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Example sentences for "certificated"

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certeyne; certeynly; certi; certificat; certificate; certificates; certification; certifications; certifie; certified
  1. But if so, why was it not certificated by the government, as was done in the case of the Washington, captured and released on bond by this ship?

  2. He reported having captured, on the 31st July the American ship Santee, from the eastward, laden with rice, certificated as British property, and bound for Falmouth.

  3. Letters of Obedience" were no longer accepted, and all teachers were required to be certificated by the State.

  4. There is no reason, sir, to doubt that he has been properly looked after; certificated nurses have been in attendance, and at no time was there any danger.

  5. The State has thought it worth while," said the King, "to give to the medical profession a certificated monopoly.

  6. The Certificated Guides wear a badge issued by the Swiss Alpine Club and any man wearing this may be depended upon to be a good fellow, a careful Guide, and a philosopher and friend.

  7. Ski Instructors belong to a different category, unless they are also Certificated Guides, which is often the case.

  8. The Ski-ing is well organized by the local club, and there are 1st-class Ski Instructors, as well as Certificated Guides.

  9. Well organised and conducted schools of mines will gradually ameliorate this unsatisfactory state of things, and I hope before long that we shall have none but qualified certificated men in our mines.

  10. Of the 46 students who gained first-class honours, 30 have left for South Africa or Australia, in both of which countries New Zealand certificated men are held in high estimation.

  11. At several inquests strong evidence was given of incompetent management and neglect of rules, and a demand was made for enforcing employment only of certificated managers of coal mines.

  12. Her cargo consisted chiefly of jute and linseed, and was properly certificated as English property.

  13. Certificated or not, a man isn't a fool who can do that sort of thing.

  14. Phillis does not want to be a certificated Mistress, Agatha.

  15. At least, I can sympathise with all school-masters, from the young man who holds his certificated nose high in the air, to Dr.

  16. Certificated if you please, but the less conventionalized the better.

  17. A certificated master to supersede poor old Rivett must be the first consideration in our rearrangement of the schools.

  18. Mr Bradley Headstone, highly certificated stipendiary schoolmaster, drew his right forefinger through one of the buttonholes of the boy's coat, and looked at it attentively.

  19. Which reasons will hold proportionably for parishes not granting certificates in ordinary cases; for it is far more than an equal chance, but that they will have the certificated persons again, and in a worse condition.

  20. Has driven his own car in races, and is a certificated aerial pilot for Germany.

  21. I have suffered too much by my own certificated husband's outbreaks in that line to afford anything of the kind the slightest shadow of countenance.

  22. Yes, young man, your wife, your lawful certificated wife.

  23. Mrs. Bracher, who was that, as well as a motor cyclist and a woman of property, a certificated midwife, and a veterinarian.

  24. Though a trained and certificated midwife, Mrs. Bracher was edged out of the ministration by the small, determined grandmother, who looked anger and scorn out of her little black eyes upon the three.

  25. Yes, young man, your wife, your lawful, certificated wife.

  26. The school is under State supervision, the teaching staff consisting of certificated professors.

  27. Children are admitted to the lower school between the ages of five and twelve, the classes being in the hands of certificated mistresses.

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