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Example sentences for "groats"

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  1. Cobbler, wobbler, groats in your gruel, Smack on your back goes the stick--how cruel!

  2. Out there there's no prospects for small people, who want something more than groats in their belly and a few rags on their back.

  3. And if you bring my horse back to me, I will give you ten groats more to carry you on foot to the college; and so God bless you, good Richard.

  4. And I do now give you ten groats to bear your charges to Exeter; and here is ten groats more, which I charge you to deliver to your mother, and tell her I send her a Bishop's benediction with it, and beg the continuance of her prayers for me.

  5. All this king's coins are very rare, except the groat, which is less rare than the others, some groats having lately been discovered.

  6. The groats common, except those of Norwich and Coventry, spelled "Norwic" and "Covetre.

  7. There are also half-groats of this coinage, with the same date, one of which brought twenty guineas at a sale in London in 1827.

  8. Do your best with it, Fanny," said poor Mary, but she knew that if Jamie took those Scotch groats it was only because they were a Christmas present.

  9. In these words, my fine fellow, Nicander describes to us the way in which they ate groats and peeled barley; bidding the eater pour on it soup made of kid or lamb, or of some poultry or other.

  10. But when it is put in the oven, then some groats are spread under on a tile, and then the bread is put on it, and it gets a most beautiful colour, like cheese which has been smoked.

  11. Groats come from Italy, and ribs of beef; While Thrace sends many a lie and many a thief.

  12. And Ulpian said,--I will stop eating if you will tell me by whom these Megarian, or Thessalian groats are spoken of.

  13. The loaf made of groats, said he, is made of oaten groats, for groats are not made of barley.

  14. There too were cakes of groats well steep'd in milk, In large flat dishes, and rich plates of beestings.

  15. For Tibble was no impulsive Italian, but a sober-minded Englishman of sturdy good sense, and Ambrose was reasonable enough to listen and only drop in a few groats which he knew to be his own.

  16. We had plenty to fill our bellies and put on our backs; we had welcome wherever we went, and the groats and pennies rained into our caps.

  17. He had some treasure in his 'earthen vessel'; but, in comparison with his store in Christ, it was like a few cracked groats by the side of massive pure gold.

  18. Ranier, "I have three groats in my purse, and ten more at home, which will be quite sufficient for my needs.

  19. Here's twenty groats of white money, Sith thou will have it of me.

  20. Here's twenty groats out of my purse; And twenty I have of thine: And I have one more, which we will spend Together at the wine.

  21. They say we are like to have a 'Holy War' again, when we have settled our own reckonings; and the blood and groats of old England are again to be spent for the purchase of 'Holy Land.

  22. And so I must give my blood and my groats to nourish thy sweethearts, wench," said the surly money-lender.

  23. The groats coined in the reign of Henry VIII.

  24. Why, sir, for ten groats you may make yourself drunk, and so buy a vice outright for half the money.

  25. Footnote 42: Queen Elizabeth's groats were the last bearing a cross on the reverse.

  26. Ile warrant it would cost us ten groats a peece at the least.

  27. Noy loved a little drollery, and gave Whitelocke eleven groats out of his little purse.

  28. THE Merry Gossip's Vindication, To the Groats worth of good Councel Declaration.

  29. Then shall the tall black Daventry Bird[6] Speak against peace right many a word; And some shall admire his coneying wit, For many good groats his tongue shall slit.

  30. This was also a mint-mark on some of the Anglo-Gallic money and on the groats of Henry VII.

  31. English king as distinguished from a conventional representation; for surely the bust on the groats of Richard III.

  32. Also, with regard to those contracts, do not forget me if at any time you should find yourself in need of rye-meal or buckwheat or groats or dead meat.

  33. I suppose you hope to find fools ready to sell you souls on the census list for a couple of groats apiece?

  34. Roger North says that the Tories nicknamed the opposite party 'Birmingham Protestants, alluding to the false groats struck at that place'.

  35. A panegyric on the return of the Duke and Duchess of York from Scotland says of Shaftesbury's medal that 'Twas coined by stealth, like groats at Birmingham.

  36. Here's twenty groats of white mon-ey, Sith thou wilt have it of me.

  37. When she was taking down her big bed she found a bag of groats on the tester.

  38. So when Jan came home, she up and said to him, "Jan, what is that bag of groats on the tester for?

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