpedo vessels has been reduced from fifteen to twenty-five per cent, and the Atlantic Fleet needs five thousand men.

  18. Would that not give us an opportunity to bottle up the fleet in the North River by slipping down one of our biggest ocean steamers and sinking her in the channel?

  19. The movements of our fleet are known to foreign naval attachés even before the maneuvers are carried out.

  20. If there had been a worthy fleet that would come out and face a foe, courage and power might have settled the question--but there was no such fleet.

  21. Thereafter, having accomplished its object, the British fleet left the stricken city, and the freed captives were ultimately returned to their homes.

  22. Knowing that the time was short, and that a fleet newly manned could not work well without a great deal of training, he made up for the shortness of time by not allowing a single moment of it to be lost, frittered away, or misapplied.

  23. Lord Exmouth, wid large fleet come straight to Algiers, for delivrin' all slaves, an' blow up de city.

  24. The addition of the Dutch fleet modified but did not materially alter that plan.

  25. Each individual, therefore, from Lord Exmouth to the smallest powder-monkey, was as well primed for action as were the guns of the fleet when the flag of truce returned.

  26. The result was that the entire fleet of the pirates was destroyed, and the sea-defences of Algiers, with a great part of the town itself, were shattered and crumbled in ruins.

  27. This was the news with which Captain Dashwood left Algiers, and which, some days later, he delivered to Lord Exmouth, when he met the British fleet on its way to the city, with the view of bringing the pirates to their senses.

  28. When he had finished, Rais informed him that instead of the fleet having changed its mind, there was great probability of its sudden appearance at any moment.

  29. She knew the dangers and disappointments of their calling, and was genuinely delighted whenever she heard that the fleet had returned with a good catch.

  30. For nearly half a century the record of their immense fleet shows that not a passenger has been lost or a letter miscarried.

  31. Five thousand of the United Empire Loyalists arrived at St. John in the British fleet in 1783, one hundred years ago.

  32. For upwards of a century it has been pre-eminently the Admiralty port for the British fleet in North Atlantic waters, and it was its superiority as a harbour in all respects which determined the demolition of Louisburg in 1756.

  33. A fleet was fitted out, and it looked as if the dispute could only be settled by war, when Nootka Sound was surrendered by Spain.

  34. Worse than that; if one of two orators proposed to equip a fleet for war and the other suggested the use of the same sum for paying out to the citizens, 'twas the latter who always carried the day.

  35. Doubtless Hyperbolus only demanded so large a fleet to terrorize the towns and oppress them at will.

  36. Mirrors, or burning glasses, are meant, such as those used by Archimedes two centuries later at the siege of Syracuse, when he set the Roman fleet on fire from the walls of the city.

  37. A general of austere habits; he disposed of all his property to pay the cost of a naval expedition, in which he beat the fleet of the foe off the promontory of Rhium in 429 B.

  38. First, as soon as ever a fleet returns to the harbour, I shall pay up the rowers in full.

  39. The English and the whole English world are ours, if we have the courtesy to take them--fleet and trade and all; and we go on pretending we are afraid of "entangling alliances.

  40. Don't you think that the French fleet ought to have a little advertising?

  41. The fleet is not allowed to act," cried Lord Charles Beresford in Parliament; the Foreign Office was constantly interfering with its operations.

  42. Well, then, you will understand me when I say with all the seriousness I can command that this fleet of ours is intended to deal with smugglers on the shores of the Island of Rügen.

  43. Tuesday night, five minutes after the ultimatum had expired, the Admiralty telegraphed to the fleet "Go.

  44. Parliamentary orators might rage because the British fleet was not permitted to make indiscriminate warfare on commerce, but the patient and far-seeing British Foreign Secretary was the man who was really trying to win the war.

  45. I don't believe that they really expect the German fleet to attack them any day or night.

  46. It's merely using the English fleet and ours to make the world understand that the time has come for orderliness and peace and for the honest development of backward, turbulent lands and peoples.

  47. Great Britain realized that she could never win unless her fleet were permitted to keep contraband out of Germany and, if necessary, completely to blockade that country.

  48. Why not let the French fleet seize it and get some advertising?

  49. At the same time Carnegie equipped a new and splendid fleet of ore ships, his purpose being to enter a field of transportation which John D.

  50. As Secretary of the Navy, Whitney, who found the fleet composed of a few useless hulks left over from the days of Farragut, created the fighting force that did such efficient service in the Spanish War.

