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Example sentences for "certify"

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certification; certifications; certifie; certified; certifies; certifying; certin; certior; certiorari; certis
  1. I certify that this copy was collated in my presence, Baltesar de Freitas, notary of this fleet, on the day as abovesaid.

  2. On the face of the bill of lading is the following: "We certify that the cargo of coals per Jabez Snow, for which this is the bill of lading, is the bonĂ¢ fide property of Messrs.

  3. On the face of each of the three bills of lading appears the following certificate for the British Vice-consul at Manilla:-- "I hereby certify that Messrs.

  4. I do therefore certify and approve the same.

  5. In other words, they needed to be able to certify Christ's spiritual identity as well as His physical sameness.

  6. Under every motive from character and duty to certify the truth, I have no doubt they have faithfully executed this injunction.

  7. An office of inspection at Calcutta, to ascertain its goodness, was established, and directions given to the Provincial Councils at the places of growth to certify the quantity and quality of the commodity transmitted to the Presidency.

  8. This officer shall certify that each contestant has complied with all the U.

  9. For example, every week he must fill in the proper form and certify that every man in his ward has had a bath.

  10. I certify the foregoing contents to be accurate.

  11. Having been over this road, I can certify to the remarks of Gunnison and Beckwith, P.

  12. The justice shall certify this examination to the King, on pain of a fine of 40s.

  13. Upon viewing a dead body, the coroner should inquire of the killers, their abettors, and anyone present at the killing and certify these names.

  14. And if the jury acquits, then the justice, sheriff, and under-sheriff shall certify the names of any jurors maintained or embraced and their misdemeanors, or forfeit 400s.

  15. If the riot is by forty people or heinous, the Justices of Peace shall certify such and send the record of conviction to the King.

  16. If the riot had taken place before their arrival, they could make an inquiry by a jury and certify the results to the King and his Council.

  17. Above all they are bound to affix their signatures to the effective payments made by the magistrate to their parishioners on account of daily labor, and to certify similarly the value of materials employed in public works.

  18. This is to certify that I have from Thomas Halcrow the rent of 1871 in my hands.

  19. You have to certify that the parties are living, and that you know them?

  20. Do you know whether any other parties who sell hosiery to Mrs. Spence have accounts at the shop-I could not certify as to that.

  21. You have handed in to me a document signed by 28 fishermen on the Quendale property, stating that 'We, the undersigned, hereby certify that we have been honourably dealt with by Andrew J.

  22. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the original act now on file in the said office.

  23. That I take your love in good part, my thanks shall speak for me; that I am pleased with your kiss, this interest of another shall certify you; and that I accept your gift, my prostrate service and myself shall witness with me.

  24. Griffith's Sermon seems more particularly to certify that those Notes preceded the new edition of the Ready and Easy Way by a week or more.

  25. Of course, you don't know me or even that my name is Lang, but if you will forward the check to the bank they will certify it, and to-morrow I will send for the suit and the balance of the money.

  26. I want to secure a position in the household of Duke Visznovieczky, and require a patent of nobility to certify to my noble birth.

  27. We added our names to those gleaming on the walls, to certify that we also had been happy there.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "certify" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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