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Example sentences for "darn"

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darle; darling; darlingest; darlings; darlint; darna; darnation; darndest; darned; darnel
  1. Abigail might not have the figure or the complexion that Georgie had, but she was a darn sight more reliable.

  2. I'd gladly give a hundred thousand dollars to get out of the--the--darn thing!

  3. Said something about takin' a picture of some darn thing; she never come on with the boys to camp, anyhow.

  4. And what in the blinkety blink did any darn fool want to live in such a country for, anyway?

  5. It'd need some darn smooth explainin' then.

  6. You gol-darn witless wight," bawled Bud Norris, and slapped Bill Hayden on the back and roared.

  7. Why, darn 'em, they'll pay money some day to see me fly!

  8. Playing that darn fool tune over and over!

  9. He did not really believe that Tex was trying to put anything over on him; he just said that to show Tex he didn't give a darn one way or the other.

  10. And the dust storm he kicked up behind--he hoped Mary V got her eyes full, darn her!

  11. I can see how you being so darn crooked yourself, you may always be looking for some one to do you, so I ain't kicking at the stand you take.

  12. Time flies too darn fast when you're on leave.

  13. It sure does beat all how secrets get around in this darn war.

  14. For two long months you and I can do any darn thing we want.

  15. It will be all to the merry to feel how it is to walk on the ground for a spell, and not crawl on hands and knees, or wiggle around like some darn snake.

  16. And even if the darn Japs do finally push them out, it'll be a mighty hollow victory.

  17. This darn jungle blankets sound until you're right on top of it.

  18. That darn letter was right there in the pocket of the tunic I shoved in his face.

  19. Just let him reach them, and the whole darn Jap air force could try to hunt him out, if it wanted to.

  20. But the colonel's not one to yell wolf unless he feels he has darn good cause.

  21. He's got that medal bug in his brain pan; you know the game, never late and good conduct for about seventeen years, and you get a medal that's pretty to look at and no darn good to help you get a job.

  22. Why, gol darn them, they got $36 out o' me the night the soldier boys came home.

  23. But that’s all rot for you to say it’s a darn fool notion.

  24. And you’ve no right to ask me to back you up in a thing which I’m perfectly certain is a darn fool proposition.

  25. It was a darn fool stunt to write such things.

  26. And what’s more I’ll get up in the meeting and say it’s a darn fool proposition and ought to be turned down.

  27. I don’t give a continental darn what you heard.

  28. A carefully applied patch or darn is scarcely noticeable after laundering.

  29. Look out for the thin places and darn before they have a chance to wear through.

  30. Darn across the hole in the same way, taking up every alternate stitch as in weaving.

  31. It is a good plan, especially in knees of stockings and knitted underwear, to baste a piece of fine net over a worn or broken place and darn over it.

  32. In knees and heels of stockings, or knitted underwear, a piece of net large enough to extend beyond the thin part should be basted carefully; then darn down the outer edges of the net and finally the hole or thin place.

  33. The stitches around any darn should not end in a stiff even line; this makes a hard edge which does not wear and is unsightly, and uncomfortable if on underwear.

  34. Moreover, she could darn stockings so well that the darn looked like a part of the stocking.

  35. The other little girls were now very repentant; and when their fingers were well, they all learned to darn stockings at once.

  36. So you shall darn the stockings, and if you do them well, I'll cook one of the others first instead of you.

  37. Why shouldn't this one darn while the others boil?

  38. Only I'd a darn sight rather see you up and about.

  39. Darn it, do you know just talking about it makes me feel as if I could sit right down now and start in on one.

  40. A right-down slick and shrewd 'un, darn me if he ain't!

  41. E h'excused hisself darn there by the pub and the trams.

  42. And yer opened the door by the pub darn there and jumped h'out.

  43. You'll find American citizens out there, a darn sight harder type to pronounce than what I am.

  44. Darn it all, why didn't Limber stick along with us all the time and keep us from gettin' into this mix-up?

  45. I think a darn sight more of him than do of that bunch of boot-lickers that had the colossal nerve to pretend I scored fifty!

  46. So, he asked me to come as his guest, and he's promised that after he's landed the expedition and the arms I can write as much about it as I darn please.

  47. Well, I sure told 'em their right names for once, gol darn 'em!

  48. That's what you get--" "Do you think I want my darter to marry a gol darn fool?

  49. And a gol darn nice fellow, too," Uncle Henry went on.

  50. Uncle Henry had no hesitation in answering: "Because he come to skin us out of this place, gol darn him!

  51. Make a monkey out o' me, will you, gol darn you!

  52. Make him see what a gol darn fool he is and give him h----.

  53. An' you make me sick too, you gol darn fool!

  54. It's a darn good thing for you that I'm an invalid!

  55. An' that's the only decent town in the whole gol darn world.

  56. He lifted his hand, smote the arm of his chair, and cried out after the vanishing figure of his nephew, "You make me sick, you gol darn fool!

  57. I would rather knit two pairs of stockings than darn one, any day.

  58. She could darn either lace, table-linen, India muslin, or stockings, so that no one could tell where the hole or rent had been.

  59. Besides, I have to admit to myself that it's darn interesting watching the vim that "Rus" puts into this secret practice.

  60. And if Speed ever caught on he'd darn near kill us!

  61. I agreed with "Rus" not feeling equal to stacking my brain up against his, and besides he has a way of making things sound darn logical.

  62. Meantime, "mine dear Sare," could you not translate me back again into German; and darn me as I have darned you?

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "darn" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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