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Example sentences for "hash"

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hasard; haschisch; haschish; hase; hasell; hashed; hasheesh; hashes; hashish; hasidic
  1. To make hash mix equal quantities of meat and chopped potato and brown nicely in a greased frying pan.

  2. Hash and minced lamb on toast, which were suggested for the hearty breakfast, would be equally well liked by most families for supper.

  3. I'll be hanged if I'm going to let even a shark think he can try to make hash of me and get away with it.

  4. I can see where we have shark meat hash for the rest of this voyage, if the cook ever gets hold of him.

  5. If you hash a cold duck in this manner, a quarter of an hour will be sufficient for stewing it; it having been cooked already.

  6. To hash cold meat is an economical way of using it; but there is little or no nutriment in it after being twice cooked, and the natural flavour is much impaired by the process.

  7. You may hash mutton or veal in the same manner, adding sliced carrots, turnips, potatoes, or any vegetables you please.

  8. Have you and Mike been making a hash of your married life that you should come in here on the verge of tears?

  9. She minded me of a delicate china cup that gets mixed in with the coarse crockery of a hash joint.

  10. A great mess of hash was ready, and excepting myself every one ate voraciously.

  11. Hash is ready, boys; last call to the dining-car.

  12. When the virtuous do things they shouldn’t they do make such an awful hash of it.

  13. I’m sorry we’ve made such a hash of things.

  14. Cover the pan; let the hash cook over a moderate fire for half an hour; fold over like an omelet and serve.

  15. Then turn the hash out whole on a dish, it should be brown and crisp, pour the gravy you have made round it, and serve.

  16. You can make these of the cold hash by moulding it into rolls about three and a half inches long, and rather more than an inch in diameter.

  17. Having prepared the hash as above set it aside until cold, when mould into flat cakes as you would sausage meat, and roll in flour.

  18. A very nice way of making hash is to use rice instead of potatoes.

  19. Left-over pullao or kidgeri or meat and rice hash make fine cutlets.

  20. What they leeve is maid into hash for the white peple.

  21. As I don't like the idee of eatin my vittles with Ethiopians, I sit at the seckind table, and the konsequence is I've devowered so much hash that my inards is in a hily mixt up condishun.

  22. She was born to make hash of men's buzzums & other wimin mad becawz thay ain't Picklehomonies.

  23. So popular after this did the hash of the new cook become, that it was nothing but hash every day.

  24. A FEW weeks ago a wealthy family in Philadelphia, having hired a cook who had been highly recommended to them, she was ordered one day to prepare among other things, a hash for dinner.

  25. The hash came and was charming--all eagerly partaking of it until the dish was scraped out.

  26. The English hash is meat cut either in slices or mouthfuls, and warmed in the gravy; and the Southern hash is the same.

  27. For corned-beef hash the potatoes should be freshly boiled and mashed.

  28. All corned beef is improved by pressing, and all trimmings from it can be used in hash or croquettes.

  29. Heat a tablespoonful of butter or nice drippings in a frying-pan; moisten the hash with a little cold gravy or water; and heat slowly, stirring often.

  30. Spanish Hash Put a layer of seasoned whipped potatoes one inch thick in a shallow baking pan.

  31. Busy this morning cutting up the flesh of the horse and tying it on the lines to dry; had he been in good condition it would take a good judge to distinguish his flesh from beef; it makes most excellent hash and soup.

  32. It is a little cloudy but I hope it will blow off and give us favourable weather for drying his flesh; ate his heart, liver, and kidneys, and found them excellent made into a sort of hash with a little remnant of pepper we had.

  33. A Hash of twelve Partridges, or a shoulder of mutton.

  34. To hash or boil Rabits divers ways, either in quarters or slices cut like small dice, or whole or minced.

  35. To hash Rabits, Chickens, or Pigeon, either in peices; or whole, with Turnips.

  36. A Hash of a Leg of Mutton in the French fashion.

  37. A Hash of any Tongues, Neats Tongues, Sheeps Tongues, or any great or small Tongues.

  38. Another Hash of Mutton or Lamb, either hot or cold.

  39. Thus you may hash any kind of Fowl, whether Water or Land-Fowl.

  40. To hash or stew a Neats tongue divers wayes.

  41. To hash a Tongue otherwise, either whole or in slices.

  42. To hash a Shoulder of Mutton the French way.

  43. Consequently they sprang into the hash that was simmering on the fire, and were seen no more.

  44. Thar woz a place wor yer hash ye might hev wrestled, Kept by a woman ez chipper ez a jay-- Warm in her breast all the morning sunshine nestled; Red on her cheeks all the evening's sunshine lay.

  45. Yet of that hash we would bid you farther say.

  46. To hash meat properly, it should be laid in cold gravy, and only left on the fire just long enough to warm through.

  47. An excellent hash or ragoût can be made by cutting up the nicest parts of the head, thickening and seasoning more highly a little of the soup, and adding a glass of port wine and 2 tablespoonfuls of ketchup.

  48. The hash may be made richer by using a stronger and more highly-flavoured gravy; a little spice or pounded mace may also be added, when their flavour is liked.

  49. Make like above hamburg hash but use cold, chopped cooked corn beef and omit the onion and celery salt.

  50. Hash the brains with a knife and scramble four fresh eggs with them, season with salt and pepper, tossing well together with a knife until nicely browned.

  51. Probably ham and eggs or corned--beef hash would have cut him off at ninety, and water from the tap in the Patterson kitchen was both clear and cold.

  52. He would pause to take superb closeups of these, the corned beef on its spreading platter hemmed about with boiled potatoes and turnips and cabbage, and the corned beef hash with its richly browned surface.

  53. Never had he achieved such perfect photography as now of the Gashwiler corned-beef hash and light biscuits, the Gashwiler hot cakes and sausage, and never had Gashwiler so impressively carved the Saturday night four-rib roast of tender beef.

  54. The steak ends I pour boiling water over and scrape till the charred part disappears, and they make either hash of some sort or souffle.

  55. That does seem impossible, except as I review the baked hash and other dinner meats you mentioned.

  56. Baked hash is just minced meat mixed with gravy, pressed into a mould and baked in the oven till it will turn out.

  57. Sometimes we have it cold, with a hot soup and vegetables; or I have a dish of hash put in a mould and baked.

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