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Example sentences for "bite"

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bit; bitartrate; bitch; bitchadey; bitches; biter; biters; bites; biteth; bith
  1. The pang of this bite forced Agricola to make a movement, which enabled the quarryman to disengage his leg.

  2. At other times, just to avoid monotony, Jovial would gently bite the knapsack of the soldier, who seemed, as well as the dog, to be perfectly accustomed to his pleasantries.

  3. The Strangler, by his skillful imitation of the bird, had repaired the imprudence of that exclamation of surprise and pain, which the reptile bite had forced from him.

  4. At this, Rodin quitted the mantelpiece, on which he had been leaning, begin to walk up and down the room, with a meditative air, and without ceasing to bite his nails.

  5. The socius began to bite his nails, fixing his reptile eye angrily upon Gabriel; Father d'Aigrigny grew livid, and his brow was bathed in cold sweat.

  6. His breakfast was merely a bite and a promise.

  7. He saw Tim bite his lips and stare at the ceiling.

  8. Smiling whimsically the Ramblin' Kid slipped his find in his pocket and sought Sing Pete to tease him for a bite of breakfast.

  9. Now Gracieuse has been bitten on the chin, almost on the mouth, and she tries to touch it with the end of her tongue, to bite the place with the upper teeth.

  10. Sampson says: "I will bite my thumb at them; which is a disgrace to them, if they bear it.

  11. An expression of endearment current in years gone by was "to bite the ear.

  12. I will bite thee by the ear for that jest.

  13. According to a popular belief, still credited, a poisonous bite could be cured by the blood of the viper which darted the poison.

  14. The bite in the air had increased until even the smart walk he maintained failed to circulate the blood sufficiently to keep his fingers from becoming benumbed, so that he had to beat his arms across his chest.

  15. The bite of the frost made the timbers of the Karluk creak and its thrust continually worked among the stranded masses with groaning thunders and shrill grindings, while the surf ever boomed on the resonant sheets of ice.

  16. There was a bite to the air, and Rainey, fresh from the warm cabin, wished he had brought up his sweater.

  17. The spider now examines the powerless victim, and gives the fatal bite on the hinder part of its thorax; then retreating, patiently waits till the poison has taken effect.

  18. Of those I kept alive several, even the first day, became quite tame, not attempting to bite or to run away; others were a little wilder.

  19. If two are placed on the ground and held together, they will fight, and bite each other till blood is drawn.

  20. In this state it is safe from the attack of dogs; for the dog not being able to take the whole in its mouth, tries to bite one side, and the ball slips away.

  21. If this Amblyrhynchus is held and plagued with a stick, it will bite it very severely; but I caught many by the tail, and they never tried to bite me.

  22. The males fight together; two one day passed quite close to me, squealing and trying to bite each other; and several were shot with their hides deeply scored.

  23. In the morning the spot where the bite had been inflicted was easily distinguished from being slightly swollen and bloody.

  24. For me let hoary Fielding bite the ground, So nobler Pickle stand superbly bound; From Livy’s temples tear the historic crown, Which with more justice blooms upon thine own.

  25. Around from all the neighbouring streets The wondering neighbours ran, And swore the dog had lost his wits To bite so good a man.

  26. Let's get something inside, for the old ship sheers off precious soon, and then there won't be so much as a bite for us still we're out of the river.

  27. I can tell you that I am as hungry as a hunter or as fifty hunters, for the matter of that, for I have not tasted more than a bite since I swam from the sinking Merrimac twenty hours ago.

  28. You slip up and get a bite and a cup of tea; then you can relieve me.

  29. The officers said they did, and they went back to their companies and ordered the men to get a bite to eat.

  30. Each bite made it smaller, and finally, the last bite was taken, with a sigh, and nothing remained for me to eat but the halter.

  31. He would bite and kick the other horses, and they would kick back, and about half the time I was dodging the heels of horses, and a good deal of the time I was wondering if a man would get any pension if he was wounded that way.

  32. He hadn't eaten anything since being captured, and his eyes looked bad, and he wanted to kick and bite everybody.

  33. He jabbed Cartaret's empty stomach and, whistling a theme and twisting his little mustache, went to the window and took a huge bite of the last apple there.

  34. The red deepened over Don Ricardo's high cheek-bones, but he bit his lip and seemed to bite down his rage.

  35. Old Man Wright taken a bite of it liberal, and says he: "Son, do you wear garters?

  36. Suddenly she lunged toward him, pausing to snap and bite at the hounds that were trying to throw themselves upon her, but whom she warded off with paw, her jaws wide open and dripping.

  37. He came near furnishing a bite for that gentleman in the pool.

  38. When a mosquito buzzes around your head, threatening to bite you, you swat him, don't you?

  39. Yet at any moment one of the faithful hounds might get in a bite that would turn the tide in their favor.

  40. Tad embraced the opportunity to take a bite of the crisp bacon.

  41. I am your Caliban, but would hint, my amiable Coz, that you should not bite off your own pretty nose in spite.

  42. I fear I must give you a wee bit of bite this time.

  43. It is so difficult to keep paper knives, and ivory paper knives are the favourite pasture of some scholars, who bite the edges till the weapon resembles a dissipated saw.

  44. The following maxims may be learned by heart, or if preferred, they can be bought by experience: Do not bite your paper knife until it has the edge of a saw.

  45. Look up, Glory, an' ask the gentleman, Looeegy yon, would he like a bite to eat.

  46. I think if I were to take a bite out of your haunch you would jump better,' said the wolf, giving a snap at her as he spoke.

  47. He wished he might stay where he was for ever, he was so comfortable and happy, away from everyone, with nobody to bite him and tell him how ugly he was.

  48. So the rabbit took one of the green oranges and began to bite it, but its skin was so hard that he could hardly get his teeth through the rind.

  49. In an instant Gille Mairtean the fox had sprung on his back, and gave him such a bite that he fell down unconscious.

  50. Really it seems as if there was not a living creature left for me to prey upon but a wolf, and, as the proverb says: "One wolf does not bite another.

  51. No, mine host, except that I and my comrades here would like a bite of something and a drink of hot coffee.

  52. But I suppose that the scolding my lady had given them was no more than a flea-bite beside the rating the young Waldgrave inflicted!

  53. Yes, tell him that--it will bite home, if he has a conscience!

  54. The Berserkers were warriors who used to be inflamed with such rage and fury at the thoughts of combats as to bite their shields, run through fire, swallow burning coals, and perform such like mad feats.

  55. When I feel a girl asleep, Underneath her frock I peep, There to sport, and there I play, Then I bite her like a flea, And about I skip.

  56. Yet he that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; And whoso breaketh down a wall a serpent shall bite him; 9 He who pulleth down stones shall be hurt therewith; And whoso cleaveth logs shall be cut.

  57. To correct a public abuse was like pulling down a wall: some of the stones were sure to fall on the reformer's feet, from some cranny a serpent was sure to start out and bite him (x.

  58. If the serpent bite because it is not charmed, There is no advantage to the charmer.

  59. The second maxim is, "Whoso breaketh down a wall, a serpent shall bite him" (ver.

  60. In the meantime, as I am rather hungry, a bite of something from the cupboard wouldn't go bad.

  61. Shut up, old man, or I'll bite your head off!

  62. He fished a little, but if the fish did not bite at the first place, he sat down; he would not move, but just sat and waited for them to come to him.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bite" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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