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commissaires; commissariat; commissaries; commissario; commissary; commissionaire; commissionaires; commissionate; commissioned; commissioner
  1. The experiences of Hooker as a traveller began immediately after taking his degree, with his commission in 1839 as Assistant Surgeon and Botanist in the "Erebus.

  2. This people, in consequence of returning to the commission of those sins for which they were so notorious, were delivered up to their oppressors forty years.

  3. One sin prepares the way for the commission of another; one step over the edge and boundary of uprightness may lead us down a precipice, and plunge us into a fatal series of crimes.

  4. A mortal creature cannot be invested with a more important commission than that of the ministry of the word.

  5. He had another commission in charge from Moretti, and he worked the conversation dexterously on, till he touched the point of his secret errand.

  6. Her commission was to have told the Marquis that Sylvie had left Paris, but she could not say that now as Sylvie was still in the city.

  7. This letter furthermore warned the earl to take particular care of himself, as a captain's commission would be the reward of the man who would murder him.

  8. What a pity it is, though, that Ireland has no commission for the care of historical monuments, as has France!

  9. The commission buckled to their work, and at intervals issued reports which in the main bore out the contention of Dr.

  10. Chalmers that in this way a long delay would have to take place, and still more that the personnel of the commission showed a tendency unfavourable to the scheme.

  11. In 2005, he was co-chair, with former President Jimmy Carter, of the Commission on Federal Election Reform.

  12. In September, the parliament agreed to initiate a constitutional review commission slated to complete its work within one year; it delayed considering the question of forming a federalized region in southern Iraq for eighteen months.

  13. He also served as Vice Chairman of the Caucus of Vietnam Era Veterans in Congress and as a member of the President's Commission on Foreign Language and International Studies.

  14. He currently serves on many public policy and organizational boards, including as Chair of the Pew Oceans Commission and Co-Chair of the California Council on Base Support and Retention.

  15. Audio-Visual Aids Commission of the National Christian Church of Japan.

  16. Produced in cooperation with Audio-Visual Aids Commission of the National Christian Church of Japan.

  17. My father is here for a month, and is very kind; he seems very fairly satisfied with me; and he wants me to get prepared for the commission in the Life Guards.

  18. The exchange becomes the farmer's commission house, and it is much easier to keep informed regarding the transactions of a home association than of a foreign concern.

  19. For this purpose, select some reliable commission house, and if necessary, pay them to furnish you daily market reports by wire during the shipping season.

  20. I've got a special order from a Chicago commission house.

  21. Slim took the paper and badge Old Bill handed him, and read the commission which made him a special agent of the state.

  22. Every commission he accepted with burning avidity, and fixed a price that seemed to bear no proportion whatever to the work to be done--so small was it.

  23. From the histories of several poisoners we have terrible examples how the commission of crimes of this class becomes at last an all-absorbing passion.

  24. In the same way he refused every commission from De Maintenon; he even rejected with aversion and horror the proposal she made him to fabricate for her a little ring with emblematic ornaments, which was to be presented to Racine.

  25. Antonio's commission was to take a body of men and go to St. Mark's Tower, and see that the bell was tolled.

  26. Which news pleased the Pope so much that he sent for Michelagnolo, who, on arriving in Rome, received the commission for the ceiling of that chapel.

  27. Lorenzo in Damaso, at the commission of Raffaello Riario, Cardinal of S.

  28. Antonio an arch with a Christ in fresco, and for that Company the banner that is carried in processions, which he executed with great diligence, having received the commission for them from the Prior.

  29. Zanobi, at the commission of Zanobi del Maestro; and for the Church of the Congregation of the Priests of S.

  30. Afterwards, Lorenzo Pucci, Cardinal of Santi Quattro, having been created Grand Penitentiary, Raffaello was favoured by him with a commission to paint a panel for S.

  31. But he, being worn out by his labours, and crushed down by old age and by the stone, which made his life a burden, returned by leave of his Holiness to Florence; and that commission was given to the most gracious Raffaello da Urbino.

  32. According to the admissions of the royal commission of England, the gold dollar of to-day is to the producers of this country, measured by their products, already at a premium of between 30 and 40 per cent.

  33. In the official resume of the doings of the French monetary commission of 1869 the arguments upon both sides were summed up.

  34. No better testimony to the fact can be adduced than that supplied by the royal commission appointed in 1886 to inquire into the changes in the relative values of the precious metals.

  35. The result of the commission was an additional stringency, brought about by Mr. George Chetwynd's bill.

  36. A letter on his father's table the next morning, announced that he had accepted a commission in a regiment about to embark for Portugal.

  37. The Society's activity led to a special commission of the House of Commons in 1821 to inquire into the laws relating to vagrants, concerning which Lamb speaks, the clergyman alluded to being Dr.

