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Example sentences for "hashish"

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  1. The hashish has partially opened another world to you by increasing your rate of psychical vibration, and thus rendering you abnormally sensitive.

  2. I know something myself of the hashish laughter.

  3. But hashish in large doses is deadly, and I've heard that users of it sooner or later develop homicidal mania--run amuck as they say in India.

  4. I recalled that such drugs as hashish greatly speed up the time sense.

  5. Might he not be one of the hashish addicts?

  6. It looks as if the only persons alive, in New York at least, are hashish addicts--the most debased and murderous of drug fiends.

  7. He had relived that day, the greatest battle of his life, hundreds of times in thoughtful moments, in dreams, in hashish visions.

  8. Blossoming Reed, who now spoke to him in anger out of the magic of hashish and the locket.

  9. In a corner of a smaller room, its walls covered with maroon and black drapes, the flame of a large candle warmed a solution of wine and hashish in a green earthenware bowl.

  10. He poured the mixture of water, kaviyeh, and hashish into the pot and set it to boil on a rack over the flame of short, fat candle.

  11. Maybe I have gone mad and this is all like a hashish dream.

  12. He took his old pack out of the chest and found in it the brick of hashish wrapped in oiled parchment.

  13. Would Sordello give up the pleasures of hashish and the promise of a paradise with beautiful women?

  14. He held the black hashish cake over the grinder, using his dagger to shave small, coiling peels into the ground kaviyeh beans.

  15. He was still angry with himself about that, knowing what a foolish thing it had been to partake of hashish when he was already in a dark mood.

  16. Hashish is the resinous exudate of the cannabis or hemp plant (Cannabis sativa).

  17. Then the hashish made it appear to him as if a great lord were kneading him and as if two slaves stood at his head, one bearing a bowl and the other washing gear and all the requisites of the bath.

  18. So he knew that all this was but an imbroglio of dreams and an illusion of hashish and was vexed and said to him who had aroused him, 'Would thou hadst waited till I had put it in!

  19. So saying, he gave him a push with his foot, and he moved, whereupon quoth the stoker, "This is some one who has eaten hashish and thrown himself down at hazard.

  20. That he had lent himself more than once to the physiological and psychological experiment of hashish was admitted; but he was a rare visitor at the séances in the saloon of the Hotel Pimodau, and came as a simple observer of others.

  21. He and Théophile Gautier met for the first time in 1849, in the Hotel Pimodau, where were held the meetings of the Hashish Club.

  22. Imagine the horrible fate of a man whose paralyzed imagination is unable to work without the aid of hashish or opium.

  23. The nature of Baudelaire's malady and death was, by the public at large, accepted as confirmation of the suspicion that he was in the habit of seeking his inspiration in the excitation of hashish and opium.

  24. As hashish is now a forbidden product in many countries, due to its dangerous narcotic effects, the hemp plant is more cultivated for fiber than for the narcotic.

  25. But in the olden days hashish had a tremendous vogue in the Orient and was known at the time of the Trojan wars, about 1500 B.

  26. So saying, he gave him a kick and he moved; whereupon quoth the Fireman, "Some one of you who hath eaten a bit of Hashish and hath thrown himself down in whatso place it be!

  27. The Homerids probably alluded to Hashish or Bhang.

  28. The mental disturbance, for instance, of the intoxicated or the hashish smoker, even the delirium of the feverish, does not suggest a fight against the mental symptoms during the attack.

  29. It has since struck me that it possessed peculiarities akin to those of a hashish hallucination.

  30. One of the Doctor's servants ascended--probably to ascertain if the hashish had acted successfully.

  31. It produces, notably, Indian hemp and poppy, the first of which yields hashish and the other opium.

  32. He was lying drunk with hashish outside the mosque El Hassan, with a letter from Mahommed Selim in his green turban--for Yusef had been a pilgrimage to Mecca and might wear the green turban.

  33. The hashish clouds lifted from his brain, and he gripped his naboot of the hard wood of the dom-palm, and, with a cry like a wolf, came on.

  34. Heroin, hashish and other derivatives of cannabis such as marijuana, as well as hallucinogenic agents such as LSD, peyote and similar substances, are regarded as falling under this prohibition.

  35. On the next night they met again and the two sat down and ate a quantity of Hashish after they had supped: and they lit the waxen tapers and each of them drank a cup of coffee.

  36. Then the Bhang-eater and the Kazi sat together through the night until daylight did appear when the fumes of the Hashish had fled their brains and the weather waxed fine and clear.

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