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Example sentences for "diploma"

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  1. Mr. Verplanck was graduated from Columbia College in 1801, the youngest Bachelor of Arts who, up to that time, had received a diploma from that institution of learning.

  2. My grandfather, Malcolm Campbell, received the degree of Master of Arts from the University of St. Andrews, the great school of Scottish Latinity, and his diploma conferring upon him that honor is still in the possession of his descendants.

  3. After he had hung up his Diploma and Razor Strop in the third-story Recess of a very naughty Beanery, he hunted up some of the dear old Pals with whom he had bunked in the Dorm.

  4. Wheeler,--"I have the diploma which it has taken all the talent of the office to translate.

  5. Obviously this would suggest the question of what a competent governess was; and this in turn led to the demand for a diploma as a warrant of efficiency.

  6. The first woman to receive a diploma from a college after completing the regular course was Elizabeth Blackwell, who attained that distinction at Geneva, New York, in 1848.

  7. Of this same class are men who conduct "diploma mills" and make doctors, especially in one day.

  8. Just before he would have received his diploma he quit the military academy, early in 1861, and started southward.

  9. The scene depicts the State Councillor--and friend of his Excellency Goethe--receiving the Diploma of Honour from the leaders of the French Revolution as late as 1798.

  10. Think of it, the diploma of the Reign of Terror in the year 1798, when the Revolution was over and the country under the Directory!

  11. On receiving her diploma she thus addressed the President: "With the help of the Most High, it shall be the effort of my life to shed honor on this diploma.

  12. Numbers are entering the medical profession; one received a diploma last year; others are preparing for a like result.

  13. A diploma received now by a graduate means the completion of a four-years' Normal course, and the work satisfactorily done.

  14. Fifteen States require a diploma from a college recognized by them or an examination.

  15. Twenty-nine States and the District of Columbia require an examination for license to practice medicine; eighteen of these require both a diploma from a recognized college and an examination.

  16. In the kitchen of the Temple, Diploma Grotty ruled supreme, as she had ruled for twenty years.

  17. This was Direxia Hawkes, aunt to Diploma Grotty.

  18. If he wants to go into office work, he shapes his course to that end, even before he gets his grammar grades diploma perhaps.

  19. There is no graduation with a celebration and a diploma at the end of the eighth grade.

  20. He could bring testimonials--his Harvard diploma would be something.

  21. He is a dear good man, and often gives me good advice; but I don't think it would be right, after taking a diploma in the Bible College and another in the College of Arts, to remain another year.

  22. She is a graduate of St. Catherine de Sienna and Daughters' College and holds a Traveling Diploma from the Bishop of Jerusalem.

  23. Footnote 33: The most constitutional form is a diploma of Otho III.

  24. Here--my diploma of nobility," he said, turning round and looking out of the window while Pranken was reading.

  25. He went to the room; it was empty, with only the doctor's diploma lying upon the table, a sign that it had not been all a dream.

  26. He was sitting in the hot-house, and saying to himself how very quiet he would be, if the Prince, as was scarcely to be doubted, should bring into the house his diploma of nobility.

  27. That at the end of the course the pupils should submit to a semi-public examination, and receive a diploma if proficient.

  28. But human nature does not wait for the diploma of the Apollinean Institute to claim the exercise of its instincts and faculties.

  29. The same may be said of medicine; nor are we able to tide over the "starving time," between the reception of a diploma and the time that a man's profession becomes a paying one.

  30. Do not attempt to pass through the world on your diploma or your class standing.

  31. Secondly; had I my way I would have each of you burn your diploma and never refer to it as an indication of what you are and what you know.

  32. How appropriate that she shares in the diploma that I doubly value for her sake!

  33. One of the most curious uses to which the toad has been put is recorded on a medical diploma now in the Library of Ferrara, which was granted to one Generoso Marini in 1642.

  34. Marini having made application for a Ferrarese diploma in medicine, the judges in whom the power of granting such degrees was invested, ordered him to exhibit some efficient proofs of his capability to practise the medical art.

  35. If the young prince formed an attachment for Joanna, surely he might get the emperor to elevate her by diploma to the rank of a princess, and thus Volkmar would see his Joanna Queen of Poland and Electress of Saxony.

  36. He must receive authorisation by diploma of nobility from his sovereign.

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