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Example sentences for "enfranchising"

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  1. The preamble to the celebrated ordinance of King Louis Hutin enfranchising the serfs of the royal domains would have sounded strangely to Roman ears.

  2. Early in March the Legislature of Kansas submitted two amendments, one enfranchising the negroes and one the women.

  3. Senator Wilson, from Massachusetts, declared himself ready at any and all times to vote for a separate bill enfranchising women, but opposed to connecting it with negro suffrage.

  4. The Prime Minister and the Speakers of both houses are outspoken in advocacy of enfranchising women, but political considerations are holding it back.

  5. Our Dakota historian says: The territorial legislature, in the year 1872, came within one vote of enfranchising women.

  6. There was, therefore, reason to expect that the enfranchising clauses would bear the same interpretation, inasmuch as they were confessedly offered as an equivalent for the increased liabilities.

  7. The incidents related occurred several years before the passage of the act specifically enfranchising women.

  8. In these clauses, as in the enfranchising clauses, and throughout the act, words importing the masculine gender were alone used.

  9. The Senate committee again submitted a majority report in favor of a Sixteenth Amendment enfranchising women, signed by T.

  10. The morning of July 7, at the suffrage rooms, I heard strong protests against the way Mr. Mason disclaimed all intention of enfranchising married women.

  11. Such study will show the great need of a new balance of power in the body politic; and the conscientious student must arrive at the conclusion that this will have to be obtained by enfranchising a new class--women.

  12. Miss Anthony was introduced with words of praise by Representative Packard, and spoke for an hour, making her usual strong plea for a Sixteenth Amendment enfranchising women.

  13. Mrs. Johns made Republican speeches; Miss Anthony described the record of the party on human freedom and urged them to complete that roll of honor by enfranchising women.

  14. The same honourable member carried a bill for enfranchising ten pound householders in counties, over a second reading in the commons, signally defeating the government.

  15. But the desire of enfranchising children was so great that the colonists evaded all the regulations, which multiplied yearly, by taking their slaves to France, where they became free as soon as their feet pressed the soil.

  16. In other words she transmitted a Federal Citizenship including the right to vote which she did not herself possess, thus enfranchising a child born while she was an alien.

  17. Miss Shaw and Miss Alice Stone Blackwell were introduced to the committee by Miss Anthony, and each from a different standpoint presented the arguments for the submission of a Sixteenth Amendment enfranchising women.

  18. All of these conditions must lead eventually to the enfranchising of the only remaining part of the citizenship without this means of protection and development.

  19. Legislature for an amendment to the constitution enfranchising women.

  20. We asked at first for a Sixteenth Amendment enfranchising women; then for suffrage under the Fourteenth Amendment; then, when the Supreme Court had decided that against us, we returned to the Sixteenth Amendment and have pressed it ever since.

  21. The lawmakers seem to be afraid of enfranchising women because of the deteriorating effect which politics might have on womankind.

  22. Anthony, who was visiting Mrs. Sewall, addressed the Legislature in joint session asking it to recommend to Congress the passage of a Sixteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution enfranchising women.

  23. The Duke sat next to Lord Monmouth during the debate on the enfranchising question, and to while away the time, and from kindness of disposition, spoke, and spoke with warmth and favour, of his grandson.

  24. Fraternal associations were formed with the object of enfranchising the laborer from the yoke of spoilage and patronage, but, isolated in the midst of the Old World, their efforts could only produce a feeble amelioration for themselves.

  25. When the kings of France thought of enfranchising some communes, it was from the south of the kingdom they must have taken the idea.

  26. During the crusades, the long absence of the barons must have multiplied, for the communes, opportunities of enfranchising themselves.

  27. We believed that by enfranchising the artisans we had undertaken a long step towards the ideal perfection of the Commonwealth.

  28. And that word was uttered in connexion with the "enfranchising measure.

  29. Chambers will again introduce that enfranchising measure, against which I have had some prejudices--the Bill for enabling a man to marry his deceased wife's sister.

  30. Certainly not the least of his objections to the "enfranchising measure" was that, in breaking down the hedge of the law, it invaded Delicacy; and whatever invaded delicacy helped to precipitate gross though perhaps unforeseen evils.

  31. The most passionate advocates of that "enfranchising measure" will scarcely think that his hostility was due to what John Bright so gracefully called "ecclesiastical rubbish.

  32. And yet he disliked the "enfranchising measure" quite as keenly as the clergyman who wrote to the Guardian about incest, though indeed he expressed his dislike in a very different form.

  33. To this most glorious and enfranchising truth, Scripture bears the amplest testimony.

  34. Particularly on her mind was a federal woman suffrage amendment, for since 1869 when a Sixteenth Amendment enfranchising women had been introduced in Congress and ignored, no further efforts along that line had been made.

  35. This was her first intimation that Republicans might balk at enfranchising women.

  36. Susan and Mrs. Stanton now sent the Republican and Democratic national conventions well-written memorials pointing out the appropriateness of enfranchising women in this centennial year.

  37. I accepted their choice as decisive; just as I reported in favor of enfranchising the Blacks because they do wish to vote.

  38. I have argued constantly with Phillips and the whole fraternity, but I fear one and all will favor enfranchising the Negro without us.

  39. Rating the whole race as inferior and incapable of improvement, he naturally opposed enfranchising Negroes before women.

  40. While Susan's work in New York State was at its height, appeals for help had reached her from Republicans in Kansas, where in November 1867 two amendments would be voted upon, enfranchising women and Negroes.

  41. More recently, men closely connected with the commercial classes had become cabinet ministers, one of whom had even subsequently sacrificed office to his feeling of the propriety of enfranchising a single town, Birmingham.

  42. It was quite as much for the industrial opportunity as for maintaining personal liberty that Lincoln insisted on the necessity of enfranchising the negroes.

  43. There had been no thought of enfranchising women in any other way but now Congress, for the purpose of giving the ballot to the recently freed negro men, was about to submit an amendment to the National Constitution.

  44. First of all it shifts the responsibility of actually enfranchising the women from the Senators and Representatives to the people of their respective States.

  45. Money talks' and it is saying this year: 'No cause in which I could be used appeals to me as does this fundamental one of enfranchising women, of opening the door to let them enter and help to make a more Christian civilization.

  46. Our wish is that we may have a national constitutional amendment, enfranchising the women citizens and preventing the States from depriving them of representation in the Government.

  47. In 1896 Badeni made an attempt at enfranchising the masses; seventy-two additional deputies were to be elected by universal suffrage.

  48. What they did is not proclaimed; but immediately nearly every newspaper in the State began to pour in gatling-gun volleys against enfranchising women.

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