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  1. As to the second, he had acquired by good right the reputation of having one of the longest heads among the grocers of the Rue des Lombards; consequently of Paris, and consequently of France.

  2. At that time, as they do now, grocers wore the cavalier mustache and the lansquenet beard, only the money baths, already rare in those days, have become almost unknown now.

  3. And in fact, if a hundred grocers establish themselves in a town where before there were only twenty, it is plain that people will not begin to consume five times as many groceries.

  4. What do you want to be pasting the grocers for," Orango asked, "as long as they've always been like that?

  5. I vote for cutting all the grocers and valets who intrude themselves into good society.

  6. I do not recollect Mitchel," retorted Alvanly; "but I believe there were a good many grocers admitted at that time.

  7. You will of necessity have to sell cheaper to the grocers because they too must make their profit.

  8. Another method followed by many home canners is that of marketing direct to the retail grocers, care being taken, of course, to protect these grocers by not selling to more than one member in a community.

  9. In 1649 a grand entertainment was given by the Grocers to Cromwell and Fairfax.

  10. In 1450, the Grocers obtained the important right of sharing the office of garbeller of spices with the City.

  11. During the Civil War the Grocers suffered, like all their brother companies.

  12. In 1648 the Grocers had to petition General Fairfax not to quarter his troops in the hall of a charitable Company like theirs.

  13. No wonder, then, that the Grocers shouted at the Restoration, spent L540 on the coronation pageant, and provided sixty riders at Charles's noisy entrance into London.

  14. The Grocers of London were originally called Pepperers, pepper being the chief staple of their trade.

  15. The Grocers seem to have at one time dealt in whale-oil and wool.

  16. Henry Adie, grocer, 1563, gave one thousand marks to the Grocers to purchase lands.

  17. About the year 1429, the Grocers had license to purchase five hundred marks land, since the which time, near adjoining unto the Grocers' hall, the said company had built seven proper houses for seven aged poor alms people.

  18. Soper's lane was inhabited by cordwainers and curriers, after that the pepperers or grocers had seated themselves in a more open street, to wit, in Buckles bury, where they yet remain.

  19. The goldsmiths of Gutheron's lane and Old Exchange are now for the most part removed into the south side of West Cheape, the peperers and grocers of Soper's lane are now in Bucklesberrie, and other places dispersed.

  20. In New Fish street be fishmongers and fair taverns on Fish street hill and Grasse street, men of divers trades, grocers and haberdashers.

  21. The shoemakers were accordingly joined in one guild with the leather-sellers and pouchmakers, the apothecaries with the grocers and chandlers.

  22. There were aristocratic fraternities of the Merchant Adventurers, and of dealers living by the profits of commerce alone, who were grouped in the great mercantile companies such as the vintners and spicers and grocers and mercers.

  23. The grocers in London claimed control over every one who kept a shop of spicery even if he did not wear their livery (Kingdon’s Grocers’ Company, i.

  24. The grocers had determined to close their shops at 8 o’clock.

  25. The grocers and drapers had determined to close their shops on the day following Christmas Day.

  26. Witness carried out this powder to several grocers in different parts of the town.

  27. In London, grocers sold herbs for medicinal as well as eating purposes.

  28. The Grocers did some money lending, usually at 12% interest.

  29. First the Grocers and then the Mercers refused to allow their members to sell goods at fairs.

  30. It is extensively sold as olive oil or mixed with it, although many grocers keep the genuine olive oil.

  31. Some grocers lay in every season a fresh and full supply of all the seeds used in the garden or field, and they are almost always reliable.

  32. MAPLE SYRUP is extensively sold by grocers in cans, bottles, etc.

  33. Grocers and bakers test flour by smoothing a little out on a board with a knife or paper cutter, to see its color, and if it contains specks of bran, etc.

  34. In addition to smoking tobaccos, many grocers keep a full assortment of PIPES, from the common clay up, through all kinds of briar and applewood pipes to the genuine meerschaum goods of every style and quality.

  35. It is sold by grocers in bulk, and is also bottled extensively and sold as “Champagne cider,” and quite often as champagne.

  36. While there are some grocers who, for various reasons do not handle these products, there are also many who keep for the family use of their customers a full line of choice wines, malt beverages, and distilled liquors.

  37. I leave grocers and pettifoggers to wage war with the tongue," answered the knight haughtily.

  38. Could we but sink the ship and drown the braggart grocers we could go down to our home with some sort of pleasure.

  39. In addition to this foreign animal element, grocers sometimes mix flour with their sugar, and, if we are to put any credit in popular belief, sand; but of the presence of this gritty ingredient we have never seen any trustworthy evidence.

  40. General denunciations of grocers did not touch individuals of the craft, and they were consequently not driven to improve the quality of their wares.

  41. Wood, the immediate consequence of which was that grocers began to mix it with pure coffee in very large quantities, quite forgetting to inform the public of the nature of the mixture, and neglecting at the same time to lower the price.

  42. Nothing is more indicative of the barefaced frauds perpetrated by grocers upon the public than the manner in which they go out of their way to puff in the grossest style the most abominable trash.

  43. I had bought a bottle of preserved gooseberries from one of the most respectable grocers in the town, and had its contents transferred to a pie.

  44. Would we could say that the reduction of the tax upon pepper had stimulated the honesty of other grocers to act a similar part to that of Mr. Budgett; but P.

  45. The new regulation, enjoining grocers to sell coffee and chicory properly labelled as such, is, no doubt, observed in respectable shops; but in the low neighbourhoods the mixture as before is passed off for genuine Mocha.

  46. The next day five six-pound packages of sugar were left at the gentleman's residence, there being just five grocers in the village.

  47. Up in a certain town the grocers understand all the little tricks of the trade.

  48. Two grocers going to the city in the morning train agree that they will charge seven dollars a barrel for flour during the ensuing week; two icemen, to harvest only a thousand tons of ice.

  49. Shetland yarn and wool may be bought occasionally in small quantities at the shops of grocers and provision-dealers, who have got it from country people in exchange for meal and goods.

  50. I think they sell to all the grocers in the village.

  51. Sometimes some of the wool is sold to grocers in town who don't deal in shawls, and the knitters buy it from them.

  52. Her gracious Majesty the Queen was coming in person to open a new wing, called The Grocers Company's Wing.

  53. After their association had been in existence eighty-four years, the Grocers obtained a charter from the king, in the year 1429; and soon after were given the public duty of inspecting and cleansing all the spices sold in London.

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