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Example sentences for "certification"

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certi; certificat; certificate; certificated; certificates; certifications; certifie; certified; certifies; certify
  1. This is followed by the certification of the copyist who transcribed this document for the South American boundary negotiations between Spain and Portugal in 1776, at Paris.

  2. Are you board certified at the present time or are you working toward the board certification in surgery?

  3. During that time, I took and passed my boards for the certification for the American Board of Surgery.

  4. Besides that, all the legacies and alms that have fallen to it in the course of fourteen years have been spent, as appears more in detail in the certification which I present.

  5. It is in danger of ruin from earthquakes, for a part of the said building is now open for lack of connecting walls, as appears more in detail from the certification of Miguel Sanchez Marufo, architect of this city, which I present.

  6. The present law stops just short of effectiveness, for it surrenders to the local authorities all control over the certification which establishes the prima facie right to a seat in the House of Representatives.

  7. And, in order that this truth may be apparent to your Majesty, the writer presents the said certification of the annual amounts of the said duties, for both the thirteen years of the Portuguese and the thirteen of the Chinese.

  8. The Commission shall establish regulations for the order of certification of applicants who are registered without competitive examinations under the provisions of Rule II, paragraph I.

  9. If an eligible who is not entitled to certification is certified and appointed, his appointment shall be immediately revoked by the appointing officer upon notification from the Commission.

  10. Commission as the basis of certification in lieu of the examination herein provided for.

  11. When two or more eligibles are of the same grade, preference in certification shall be determined by the order in which the application papers are filed.

  12. Any Indian appointed assistant teacher as herein provided may be, any time after absolute appointment, appointed teacher upon the certification of the Commission that he has passed the teacher's examination.

  13. Yes, sir; with the exception of the certification to the fact that I, in fact, detailed them in my custody, and a certification that I had destroyed certain preliminary draft notes.

  14. The word means food raised in compliance with a set of rules contrived by a certification bureaucracy.

  15. There is no contradiction between raising food that the "rabbis" running Organic certification bureaucracies would deem perfectly "kosher" and raising that same food to make the most possible money or the biggest harvest.

  16. And the Organic certification bureaucrats aren't all that different than the rabbis who certify food as being kosher, either.

  17. The Royal Commission considered that "it would not be possible at present to organize a satisfactory method of certification of fitness for marriage.

  18. That the present system of open certification tends to prevent candid statements of the causes of death, and thus introduces a systematic error into death statistics.

  19. Transportation of the national prototypes from Paris to Washington, their official opening and certification and the deposit in the office of weights and measures.

  20. Transportation of the national prototypes from Paris to Washington, their official certification and their deposit in the office of weights and measures.

  21. But this is to suppose that the signs at the baptism of Jesus were mainly for His encouragement, whereas John describes them as being given for the certification of the Baptist.

  22. For His own certification of His dignity He did not require it.

  23. The provision of training for nurses, and the certification of doctors and nurses for practice, are other new developments in the field of state education.

  24. Similarly is the training and certification of dentists, veterinarians, and pharmacists, all of which are nineteenth-century additions.

  25. Cousin's maxim that "the schoolmaster makes the school," dwelt on the necessity for normal training and state certification for all primary teachers (R.

  26. When two or more eligibles are of the same grade, preference in certification shall be determined by the order in which their application papers were filed.

  27. The feasibility of implementing a certification program designed for the purpose of ensuring Federal law enforcement officers have completed the training described in paragraph (2) and track their travel over a 6-month period.

  28. The Secretary, acting through the officer designated under paragraph (2), shall establish and implement the voluntary private sector preparedness accreditation and certification program in accordance with this section.

  29. Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Standards; Voluntary Accreditation and Certification Program for the Private Sector.

  30. Certification under this subsection shall be voluntary for any private sector entity.

  31. A selected entity may accredit any qualified third party to carry out the certification process under this subsection.

  32. Certification standards specifically for relaxation training have not been established.

  33. Many psychiatrists who practice are eligible for board certification but simply have not yet taken the national examinations that are required in order to be certified by a national examining board.

  34. The Biofeedback Society of America is an interdisciplinary group of healthcare professionals; it is presently developing training standards and guidelines for certification of biofeedback practitioners.

  35. The certification of therapists trained in hypnosis is still unsettled in many states, where anyone can hang out a shingle.

  36. Whether the certification went on at the Tenth National Bak in defiance of the order, or whether other banks were so connected with the speculation that checks were certified elsewhere, was not known to me.

  37. Commencing with this last, what they say is outside of all truth, as will appear by the accounts made by the accountant and adjuster of accounts, Juan Bautista de Çubiaga, whose certification I enclose herewith.

  38. Third point of the letter Your Majesty's royal treasury owes to that of the goods of deceased persons more than forty thousand pesos, as appears from the memorandum and certification which I enclose herewith.

  39. Some organic certification bureaucrats prohibit its use, perhaps rightly so in this case.

  40. Some organic certification bureaucracies foolishly prohibit or discourage the use of cottonseed meal as a fertilizer.

  41. One is a shortage of qualified operators, based on a need for better salaries, more training programs, and rigid mandatory State certification of operators' abilities.

  42. Improved collection systems and treatment facilities also must be supported by effective training, certification and supervision of operators of the sewerage systems of all jurisdictions.

  43. In the case of Florida the electors voting for Hayes and Wheeler sent with their votes the certification of the "State" Canvassing Board and of the Governor to their election.

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