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Example sentences for "afflict"

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affix; affixed; affixes; affixing; afflatus; afflicted; afflicteth; afflicting; affliction; afflictions
  1. Behold the Lord shall lay waste the earth, and shall strip it, and shall afflict the face thereof, and scatter abroad the inhabitants thereof.

  2. Is this such a fast as I have chosen: for a man to afflict his soul for a day?

  3. And the children of them that afflict thee, shall come bowing down to thee, and all that slandered thee shall worship the steps of thy feet, and shall call thee the city of the Lord, the Sion of the Holy One of Israel.

  4. The King was deeply affected at the death of the Empress; and on the arrival of the courier from Vienna said that he could not bring himself to afflict the Queen by informing her of an event which grieved even him so much.

  5. By the Inner Light alone can men be free and equal, true sons of God, heirs of a liberty which can never be taken away, since bars confine not the spirit, nor do tortures or death of the body afflict it.

  6. They would not go so far as to deny that the devil might afflict mankind, but they declared themselves unqualified to prove it.

  7. The people were grown too big, and too well aware of their bigness, to be ground down and kept in subjection, even had the will so to afflict them been steady and virulent--which it cannot be said to have been.

  8. The toleration which he demanded he always gave; of those who had most evilly entreated him he said, "I did ever from my soul honor and love them, even when their judgment led them to afflict me.

  9. When anxious grief and gloomy care Afflict my throbbing breast, My tongue shall learn to speak thy praise, And lull each pain to rest.

  10. The same difficulties beset the path of the sentimental genius in this respect, as those which afflict the career of a genius of the simple order.

  11. Can a reproach, that in my love had birth, Afflict you so?

  12. Then, by one of those subtle reactions that often afflict the young and healthy, the necessity of it became more urgent.

  13. Indeed, all the that now afflict us have arisen from the changes which make it impossible for the old-time famines to follow crop failures in certain localities.

  14. The seedlings of our great oaks and most strong and long-lived trees cannot thrive unless shielded from the sun, sheltered from the wind, and protected from the sudden temperature-changes which so often afflict openings.

  15. He is a destroyer of many pests that afflict man, and in the realm of economic biology should be rated high for work in this connection.

  16. For the most part their food is the larvae or the eggs that are deposited here and there in the tree by hundreds of kinds of insects and parasites which afflict trees.

  17. The beaver and the bear are often benefited by the deep snows which afflict their wild neighbors.

  18. At this moment I may confess that I have ever loved you; but as we must have been separated on earth, my death need not afflict you.

  19. His applying to those who have a familiar spirit to know who afflicted the people; which we consider as an implicit denying the providence of God, which alone we believe can send afflictions, or cause devils to afflict the people.

  20. He asked them why they should think that he should come to that village to afflict persons that he had never seen before; and appealed to all present and challenged any one to produce a charge against his character.

  21. The dreadful contagion was at length permitted to afflict the puritans of New England, and our revered ancestors were involved in a series of tragical events, and overwhelmed with the most appalling apprehensions.

  22. How dare you come in here and bring the devil with you to afflict these poor creatures; which way do you do it?

  23. The poor ignorant woman, above mentioned, was suspected of employing demons to afflict these children; she was arrested, and committed to jail in chains.

  24. Another dog was said to afflict others, and they fell into fits when the dog looked on them, and he was killed.

  25. The justices ask the apprehended why they afflict those poor children, to which the apprehended answer, they do not afflict them.

  26. Doubtless the All-wise did not afflict him without a cause: who knows but within that unhappy frame lurked vicious seeds which the sunbeams of joy and prosperity might have called into life and vigour?

  27. Then what must needs afflict the amorist, No virgin here in breeches casts a mist Before her lover's eyes: no ladies tell, How their blood boils, how high their veins do swell.

  28. First then, Not to afflict you longer, uncle; since We now are quiet, know all this was my project.

  29. Do not afflict yourself; happiness will yet be yours.

  30. In your loving kindness, cut off my enemies, and destroy all those who afflict my soul, For I am your servant.

  31. They break your people in pieces, Yahweh, and afflict your heritage.

  32. If thou afflict my daughters, and if thou bring in other wives over them: none is witness of our speech but God, who is present and beholdeth.

  33. And it was said unto him: Know thou beforehand that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land not their own, and they shall bring them under bondage, and afflict them four hundred years.

  34. Them as well as the two brothers, however, the invisible Rakshasa began to afflict with his shafts.

  35. Skanda replied, "So long as children of the human kind do not attain the youthful state in the sixteenth year of their age, ye shall afflict them with your various forms, and I too shall confer on you a fierce inexhaustible spirit.

  36. And in the conflict I could not afflict them by showers of shafts, but they did not afflict me.

  37. If it were not so), how could such a misfortune afflict this wife of ours so faithful and virtuous, like a false accusation of theft against an honest man?

  38. If you will follow Christ your old age will, if you reach it, be saved from the bitterest pangs that afflict the aged, and will be brightened by future possibilities.

  39. Afflict not the heart of the needy, and defer not to gibe to him that is in distress.

  40. Give not up thy soul to sadness, and afflict not thyself in thy own counsel.

  41. Let us each resolve to take good care that his own cattle shall in no case afflict his neighbors, and we shall all need fewer fences henceforth and evermore.

  42. I never knew a span that would plow an acre per day as I think it should be plowed; though, if your only object be to get over as much ground as possible, you may afflict and titillate two acres, or as much more as you please.

  43. When these results are considered, there comes a feeling of amazement that a nation should suffer such plagues to afflict its vitality without putting forth every effort to stamp them out.

  44. To it most of the evils which afflict the body-politic can be traced.

  45. But behold I will raise up against you a nation, O house of Israel, saith the Lord the God of Hosts, and they shall afflict you from the entring in of Hamath unto the river of the wilderness.

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