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Example sentences for "enfranchise"

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enformed; enformyd; enfourmed; enframe; enframed; enfranchised; enfranchisement; enfranchising; eng; engage
  1. The laws greatly obstruct the manumission of slaves, even where the master is willing to enfranchise them.

  2. Enfranchise him, and we are left outside with lunatics, idiots and criminals for another twenty years.

  3. If it has this power of securing the use of the ballot to foreigners who have never intimated a desire to become citizens, it surely can enfranchise its own native-born citizens irrespective of sex.

  4. To enfranchise the women of Utah as the one safe, sure and swift means to abolish polygamy in that Territory.

  5. Whether it be prudent to enfranchise woman, is not the question--only whether it be right.

  6. Julian submitted a "Joint Resolution" to Congress to enfranchise the women of the Republic by proposing a Sixteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution, which reads as follows: ART.

  7. I think it would be well to go to Albany and to the Massachusetts Legislature and to the Ohio Legislature, and to the Legislatures of all the States, and to urge that the States take the initiative and enfranchise their women.

  8. That will never do," said another, "it would enfranchise all the Southern wenches.

  9. Not because it enfranchises black men, but because it does not enfranchise all women, black and white.

  10. Those who indulge in it elect wilfully to enfranchise from the mass of detected and convicted animal passions one which specially chimes with their sentiment, as if every other might not be allowed loose with as good reason.

  11. The solemnization of the obsequies is regulated; to terminate the funeral ceremonies, each Bishop and abbot shall enfranchise three slaves, by giving them each three solidi.

  12. Remarkable passage, in which this holy pope explains the motives which induced the Christians to enfranchise their slaves.

  13. We shall not only be distrusted, but shall deserve to be distrusted if we do not enfranchise women with the fullest possible enfranchisement, as it is now certain that the other great free nations will enfranchise them.

  14. Chapman, president of the New York association, called for a Federal Amendment to enfranchise women because of the principles on which this Government was founded.

  15. When a memorial was lately proposed for a woman who had died in the war, a well-known man said: 'We can enfranchise her sex in tribute to the valor which she proved that it possessed.

  16. It is not a war of women against men, for the men are helping loyally, but a war of men and women together against the politicians at the head, who because of their own political interests seem afraid to enfranchise women.

  17. Public sentiment throughout the State seemed to indicate that it was now ready to enfranchise women and officials from the Governor down believed an amendment could be carried.

  18. It is the argument that has enfranchised men everywhere at all times and it is the one which will enfranchise women.

  19. Mrs. Park spoke briefly of the hearing before the House Committee on Woman Suffrage April 29 on the bill granting to the Legislature of Hawaii the power to enfranchise its women.

  20. Further on she said: "Gentlemen, the dearest wish of our hearts would be fulfilled if you would enfranchise the women.

  21. This was the last of the hundreds of thousands of petitions to Congress for the submission of a National Amendment to enfranchise women which began in 1866.

  22. Each party brought forward Reform Bills, but neither party really wished to enfranchise the working classes.

  23. Either you must revoke the maxims of the American Revolution, or you must enfranchise woman.

  24. Enfranchise them equally, and then begin afresh, if you please, to legislate for the whole human race.

  25. Its most important effect was to enfranchise the workingman in the country, as the act of 1867 had enfranchised the workingman in the town.

  26. The fifty-two seats thus vacated were utilized to enfranchise twelve new borough and three university constituencies and to increase the representation of a number of the more populous towns and counties.

  27. The effect of these provisions was to enfranchise the urban working population, even as the act of 1832 had enfranchised principally the urban middle class.

  28. Nevertheless, this knowledge by virtue of which you reckon to enfranchise Heaven, has not destroyed religious sentiment on earth.

  29. For her it was not so much a question of enlightening the angels; the important thing was to enfranchise them.

  30. He believed that he could more easily enfranchise himself from the de Courcy tyranny when he should be once married than he could do now.

  31. From this undertaking it was quite out of his power to enfranchise himself: but he resolved that his visit should be as short as possible.

  32. On February 10 the committee gave a hearing to the petitioners for the submission of an amendment to enfranchise women.

  33. Petitions were in circulation asking the Legislature to amend the constitution of the State so as to enfranchise women, and others that women be excused from paying taxes until they had representation.