  51. And as for the Confederate gunboats of which such great things were expected, they were, with a single exception, destroyed in a fight of less than an hour's duration by the Union fleet under the command of Flag Officer Davis.

  52. When I came up the river on the Mollie Able, I heard a man say we had a fleet building there that would eventually take Cairo and St. Louis too.

  53. And well they may be; for of course we'll have a big fleet of privateers afloat within a month after war is declared.

  54. There were seventeen regiments in all, and thirty-three steam transports to hold us, besides quite a fleet of gunboats, made up the entire fleet.

  55. The fleet was, of course, obliged to change the direction of their fire, so that our forces might not get the shelling which was intended for the rebels.

  56. A storm set in and kept the fleet in the harbor for nearly a week; after which we weighed anchor and dropped down to Warsaw Sound, Ga.

  57. The morning of April 11th, the fleet withdrew to Hilton Head and reported, while the different regiments were sent to various posts.

  58. Meanwhile, about 2,000 sailors and marines, armed with cutlasses, revolvers and guns, had been detailed from the fleet and landed to take their hand in the meditated assault.

  59. The fleet consisted of nine gun boats, three transports, one schooner and two tugs.

  60. The fleet sailed on the afternoon of the 21st of October, through Broad River, twenty miles from Port Royal, and the next morning at 7 a.

  61. A merciful Providence permitted us to outride the storm and once more see the scattered fleet all together again, save those that went to the bottom.

  62. The fleet was well armed, and the land forces were in good condition for an assault.

  63. An ocean-bound empire like Britain is comparatively immune from the danger of invasion: her army can be safely despatched to the colonies, her fleet protects her at home, her position is one of natural defence.

  64. Yet, although the said president agreed to do so, he did not, but secretly gave the title of commander-in-chief of the fleet to the said Dr.

  65. Item: The greatest care must be taken that the crews of the fleet are peaceable and well disciplined, in regard to which the regulations followed on similar occasions shall be applied.

  66. He was asked if it was true that the Mindanao enemy was preparing a great fleet to come against the provinces of Pintados and against the Spaniards.

  67. Item: Good management must be exercised in regard to the supplies and ammunition carried; and they must be consumed sparingly, especially if the fleet leaves these islands.

  68. Both ships of his fleet were anchored near the mouth of the bay at the point of Balagtigui, with his boats at the stern.

  69. This is in connection with a suit brought by order of the said governor against Joan de Alcega, admiral of the royal fleet which went against the Dutch enemy which was sailing among these islands.

  70. The man must have a rare recipe for melancholy who can be dull in Fleet Street.

  71. Mr. Reflector,--I was amused the other day with having the following notice thrust into my hand by a man who gives out bills at the corner of Fleet Market.

  72. Napoleon was then on the winning side, but twelve years later Nelson wiped out his fleet at Trafalgar, and died on board the Victory, which had been Lord Hood's flagship at Toulon.

  73. Admiral Hotham's fleet is at Leghorn, and is daily expected at St Fiorenzo.

  74. At length the long weeks of waiting came to an end, and on the 8th October Baird's fleet of transports sailed from Falmouth, five days later anchoring off Corunna.

  75. There was a report the other day that the French fleet was off Ajaccio, but it was unfounded.

  76. However, the Viceroy immediately sent an express in an open boat to Admiral Hotham, who was then with the fleet at Leghorn, and the next morning our fleet was in sight.

  77. For the next few weeks, therefore, the 51st was constantly engaged in skirmishes with the enemy, who was eventually dispersed by the arrival of a British fleet in the Garonne.

  78. A few days ago the French fleet appeared off Cape Corso, which did not a little alarm us, particularly as our fleet was not then in the Bay of St Fiorenzo.

  79. Pierre turned the head of the teams towards the island again, and giving some directions to Suzanne, took the direction now followed by his daughter with fleet feet.

  80. Its cool, salty depths were clean and fleet to-day on its errand to the marsh country of Grand-Pré.

  81. On eighteenpence a day no man could have splendours or luxuries, but he might have water free from the fountain he had just passed in front of that church in Fleet Street, and water was a great deal.

  82. He had seen the sky as he drove along the Strand and Fleet Street to-day.

  83. How strange seemed the difference between a penny here and a penny in the Strand or Fleet Street a little while ago.

  84. From the Departure, to the Arrival of the Fleet at Teneriffe.

  85. But the baffling winds and lee current rendering it a matter of doubt whether or not the ships would be able to fetch, the signal for anchoring was hauled down, and the fleet bore up before the wind.

