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Example sentences for "diplomacy"

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  1. It was a great loss to Russian diplomacy when he died so early.

  2. No," he said; "then it would become a matter of diplomacy and publicity.

  3. It demonstrated its prowess in the war with Russia, and its diplomacy and power in the recent war.

  4. Yet international affairs spending today is just 1 percent of the federal budget, a small fraction of what America invested in diplomacy to choose leadership over escapism at the start of the cold war.

  5. We must also renew our commitment to America's diplomacy and pay our debts and dues to international financial institutions like the World Bank--and to a reforming United Nations.

  6. By keeping our military strong, by using diplomacy where we can and force where we must, by working with others to share the risk and the cost of our efforts, America is making a difference for people here and around the world.

  7. Her diplomacy largely contributed to the future succession of her grandson James to the English throne.

  8. Henry was embittered by failures which he attributed to the unskilful diplomacy of his new counsellors; and it was rumored that he had been heard to regret the loss of the more dexterous statesman whom they had overthrown.

  9. His diplomacy sought to bring fresh pressure on the Pope and to provide a fresh check on the Emperor by a closer alliance with France.

  10. In his dealings with other nations his diplomacy included all the arts of chicanery and deceit.

  11. Until the very last, Elizabeth and her counselors appeared to place more confidence in diplomacy and political combinations than in the powers of Sir Francis Drake and his coadjutors.

  12. In his diplomacy Clive seems to have laid aside his character as a bluff soldier, and to have taken lessons from his wily and treacherous Indian foes.

  13. Had Anglo-American diplomacy been managed with less skill and consideration, the United States and Great Britain would have become involved in a quarrel beside which all their previous differences would have appeared insignificant.

  14. In properly estimating these manoeuvres it must be borne in mind that German diplomacy always worked underground and that it approached its negotiations in a way that would make the other side appear as taking the initiative.

  15. Jusserand," replied the American, "have devoted your whole lives to diplomacy with distinguished ability and you can therefore answer that question better than I.

  16. Finally, the question of the Venezuelan Frontier was referred to arbitration, and diplomacy seems in a fair way to earn one of its best merited triumphs.

  17. One may formulate rules of diplomacy and international courtesy, but who shall weigh the effect of sympathy between a generous people and a former gallant foe?

  18. The wheels of diplomacy ran heavily between the "Heavenly Dynasty" and the British Foreign Office for many years, till at last they were brought to a stand by the sudden outbreak of war.

  19. He was responsible for the direction of French diplomacy in the conference at Algeciras.

  20. By that time Greek had become the language of commerce and diplomacy throughout the Mediterranean, and Greek scholars and tradesmen had begun to frequent Rome.

  21. Secrecy in diplomacy has become gradually greater than it was a quarter of a century ago, not from mere reticence on the part of ministers, but to a large extent from the decline of interest in foreign affairs.

  22. The Russians understood secret diplomacy well; but, either because they despised the common people too much or because the writers on Russia were too self-centred, nothing was done to meet this propaganda effectively.

  23. In modern times, a man who aspires to do his duty in diplomacy must be honest and reasonably frank.

  24. Nevertheless, until lately, American diplomacy was not taken seriously, and, when the war opened, it was taken less seriously than ever.

  25. Secret diplomacy was flourishing in Europe, and nothing was really clear.

  26. I believe that there are secrets in diplomacy which no diplomatist ever tells.

  27. Of open diplomacy in the full sun, there are few modern examples.

  28. He knows how proverbially blundering are British diplomacy and British administration, so he puts it all down to the luck of the nation and goes grumbling contentedly on his way.

  29. Only the good-humoured common-sense of British diplomacy prevented war at the time of the Venezuelan incident; and it may be that the same influence would be strong enough to prevent it again.

  30. It might all have been diplomacy on her part, applied shrewdly to the man she understood and loved.

  31. This proved to be such a master stroke of diplomacy as Johnnie had not imagined.

  32. Then I guess you better tie up my arm," went on Johnnie, which bit of inspired diplomacy sent the whole sympathizing group into whoops of laughter.

  33. Of what use is diplomacy now that practically the whole of Europe is at war?

  34. I thought diplomacy was a thing of the past," said Frank.

  35. Neither statutes nor bargains were of much avail against the superior diplomacy of the Papacy, and the dread which its supposed possession of spiritual powers inspired in all classes of people.

  36. But his very success was against him; papal diplomacy wove another web around him; he was still unable to visit the Fatherland, and the religious question had to be discussed at Speyer in his absence.

  37. But can American or any other diplomacy secure the neutrality of the Powers?

  38. For diplomacy and word-play I have no skill--no, nor any liking!

  39. He must judge between the Abbé Bernier's diplomacy and that of Georges Cadoudal.

  40. His position in diplomacy is at present insignificant, but he has talents and a chance to rise, unless that chance be utterly frustrated by his embarrassing himself with a family--a condition that would be death to his career.

  41. With a fatuous attempt at diplomacy he put his foot into it.

  42. Three years ago, when American arms and diplomacy were exercising such a determining influence on the problem of mankind in China, I heard Prof.

  43. And it required all our female diplomacy to get her under way again, and fairly out of our course.

  44. But English diplomacy could do but little in Rome, and men were trembling with apprehension lest that arch-enemy of Elizabeth, that devoted friend of Philip, the English Cardinal Allen, should be elected to the papal throne.

  45. Was it anxiety lest his victorious entrance into Paris might undo the diplomacy of his catholic envoys at Rome?

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