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Example sentences for "errand"

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erpass; erpower; erpowering; err; erra; errands; errant; errantry; errare; errat
  1. Tsongpun Tashi's errand had been to take farewell of the prelate, who was setting out this day for Mendong-gompa, absolutely unknown in all the maps in the world, and his yaks stood tethered and surrounded by a troop of servants.

  2. The Tibetans' errand was to ask if we had any medicine suitable for a man who had a pain in the foot.

  3. So I should think," said poor Anne, the remembrance of her errand quelling her resentment.

  4. Never did Anne's feet bear her on a more willing errand than on that walk through the beechwoods to Grafton the next morning.

  5. Gilbert had gone to West Grafton on an errand and Diana had to keep an engagement at home.

  6. I went on through the streets, listlessly, without troubling myself about anything at all, stopped aimlessly at a corner, turned off into a side street without having any errand there.

  7. It occurred to me that I might go into Semb's and get it wrapped up in paper; not only would it look better, but I need no longer be ashamed of carrying it, I entered the shop, and stated my errand to one of the shop boys.

  8. You had some errand here--speak out, or by the Lord I'll kill you!

  9. Or was it possible he had actually seen her leave his room on her errand of rescue?

  10. I told you my errand was gloves; pray what other reason?

  11. I am to meet a friend at the depot who is to take the midnight train, and as it will be impossible for me to be there at that hour, and there is no other whom I feel like trusting, I would like you to do the errand for me.

  12. I wanted to go out, but when I tried to get ready I found I could not stand, and if I fail after this brandy has warmed me up I want you to do the errand for me.

  13. I wish you to do an errand for me to-morrow evening which I cannot well do for myself, as I shall be busy at the time.

  14. The clouds were hanging darkly overhead, and by the time that Paul had finished his errand an intense darkness covered the city.

  15. He had some work to do for his employer, an errand or two for Irene, a piece of work of his own that must be done, and then he would take time to think.

  16. It happened one day that Mary, having an unusual amount of work on hand, had requested Zula to go on an errand for her, to which she, ever ready to oblige, at once consented.

  17. He shook hands very cordially with me, but, when I told him what my errand was, the jovial manner seemed to fall away from him, and he became reserved and grave.

  18. Thorir of Garth sent word to him, and when they met he bade him go on an errand of his, and slay Grettir the Strong.

  19. Then said Audun, "Rashly hast thou done herein; what is thine errand then?

  20. Then said Atli, "This one would see me, and he must have some errand with me, whatever may be the gain thereof to me.

  21. Thorod named himself, and said, "Why askest thou not of my errand rather than of my name?

  22. The summer after that just told, Kormak and Thorgils and Narfi their kinsman rode south to Northriverdale, on some errand of theirs.

  23. CX And when Yourself with silver Foot shall pass Among the Guests Star-scatter'd on the Grass, And in your joyous errand reach the spot Where I made One--turn down an empty Glass!

  24. LXXV And when Thyself with shining Foot shall pass Among the Guests Star-scatter'd on the Grass, And in thy joyous Errand reach the Spot Where I made one--turn down an empty Glass!

  25. Because it is your errand to relate love-stories; and I cannot see the connection between love and hate.

  26. Her errand was not wholly easy to her, but she thought, "I do not go to ask favors, but plain dealings; and it must be done secretly or not at all.

  27. She had usually some errand to put forward, and her pretext on this occasion was the Squire's Christmas list.

  28. If she lost a shilling on an errand or overpaid a bill, he stormed and raved at her.

  29. Clement had never visited the cotton-town before, and on a more commonplace errand he might have allowed himself to be daunted by a turmoil and bustle as new to him as it was uncongenial.

  30. If Sam Turner insists upon running me up two flights of stairs on an errand of that sort, I suppose I'll have to go.

  31. Only trouble is, Princeman has some mysterious errand or other, and can't join us.

  32. Binny, on some similar errand bent, had twice encountered him and recognized him as the young "fellar" that used to come to see Mahster George, and bolt up to his room even when the lad was out.

  33. Do you want to do an errand for me, Giraffe?

  34. On the other side of this garden was the sea, so that none might do his errand in the castle therefrom, save in a boat.

  35. Husband," she said, "I require leave to come with you on this errand and journey.

  36. They walked side by side, with a slow even step, such as was befitting the errand which had brought them forth.

  37. The missionary made known his errand and was told that he might do anything he pleased with the girl, if he would catch her and tame her.

  38. We shall see Phebe again, out on another errand of mercy.

  39. He kept on, thinking that there was a sulky child who had been sent on an errand against her will, that it was not late, and she was safe enough on that road.

  40. I've got an errand down to the store," he said, evasively; but Ellen understood.

  41. Ellen had an errand down-town that evening, and she wrapped herself up warmly, putting on a fur collar which she had not worn since the winter before.

  42. They did not know that he was even then bound upon an errand to the grocery store for a bag of flour to be brought home on his sled, and would thereby swell his exchequer by another cent.

  43. Ellen had moved quickly, for she had an errand at the grocery-store before she went home.

  44. He had an errand in the next town that afternoon, and was not going to return.

  45. I put the key behind my back to give colour a little to my words; but my lady saw it and jumped at my real errand on the stair, with that quickness ever accompanying eyes of the kind I have mentioned.

  46. Who, in God's name, can this one be, and what's her errand to Dalness at this hour?

  47. Half my errand to town to-day was to find if young MacLach-lan, your relative, is to be at the market here to-morrow.

  48. And Marley bustled off upon the errand that meant so much for Reginald Henson.

  49. But when I discovered your errand to-night I was bound to come.

  50. She forgot Meg; forgot her errand to the post-office; forgot everything, in fact, except the safety of the child she loved.

  51. Mary Isabel thought it was fortunate that the little errand boy, Tommy Brewster, was there, or she certainly would have been dreadfully embarrassed, now that the flame of her anger had blown out.

  52. You have forgotten the errand I bid you do?

  53. And by Heaven," said he, "she must needs have an errand to some one in this plain, if her haste would allow her to declare it.

  54. Lord," said he, "my errand is unto thee; and it is to crave a boon of thee that I come.

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