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Example sentences for "crumb"

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cruized; cruizers; cruizing; cruller; crullers; crumbed; crumble; crumbled; crumbles; crumbling
  1. Quand on n’a pas ce que l’on aime il faut aimer ce que l’on a = If you cannot get crumb you had best eat crust.

  2. Then take up the principal joints, cut the meat from them, mince, and pound it to fine paste, with the crumb of 2 penny rolls (or 2 oz.

  3. From sage, onion, suet, and crumb of bread.

  4. Do not bread-crumb oysters intended for broiling.

  5. He pulled away the crumb from within till there was nothing left but a rather thick outer shell.

  6. Then most of the crumb was scooped out, the explosive inserted, and the sides joined up and glued.

  7. What a small crumb of knowledge it took to make joyful these poor, and at the same time rich, souls!

  8. Rollitt took a further look at the crumb and then got up.

  9. Rollitt was sitting at the table taking observations of a crumb of bread through a microscope.

  10. As for Little John and the Tanner, they had by this time eaten every crumb of their bread and cheese.

  11. She saw Crumb take the knife and feel of the blade, running his thumb along it.

  12. Crumb stumbled to his feet and made a break for the door.

  13. Crumb raised the knife and held the blade close above her bared neck.

  14. Spread the crumb mixture over thin slices of bacon and wrap each slice of bacon around a small kidney.

  15. Use stale bread, and do not crumb it too fine, or it will be clammy.

  16. Roll up the slices of beef and fasten with tiny skewers; brush them over with egg and crumb and brown slightly in the oven; then put in stew pan and stew till tender.

  17. You have seen one ant rob another of its crumb of bread, that by a laborious effort has been carried far.

  18. You have seen the companions of both gather around the spot, deprive the despoiler of its ill-gotten prize, restore the crumb to its lawful possessor, and punish the would-be pilferer.

  19. Unfortunately the erratic crumb did not improve his narrative powers, and a supplementary hindrance was that of a sneeze, jerking from his pocket his rather large watch, which dangled in front of the young man pendulum-wise.

  20. A crumb of my victuals went the wrong way--hok-hok!

  21. Having demolished the food, that in his excitement Alec had hardly touched, the dog approached his master, looking, but for a crumb on the side of his mouth, the picture of canine innocence.

  22. When taken out, in somewhat less than an hour, the outside of the fruit is nicely browned, and the inner part so strongly resembles the crumb of wheaten bread as to have suggested the name of the tree.

  23. Put the most of the asparagus heads into the cream mixed with the crumb of the rolls, and simmer it awhile over a slow fire.

  24. Cut a round piece out of the top of each, and scoop out the crumb or soft part.

  25. Scoop out the crumb from the inside of the rolls, and put it into the cream with the heads of the asparagus, of which you must save out a sufficient number (with a small piece of the stalk left on each) to stick the rolls with.

  26. When the bowls were emptied and the last crumb of cheese scraped up, grandam went back to her distaff, on a stool by the chimney corner.

  27. There is reason to believe, therefore, that their destruction crumb by crumb is merciful.

  28. It is probable that not one crumb of bread consumed is otherwise than good, and that not one single crumb is wasted.

  29. Maybe, but it also is a fact that not a crumb is ever found to carry back home or throw to the fish!

  30. As Mr. Remington finished speaking the bell rang for luncheon and a crowd of hungry islanders trooped in to eat every crumb of Mose’s delicious meal.

  31. But never expect to see a crumb come back, for that would be against Steve's principles, you know.

  32. Aunt Maria picked up this crumb of self-glorification with an easy matter-of-fact air which was peculiarly aggravating to her sister.

  33. Not until the last crumb had vanished did they settle back with a feeling of absolute physical content.

  34. That it was a favorable one was shown by the magical rapidity with which every crumb disappeared.

  35. Lenz worked as hard, she said, as if there was not a crumb of bread in the house, and yet there were abundant stores of all kinds.

  36. A crumb even fell to Bubby's share from this rich feast of compliments.

  37. Everyone laughed at the outcome of the argument, and Jane sighed while Jack smacked his lips as he watched the Chief make a great to-do over the final crumb of fish.

  38. But there isn't a crumb of anything but dessert for supper, you know," said Jack, very ingratiatingly.

  39. It's cook, cook, COOK aul the toime an' niver a crumb to eat!

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "crumb" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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