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Example sentences for "darned"

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darlint; darn; darna; darnation; darndest; darnel; darning; darrein; dars; darse
  1. He was darned slick to take the time when Funnybone was away.

  2. You are a darned smooth citizen," Trench drawled, as he and Burleigh stood in the shade by the campus gate on the closing day of their freshman year.

  3. You can't be so darned squeamish about where a man gets his money these days, Lyd.

  4. I'm so darned glad to have you getting well so fast, that the Prom.

  5. It's the only thing in their whole darned country I can see, that don't make you sick.

  6. What was there so darned mysterious about your own nature, about a sensible woman's nature?

  7. He had not noticed it at the time, but he now thought, scraping his coated tongue against his teeth, that melted cheese and cake and nut-fudge and ginger-ale were a darned bad combination to be swallowing of an evening.

  8. Then, with a strange light in his eyes, he said, "Won't the captain be darned wild when he hears about it?

  9. I don't mind trying it on an instrument, but I'm darned if I can play it on a cullender.

  10. I'm darned if I can play it on a cullender.

  11. I have seen a wedding veil worked upon a beautiful white silk net, carrying a sprinkling of orange flowers, darned with white silk flosses, and a heavy wreath around the border.

  12. The threads were drawn and then whipped into a net on which the design was darned with linen.

  13. Yes, but I didn't reckon ther'd ever be a big price per pound paid for the darned stuff for sofys and cushions and sich.

  14. And you see," he added, "how darned lucky you are.

  15. She had evidently outgrown her dress, which was made for a smaller child, and the too brief skirt disclosed a bare, freckled, and sandy desert of shapely limb, for which the darned stockings were equally too scant.

  16. Have you ever noticed that some houses where you visit are always neat and look well cared for, and that the towels and table linen are carefully darned or patched?

  17. Mr. Allen said Marjorie darned his socks so well that he couldn't even feel the darn when he walked!

  18. If the long ladders which sometimes come in stockings are not too wide, they can be overhanded together on the wrong side; or, if one has time, they can be darned as a hole.

  19. Next lesson you may bring a stocking which has been darned at home.

  20. A little piece basted under the worn or torn place to be darned is a great help; for it reënforces the weak place and makes it last longer.

  21. One pert youth in Arizona preferred to lose my order for cigars rather than bring the box to me for selection; he said "he'd be darned if he'd sling boxes around for me; I could come and choose for myself.

  22. Then she sighed, and, as she bent over the large willow basket filled with stockings to be darned and clothes to be mended, a tear rolled down her cheek and plashed on the edge.

  23. I 'd be a darned coward about leaving my Popsey.

  24. You 're a darned sneak yourself," he howled rather than cried.

  25. But I guess you was right this time, for I be darned if I didn't think he was going to let her go at me before you could hand over.

  26. They saw each other's hands, and I be gol darned if every one of them didn't have fours, and they were all aces at that.

  27. I'll be gol darned if I haint down-right glad to see you, old boy.

  28. For eight years I've darned stockings, collected trading stamps, done my own housework, and tried to imagine that the hats I've trimmed myself looked as though they came straight from Paris.

  29. Edith darned stockings or sewed; Donald toiled at his desk, writing letters--going over reports.

  30. What does your Government think I should want the darned thing for?

  31. They were too darned stingy with the whisky bottle; besides, they wouldn't sign a paper on it.

  32. Darned the word did he say; he wouldn’t holler, he was perfectly game!

  33. This island of yours is so darned small, and your cliffs are so high, that it is dangerous to walk after nightfall.

  34. It satisfies the darned skunks, and it don't hurt you.

  35. She darned them quickly and thoroughly; but the great excrescences of blue, brown, grey, or black darning-wool would have brought terror to the heart of any one who suffered from tender feet.

  36. You're a darned pooty lot daown here, you be!

  37. I knowed I'd ketch ye at some darned trick or 'nother 'fore I'd done 'ith ye!

  38. I shall only make a darned ass of myself and everybody else mixed up with me.

  39. Darned if you don't look like Aunt Nancy, only she's lean and you are squatty.

  40. How much heart-sickness was darned into Lance's impossible heel before the clock chimed two!

  41. The thing that bothers me is that darned engine of yours.

  42. Look at that cot and the lumber--a whole darned outfit, and I nearly killed the horses getting the mess up in one load because Elsa insisted she'd have to have it to-night.

  43. I've read all I can find on it, and that's darned little.

  44. Wal, I don't know, they're a darned mean crowd anyway.

  45. A darned sight too good for the Naapu grafters.

  46. A darned sight too good to go native--" Then I stopped, for Follet was hardly himself, nor did I like the look of myself as a common scold.

  47. He's more in it than I am, and I'm darned if I know what she's up to with the three of us.

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