  34. But the court took the ground that in giving the Legislature the right to regulate suffrage, Congress did not at the time have it specifically in mind that they might enfranchise women, and that therefore they could not do so.

  35. In 1891 a bill was presented to enfranchise women by statute.

  36. The case was rushed through, and on August 14 the Supreme Court decided that the Act of January 18 was invalid, as a Territorial Legislature had no right to enfranchise women, and that in consequence the Equal Suffrage Law was void.

  37. While each party in power has refused to enfranchise woman, being skeptical as to her moral influence in government, yet with strange inconsistency they alike seek the aid of her voice and pen in all important political struggles.

  38. I believe the only way to do that is to enfranchise the women.

  39. Laws -- Legislature of 1899 urges all States to enfranchise women -- General effects of woman suffrage.

  40. All of these noble efforts resulted in no action whatever to enfranchise women.

  41. Enfranchise women or this republic will steadily advance to the same destruction, the same ignoble and tragic catastrophe, which has engulfed the male republics of history.

  42. Carey on Woman Suffrage in Wyoming -- Authority of Congress to Enfranchise Women -- Zerelda G.

  43. In this closing year of the nineteenth century it would show an equally progressive spirit if his loyal followers would carry these splendid declarations to their logical conclusion and enfranchise women.

  44. We can trust the men of Wyoming to enfranchise us after our territory becomes a state.

  45. A Conciliation Committee was formed of sixty members from all parties, who prepared a bill that would enfranchise only women householders, those who already had possessed the municipal franchise since 1869.

  46. A careful canvass has shown that in the different parts of the United Kingdom from 80 to 90 per cent, of those whom it would enfranchise are wage- or salary-earning women, and not one Labor member of Parliament voted against it.

  47. Under their mutual inspiration, the Prince and Princess are each in the finest rapture of fancy, while the surrounding influences of the rustic festival are just enough to enfranchise their inward music into modest and delicate utterance.

  48. Thus what he gives them operates to extricate and enfranchise their propriety, and bring it out in greater clearness and purity.

  49. The conference further resolved that if Parliament decides to enfranchise women, a woman of the specified age who is a graduate of any University having parliamentary representation shall be entitled to vote as a University elector.

  50. It was believed that this amendment would enfranchise about six and a half millions of women.

  51. They decided that this would be found in a Bill to enfranchise women householders—those women, in fact, who had for about forty years been admitted to the local franchises.

  52. It is much easier to enfranchise two hundred thousand paupers or bog-trotters, than to issue two or three millions of exchequer bills to sustain their industry.

  53. In the first place, it was wrong to enfranchise the ex-slaves, not because they were not entitled to votes, but because they were not ready to be intrusted with votes.

  54. And it was wrong to enfranchise Negrodom in America with a stroke of the pen after the Civil War.

  55. That will never do," said another, "it would enfranchise wenches.

  56. The manumission, when it reaches Virginia, will not probably enfranchise the half million of slaves who, in 1860, were counted among its population.

  57. In Maryland and Delaware are men who hate slavery, who would be only too happy to enfranchise their slaves; but the negroes who have been slaves are not fit for freedom.

  58. The Reform Act was intended to enfranchise "the middle class of England, with the flower of the aristocracy at its head, and the flower of the working classes {169} bringing up its rear.

  59. If you enfranchise women," he said, "you cannot deprive them of the powers and privileges which accompany it.

  60. The other measures were comparatively trifling, and the proposal to enfranchise all adult men has less popular enthusiasm behind it than any previous Reform Bill which was introduced by a Government.

  61. To enfranchise women will {348} distract them from their proper duties of maternity and the management of the home.

  62. He did not believe that it was enough in politics to enfranchise every person of twenty-one years of age, or that a democracy might not be guilty of as abominable tyranny as a despot or an oligarchy.

  63. She sought to unveil the mysteries of life and enfranchise her own sex from the bondage of the past, and while still under thirty planned a series of conversations (in Boston) for women only, wherein she took a leading part.

  64. To Catharine, Russia is indebted for the first proposition to enfranchise the serfs, but meeting strong opposition she was obliged to relinquish this idea, which was carried to fruition by her great-grandson, Alexander.

  65. And so thenkende he gan doun bowe, And thogh him lacke vois and speche, He gan up with his feet areche, And wailende in his bestly stevene He made his pleignte unto the hevene.

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