  86. On the 18th of June we saw the most northerly of the Cape de Verd Islands, at which time the Commodore gave the fleet to understand, by signal, that his intention was to touch at some of them.

  87. Contrary, however, to expectation, the number of sick in the ship I was embarked on was surprisingly small, and the rest of the fleet were nearly as healthy.

  88. From the Arrival of the Fleet at Rio de Janeiro, till its Departure for the Cape of Good Hope; with some Remarks on the Brazils.

  89. Thus, after a passage of exactly thirty-six weeks from Portsmouth, we happily effected our arduous undertaking, with such a train of unexampled blessings as hardly ever attended a fleet in a like predicament.

  90. The Passage from the Brazils to the Cape of Good Hope; with an Account of the Transactions of the Fleet there.

  91. Before six o'clock the whole fleet were under sail; and, the weather being fine and wind easterly, proceeded through the Needles with a fresh leading breeze.

  92. At the same time that the boats of the fleet were sent on this pursuit, information was given to the Spanish Governor of what had happened, who immediately detached parties every way in order to apprehend the delinquent.

  93. He was at Misenum, where he commanded the fleet which protected all that part of the Mediterranean comprised between Italy, the Gauls, Spain, and Africa, when a great eruption of Vesuvius took place.

  94. Upon my life, the slave, that had the chain, Was Skink, escap'd the Fleet by some mad sleight.

  95. Block, bring the porter of the Fleet to court.

  96. I am Skink, that 'scap'd ye yesternight, and fled the Fleet in your cloak, carrying me clean out of wind and rain.

  97. The p-p-porter of the Fl-Fl-Fleet to court?

  98. The porter of the Fleet will surely know me.

  99. I would your grace would comfort him from hence, The Fleet is weary of his company.

  100. It is the mirror of heaven and earth, the astral light, in whose glass a myriad illusions arise and fleet before the mystic adventures.

  101. And up on the night-wind swimming, With pose and dart and rise, Away went the air fleet skimming Through a haze of jewel skies.

  102. The trail of the fleet to the far lands Was wavy along the night, And on through the sapphire starlands They followed the wake of light.

  103. Fleet as the wind, her fearful flight she wings, Nor stays his fond recalling words to hear: “Daughter of Peneus, stay!

  104. Here of Amphion's offspring daily some Mount their fleet steeds; their trappings gaily press Of Tyrian dye: heavy with gold, the rens They guide.

  105. Yet on this why should I dwell, “If he must boast, that for the Argive fleet “He fought alone 'gainst Jupiter and Troy?

  106. With words like these back from the flying fleet “I brought them; eloquence had sorrow's aid.

  107. As to that, it was reported that a fleet was fitting out at Portsmouth with all despatch to be placed under the command of Sir Edward Hawke; and it was said that Admiral Byng was to be sent to the Mediterranean with a squadron.

  108. Even should their own ships be disabled, though not captured, many of the merchant fleet might fall a prey to the Frenchmen, and the Ouzel Galley might possibly be among the number.

  109. It being some time, however, before the Ouzel Galley could again make sail, the greater part of the fleet passed by her, though no one offered to send assistance.

  110. The Thisbe was in her usual station to windward of the fleet and abeam of the leading vessel, and the fleet with flowing sheets was steering to the westward.

  111. The ship also will form one of a large fleet of merchantmen under convoy of two or three men-of-war, and as the Ouzel Galley sails well, even should the convoy be attacked by the enemy, we shall have every chance of getting off.

  112. Not, indeed, till the signal gun was fired for the fleet to get under way, and she and the captain had taken their seats in the boat to return to the shore, did she show any signs of the feelings which were agitating her.

  113. The fleet was about half-way across the broad bay of Gonaves, formed by two headlands which stretch out on the western side of Hispaniola, when two sail were seen standing out from the north-eastern corner.

  114. As now and then other vessels of the fleet came passing by, inquiries were made as to what had occurred.

  115. A fleet of merchantmen being ready to sail, the Thetis frigate, on board which Commander Olding had taken a passage, was appointed to convoy them, accompanied by the Research.

  116. Whereabouts in the fleet is the Ouzel Galley?

  117. The eyes of many on board the merchant fleet were turned in the direction of the two ships, which in a short time could be descried from the deck.

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