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Example sentences for "groat"

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groanes; groaneth; groaning; groanings; groans; groates; groats; grocer; groceries; grocers
  1. I, Leekes is good: hold you, there is a groat to heale your pate Pist.

  2. I take thy groat in earnest of reuenge Flu.

  3. At length, just as they topped the hill, he saw the clown stoop to lift up the silver groat which his benevolence had imparted.

  4. The pedlar found the means of checking this vociferation by slipping a silver groat into her hand, and intimating the present of some stuff for a coif, if the lady would buy of his wares.

  5. I must lay my silver groat here, and whistle three times, sayest thou?

  6. Why, therefore, should one not value oneself at a groat as one listens in fear and trembling to the roar and turmoil of the city?

  7. Mulberries, ripe and fresh to-day, They warm and purify the blood; Have them a groat a pottle you may.

  8. Only a groat a pottle--full to the bottom!

  9. We went down Church Street, I walking behind with Colonel Lloyd, and so proud to be in such company that I cared not a groat whether Grafton had my acres or not.

  10. All to be seene at the Charge of one Groat per head.

  11. But he shall never get a groat of me: A cozener, a deceiver, one that killed His painful father, honest gentleman That passed the fearful danger of the sea, To get him living and maintain him brave.

  12. He thinks of nothing but the present time: For one groat ready down, he'll pay a shilling, But then the lender must needs stay for it.

  13. I doubt its correctness, for his assumed values of the groat or grosso and tornesel are surely wrong.

  14. And they write down the results of their examination in certain little pamphlets for the year, which are called Tacuin, and these are sold for a groat to all who desire to know what is coming.

  15. They are like the spare minutes, or the groat a day, which proverbially produce such momentous results in the course of a twelvemonth, or in a lifetime.

  16. A man may, if he knows not how to save as he gets, keep his nose to the grindstone all his life, and die not worth a groat at last.

  17. Mr. Tindale, in his History of Evesham, says that he was credibly informed that her weekly stipend in this school was at first but a groat a week.

  18. He would give his last groat to a starving beggar.

  19. In the attack on the Vimy Ridge Pipe Major Groat and the pipers of the battalion played them to the attack, Groat accompanying the commanding officer.

  20. A groat is enough for a scholar, but the soldier must have a crown.

  21. I have not a groat of silver, and, as you see, I ride in my shirt.

  22. She had grown to love de Leaufort with that kind of love which would have stayed with her had he not possessed a groat in the world.

  23. No man would give a groat to sit, where he cannot get a groat himself for sitting, unless there were either parties to gratify, profits to be made, or interest to support.

  24. That Doyt that ere I wrested from the King, Or any Groat I hoorded to my vse, Be brought against me at my Tryall day.

  25. I do not care a groat what it is, if neither vice nor folly are the objects of it, and if Mr. Harte gives his sanction.

  26. All the learning you have, or ever can have, is not worth one groat without it.

  27. A groat is ill saved that shames its master.

  28. I cared not a groat which ship I sailed on, so that it were but in the following of my lord the admiral," said he, as he strode over the rough rocks towards a little grassy knoll beyond.

  29. Whereas this Jacob Hartop hath not a groat in the world to call his own, saving what he may claim, by virtue of his calling, from the seamen's chest at Chatham, which Sir Francis Drake hath made for the relief of aged mariners.

  30. He had chartered her for the homeward voyage," answered Hartop, "and spent his last groat in victualling her.

  31. In sooth, an I be not, sir knight, thou mayst call me a fustian shove-groat shilling!

  32. The young men had asked crusty Simon Conchie, the boatman at the Ferry Croft, to set them over, offering him a groat for his pains.

  33. I think you and I, Master-Armourer, could send out a better coinage than that with the old Groat press over there at Thrieve!

  34. Sholto put it in his leathern pouch wherein he was used to keep the hone for sharpening his arrows, and bestowed a silver groat upon the beggar.

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