  38. Jubilee work before he accepted the commission that led to his death.

  39. But perhaps sins of omission and commission counterbalance.

  40. On the other hand, it was a sin of commission to allow that Professor Henry Morley was responsible for the stage management; Mr. Morley being a man of letters whom some worthy people respect.

  41. The French Government established a commission in 1823 to experiment with a view to the institution of legislation regulating the working of steam-engines and boilers; and this commission, MM.

  42. His plans were submitted to a commission of experienced naval officers, among whom were Commodores Decatur and Perry, Captain John Paul Jones, Captain Evans, and others whose names are still familiar, and were favorably commended.

  43. The girl was talking in the business tone to customers; she finished her commission hurriedly and joined him on the pavement by the doorstep.

  44. After this, he went on the desired commission to the closet of his master.

  45. And, now my commission is discharged, I humbly take my leave, flattered in having been selected to stand in such a presence, and to have been thought worthy of so honorable a duty.

  46. Gino received this commission with profound respect, but with an awe he could not conceal.

  47. Resign your commission in the King's Guards, and go abroad to Holland; I will give you an introduction to Prince Rupert.

  48. They say he refused a commission in Cromwell's army.

  49. The young man is seeking a commission in the king's guards and will probably get it, to the detriment of other and better men.

  50. Your father is serving the king; your brother will have a commission in the Guards; surely you will mix in good society?

  51. I, who have never drawn sword in any other cause, hold a commission from the king in his own Guards.

  52. The more repugnant, indeed, such crimes may be to natural feeling, or public sentiment, the greater their merit, from the sacrifice which the commission of them involves.

  53. In vain did the papal legate, who had received a commission to that effect from his master, interpose his mediation, and even fulminate sentence of excommunication against the confederates.

  54. Jove whispered a light commission to the Laughing Dame; she met him; and how did he shake Olympus?

  55. In my opinion Government should be compelled to send out a Commission to inquire into the cause.

  56. Mr. Simmonds warmly offered to make the application for a commission for him, but Ned declined.

  57. I would have gone to Mr. Simmonds and asked him to apply for a commission for me before now, for other fellows get it as young as I am; but I have made up my mind that it's my duty not to do so.

  58. A man suspected of a murder, even if they have failed to bring it home to him, cannot ask for a commission in the army.

  59. Another fortnight and I was going to apply for a commission for him.

  60. In executing the commission assigned to him by Aben-Humeya, he was obliged to visit all parts of the country.

  61. It will readily be believed that the interests of Spain would not suffer in the hands of a commission with so skilful a tactician as Granvelle to direct it.

  62. The grand-commander executed his commission in the same remorseless spirit in which it had been dictated.

  63. A commission was at once appointed to examine into the matter; and their report was laid before a junta, consisting of both ecclesiastics and laymen, and embracing names of the highest consideration for talent and learning in the kingdom.

  64. They had plenty of corn, but Smith says he had no commission to spoil them.

  65. Smith professed himself willing to retire to England, but, seeing the new commission did not arrive, held on to his authority, and began to enforce it to save the whole colony from anarchy.

  66. The commission of Sir Thomas Gates was read, and Mr. Percy retired from the governorship.

  67. A new commission was about to be issued, and a great supply was in preparation under Lord De La Ware.

  68. He had no strength to enforce discipline nor organize expeditions for supplies; besides, he was acting under a commission whose virtue had expired, and the mutinous spirits rebelled against his authority.

  69. Two Franciscans, Lambert the German and Bartholomew lector in Bruenn, received the papal commission as inquisitors throughout Bohemia and Moravia.

  70. The old rules were kept in force; no one was allowed to be arrested without a special royal warrant, and no inquisitor could exercise any functions without the confirmation of his commission by the royal representative.

  71. Friar Jordan, an Augustinian eremite, held a commission as inquisitor in both sections of Saxony.

  72. Inquisition in Germany by renewing, in July, 1353, the commission as inquisitor of Friar John Schandeland, and writing earnestly to the German prelates to lend him all assistance.

  73. George threw into prison Fantinus, who had been his procurator in the curia, and who had been sent with a commission as papal orator, and detained him there for three months.

  74. In 1422 the Council of Ten appointed a commission to examine some Franciscans charged with sacrificing to demons and other abominable practices, and a month later they sent to Martin V.

  75. All priests and deacons, moreover, were to preach zealously, for which no special license or commission was required.

  76. In the existing condition of the north of Italy the commission was virtually inoperative, and its only interest lies in its terms, which show that up to this time there was no organized Inquisition there.

  77. Robert's commission was withdrawn, and he expiated his insane cruelties in perpetual prison.

  78. On April 17 four new commissioners were appointed to replace the previous ones, whose commissions from the pope were held to have expired, and the new commission was expressly granted power to proceed to final sentence.

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