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  1. Fallout from the Askja volcano of 1875 devastated the Icelandic economy and caused widespread famine.

  2. Growth slowed in 1999, in part due to tight government budget policies, which limited needed appropriations for anti-poverty programs, and the fallout from the Asian financial crisis.

  3. When used with other individual and collective protection measures, bulldozer trenches provide adequate fallout shelters for most situations; they can be provided in a minimum of time and effort.

  4. The degree of protection afforded by a fallout shelter is expressed as a "protection factor," or a "transmission factor.

  5. First, it produces a gamma radiation field over the fallout area.

  6. Personnel and patient protection requirements will depend upon the threat (blast, thermal, immediate radiation, or fallout effects).

  7. Fallout close to ground zero, especially after a surface burst, may be visible as dust.

  8. Material is available on the battlefield to construct/prepare expedient fallout shelters that offer substantial shielding against gamma radiation (see Table H-1).

  9. Also, food animals exposed to fallout should be considered fit for consumption and slaughtered using routine procedures.

  10. Begin continuous monitoring immediately following receipt of a fallout warning, or when increased levels of radiation are detected by periodic monitoring.

  11. Consumption of food contaminated with radioactive fallout may cause a risk of radiation injuries from internal radiation; that is, radiation from radioactive sources within the body.

  12. Partial body and specific organ irradiation will occur due to shielding by equipment, from fallout particles, or from internal deposition.

  13. As noted previously, hospital complexes without CPS offer some protection against liquid or fallout contamination, but little protection against vapor hazards.

  14. Storing rations indoors will protect them from liquid droplet and fallout contamination unless the building is damaged by an attack.

  15. There are many structures and terrain features available that afford a degree of fallout protection.

  16. Alpha particles are extremely massive, charged particles (four times the mass of a neutron); they are a fallout hazard.

  17. It is not practicable or desirable to preset maximum permissible limits of gross fallout radioactivity as a basis for judging whether or not food should be used.

  18. The duration of withdrawal will be dependent upon the type of fallout and levels.

  19. Brazil's more stable economy allowed it to weather the fallout in 1995 from the Mexican peso crisis relatively well.

  20. The fallout was locally murderous but quite spotty.

  21. The cloud drifted to the northeast, and higher gamma readings due to fallout were encountered in this direction.

  22. The Base Commander had noted that portions of the cloud were heading northwestward and, fearing that fallout from the cloud would contaminate Guard Post 2, had ordered the military police to evacuate.

  23. However, fallout activity was later detected in the north shelter area, proof that part of the cloud did head in that direction.

  24. Even if they did somehow manage not to kill off the population with the fallout they were engineering, they would ruin farmland, create new recessive mutations.

  25. You want to rocket the H-bombs out almost but not quite beyond Earth's gravitation and explode them so the fallout will be evenly distributed over the surface of the planet.

  26. These figures do not include additional deaths from fires, lack of medical attention, starvation, or the lethal fallout showering to the ground downwind of the burst points of the weapons.

  27. Worldwide Effects of Fallout Alterations of the Global Environment A.

  28. Thus, the possibility of a serious increase in ultraviolet radiation has been added to widespread radioactive fallout as a fearsome consequence of the large-scale use of nuclear weapons.

  29. The heavier materials reaching the lower edge of the stratosphere will soon settle out, as did the Castle/Bravo fallout at Rongelap.

  30. Local Fallout Most of the radiation hazard from nuclear bursts comes from short-lived radionuclides external to the body; these are generally confined to the locality downwind of the weapon burst point.

  31. As you know, an atomic hand-gun has a very limited destructive potential, since there's no fallout and it can only kill a man standing directly in its path.

  32. A clean bomb with little or no fallout can leave you just as dead if you're unfortunate enough to be blown up by it.

  33. If I drove straight out into the desert with it and it blows up within twenty minutes the fallout would still kill several thousand Colonists.

  34. Like other small emerging markets, Estonia will face difficulties in 1999 as a result of continuing fallout from Asia.

  35. Fallout and Populations In Arctic regions lying on opposite sides of the North Pole, fallout has created conditions that are given continuous scrutiny by scientists of Scandinavia and the United States.

  36. Before, fallout from nuclear detonation had been principally local, touching the waters and reefs of an atoll or a desert landscape.

  37. Fallout studies thus involve the tracing of mixed fission products in the biosphere and the collection and analysis of thousands of samples of plant and animal tissue, and usually of water and soils, at many successive times.

  38. Biological Effects of Radiation Health Implications of Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Testing Through 1961 (Report No.

  39. The theory presumes a much shorter "residence time" of stratospheric air and thus a quicker return of fallout particles to the turbulent troposphere.

  40. Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Tests, Hearings Before the Special Subcommittee on Radiation of the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, 86th Congress, First Session, Superintendent of Documents, U.

  41. Weather station in a deer-forage area of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado provides environmental data and fallout samples that are correlated with levels of radionuclides found in the deer.

  42. Fallout radioactivity is assessed as a potential specific hazard to human populations.

  43. Hemispheric fallout introduced quantities of long-lived radionuclides, particularly cesium-137, into the food chains and consequently into the diets of native peoples.

  44. After Test Mike, the implications of fallout obviously were global.

  45. New concepts of the vertical and horizontal diffusion of substances introduced into the ocean were developed, however, in studies of ocean-borne fallout during and after nuclear tests in the Pacific.

  46. Estimates and Evaluation of Fallout in the United States from Nuclear Weapons Testing Conducted Through 1962 (Report No.

  47. Some fallout studies may require sampling over large areas of the earth.

  48. Fallout from the test, swept off its predicted pattern by unexpected winds at high altitudes, deposited debris on Rongelap, an inhabited atoll east of Bikini, and on fishermen aboard a Japanese vessel operating in the Bikini-Rongelap area.

  49. Shielding material is any substance that would absorb and deflect the invisible rays given off by fallout particles outside the house, and thus reduce the amount of radiation reaching the occupants of the shelter.

  50. Water stored in covered containers and water in covered wells would not be contaminated after an attack, because the fallout particles could not get into the water.

  51. Remember that fallout particles can be seen, but the rays they give off cannot be seen.

  52. Read this chapter fully, and learn how you would have to manage your water, food and sanitation problems if you had to spend a week or two in a fallout shelter, especially a home shelter.

  53. If you intend to go to a public fallout shelter in a time of attack, find out now whether it has emergency supplies in it.

  54. The Argonne findings indicated strongly that radiocesium, which is known to occur in fallout from nuclear explosions, was finding its way into people’s bodies.

  55. When they found high levels of cesium-137 in lichens and caribou, they became interested in the body burdens of fallout isotopes in the Eskimos.

  56. How do dogs accumulate fallout isotopes in their bodies?

  57. It was obvious that cesium-137 from fallout was collecting on lichens and then was being concentrated in the bodies of the reindeer before they were killed for meat.

  58. Furthermore, steel produced since the war may contain unwanted radioactivity originating in fallout from nuclear tests and make it undesirable for shielding.

  59. See Fallout from Nuclear Tests, another booklet in this series.

  60. The world had been so edgy for so long that there were fallout shelters from Chillicothe, Ohio, to Singapore, Malaya, and back again.

  61. And the fallout from so many atom bombs simply could not be risked.

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