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Example sentences for "settle"

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settin; setting; settinge; settings; settis; settled; settlement; settlements; settlemint; settler
  1. On a wide oaken settle on the opposite side of the fire lay Friar Andrew, taking a nap, as was his afternoon custom; while on another settle drawn up before the fire, Sir Geoffrey and Richard Pynson sat conversing with the ladies.

  2. I will settle with you first after my own fashion, and when that has been done we will see what your ragamuffin friends are able to do about it.

  3. Tie him up here until we have concluded our work, and then carry him back to the men of Colonel Clarke's command, who have a score to settle because of his efforts to deliver them over to their butchers.

  4. Wire me any points that you think I had better settle with the French authorities.

  5. A few thousand pounds worth of that and Byng would go ahead and settle their hash for good.

  6. I'll be away before thim pisints o' hers comes over to settle here, glory be!

  7. Well, if Nory ever said no to me onct, that shore would settle it.

  8. Leave me to settle the matter myself with him and to decide my own fate, work out my own destiny.

  9. I rather fancy we can settle this matter without calling for the intervention of the British Government!

  10. As she talked she was replenishing the fire with hard wood, putting on the kettle, pouring out the coffee dregs saved from yesterday's breakfast, and hunting for an egg with which to settle the fresh cup she intended to make.

  11. If I were, you'd soon settle down into a pretty dull proposition.

  12. I think it's about ready to live in now--and I'm about ready to settle down.

  13. By the time he reached the fifth, there was no possibility of going back; the click of the drop-lever seemed to settle that.

  14. Lord and Lady Deppingham, being first in the field, at once proceeded to settle themselves in the choicest rooms--a Henry the Sixth suite which looked out on the sea and the town as well.

  15. Sir John took it upon himself to settle the matter while his clients were still in a condition to appreciate the results.

  16. You'd be obliged to give up being a princess, and settle down as a wife.

  17. Sir John says in der letter to Misder Chase dere is a movements on foot in London to settle der contest out of court," volunteered Joost.

  18. She found herself wondering whether they meant to settle the question of ownership then and there, before she could so much as set her foot upon the coveted soil at the end of the pier.

  19. After Mr. Duroy died, his son came home from Arkansas to settle his affairs.

  20. Let us follow her, and settle the question who she is," said Lily, trying to pull him forward.

  21. I have nothing left to do but to dispose of my furniture, and settle about the lease of this house.

  22. The fact is, I am so unused to intrigues and mysteries, and I find it so hard to realize that a young girl like her can be in such a position, that I am bewildered, and need time to settle my thoughts upon a rational basis.

  23. When I have placed you safely, I will come back slyly to my cousin's house, a few miles from here, and with his help I will settle up my affairs.

  24. He out with his pistol; but when I told him I had left mine at home, he said I must settle with him some other time, unless I chose to make an apology.

  25. I hope that this affair may be kept secret from the world, and that we may amicably settle it, in such a way that no one will be materially injured.

  26. Many of our ablest statesmen have had to deal with it as Secretaries of State and as Ministers to Spain, and not one of them has been able to settle it.

  27. Yet it's because of a woman that some of us never settle down.

  28. If there should be any misunderstanding among them, they must desist from all differences, and you and your companions shall settle all such and prevent them from taking place.

  29. Badajos Junta which attempted to settle the question of the rights to the Moluccas.

  30. This seemed to settle the case against him.

  31. I have a good many scores to settle with the people about here; and I know of the farm of a certain rebel that I shall ask for my share, as I think I justly may, seeing how active I've been this summer.

  32. I would rather fly the country, I would rather leave Lakeside altogether and settle abroad.

  33. The next time that John's presence was required at the cottage was for the signing of the very simple settlements; which, as there was nothing or next to nothing in the power of the man to settle upon his wife, were easy enough.

  34. Many a man adores his wife and is very good to her, and yet cannot bear that she should seem to settle anything without consulting his whim.

  35. It was difficult now to send him to bed to get him out of the way, he who was used to be the person of first importance in the house--in order that the others might settle what was to be his fate.

  36. Elinor, you must not forget it is rather hard upon John to be brought down to settle your difficulties for you.

  37. They are continually spreading themselves, too, to settle and enlighten less favored quarters.

  38. Is he not willing to settle for all the food, drink, comfort, trouble, that he may require or occasion?

  39. You'll have to have an establishment, to settle where you'll live, and what you want to do with yourself.

  40. It may be to settle down for life in a tiny suburban villa with one bed of calceolarias in the back garden and the kitchen range continually out of sorts.

  41. It was then that a tall man's form that had been sitting on a settle on the other side of the fire rose and came towards me.

  42. Sunset was getting all fussed up over me and I thought I'd give them a chance to settle their nerves; loss of sleep sure plays hell with folks when their nerves are getting frazzly.

  43. I thought, once I made up my mind, that would settle it.

  44. We might, you say, settle ourselves quietly down among our allies, the tribes of the Totonaque mountains!

  45. He recommended him, however, to avoid, if possible, all hostilities, and to settle the affair amicably.

  46. Among the first birds to settle were the Robins and Bluebirds, both heralds of spring, appearing in the last days of March or early in April from their winter homes in our Southern States.

  47. She was wiping away bitter tears as she heard her only friend Cuthbert settle the matter.

  48. He sank upon the settle as one quite worn out.

  49. Each time he carried a heavily-laden hemp sack with a completed order to the middlemen, his father would partially settle their local debts.

  50. It is in truth only a pretentious form of being without settled opinions of our own, and without any desire to settle them.

  51. Madam shut the door, and took her seat on the cushioned settle which stretched along the foot of her bed.

  52. Child," she said to Phoebe, who stood modestly before her, "I think myself obliged to tell you that I expect Rhoda to settle in life on the occasion of this visit.

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