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Example sentences for "derange"

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dequoy; der; derail; derailed; derailment; deranged; derangement; derangements; deranges; deranging
  1. The derivative is approximately a diacetate, and on the assumption of a simple ester reaction the yield should be 127 p.

  2. It is well known that the denitration is nearly complete, traces only of nitric groups surviving.

  3. In the second case all four spines are also equal, but they are not united in a common central point, but opposite in pairs on the two poles of a common central rod (Plagonidium).

  4. These three spines in Triplagia lie in one and the same plane, whilst in Plagiacantha they lie in different planes.

  5. Apical horn nearly straight, thorny, longer than the ring, directed a little obliquely backwards.

  6. Many new forms are contained in the collection of the Challenger, so that we may describe here nine genera and thirty-four species.

  7. We heard that a large camp of Unionists were waiting to attack us there; they had wire ropes across the river.

  8. Defn: A kind of monomania in which the passion for music becomes so strong as to derange the intellectual faculties.

  9. A kind of monomania in which the passion for music becomes so strong as to derange the intellectual faculties.

  10. To derange the intellect of; to render insane.

  11. To derange the functions of, whether bodily, mental, or spiritual; to disorder; to disease.

  12. To disturb the order of; to derange or disarrange; to throw into confusion; to confuse.

  13. If the trouble has not originated in the ill health of the cow, the result is still to draw on her system, overtax her strength, and derange her digestion, so that the result may prove fatal to both mother and offspring.

  14. Ice-cold water should be avoided, as calculated to check the flow of milk, to derange digestion, and to cause abortion.

  15. If it becomes hungry twice a day, it is more liable to overload and derange the stomach, and if left too long hungry it is tempted to take in unsuitable and unwholesome feed, for which its stomach is as yet unprepared.

  16. A previous day's preliminary trial might easily derange so uncertain an engine as the petroleum motor of the year 1900.

  17. Would it jar the interior air balloon's pump and derange the big balloon's valves?

  18. I wondered at the immeasurable depths of depravity which were always leading me to upset something, or break or tear or derange something, in thy exquisitely kept premises!

  19. It is a mistake to suppose, because children derange a well-furnished apartment, that they like confusion.

  20. His slowness will I fear retard our intended visit and derange my subsequent operations.

  21. The Roman Empire will derange Sheffield; the Press is just set to work, and I shall be very busy the whole summer in correcting and composing.

  22. Such a blow, at least of seven or eight hundred pounds, will most essentially distress me, and derange those schemes of comfort and order which I now thought most firmly established.

  23. If Hugonin's debt be desperate I must submit, but there is no imbecillity in saying that the loss will derange my plans, since I must sell out of the funds to supply the deficiency.

  24. That they modify the cough, we do not attempt to deny; but it is usually at a great expense, for they derange the stomach and interfere with digestion and assimilation.

  25. It is the source of numerous diseases which derange the functional activity of the organs involved, and eventually impair the constitution.

  26. Spirituous drinks deprave the appetite, derange and destroy the stomach, poison the blood, and pervert all the functions of mind and body; and their injurious influence upon the nerves and basilar faculties is equally remarkable.

  27. But is it not the most absurd of all extravagances to imagine that the Infinite Supreme should, in favor of three or four hundred emmets on this little heap of earth, derange the operation of the vast machinery that moves the universe?

  28. Be assured that what I say I think, feel, and mean; derange none of your plans for me.

  29. Can I desire you to derange a reasonable plan of economy, that would put you quite at your ease at your return?

  30. The general effect of the change would be to derange the whole of the present system.

  31. Fixing the amount in the present banking act has afforded the means to Wall street operators for "cornering" such amounts of currency as would derange the market and depress prices.

  32. His acts create a feverish excitement in the money market and derange business, carrying loss to everybody, except Wall street brokers.

  33. Although a separate relation will derange the thread of Tasmanian history, the reader may be compensated by a view more perspicuous and useful.

  34. He avoids a falling stone, because it will derange in him the order necessary to his conservation.

  35. To desert her longer would be too unjust, and derange entirely the balance of this complicated story.

  36. But we can rarely carry out our plans exactly as we trace them--unexpected circumstances derange them or expand them; and I will so far anticipate as to say that in this case a most unexpected turn of events took La Klosking by surprise.

  37. No medicines, however, must be resorted to which are apt to derange the digestion of the patient; alcoholic stimulants must be given in fair dilution only, for that reason.

  38. You would derange the bandage round your hand; and for all bodily ills, from the least to the gravest, there is nothing like leaving Nature at rest the moment we have hit on the means which assist her own efforts at cure.

  39. This action tends to derange the parts and makes large bearings a necessity.

  40. If a certain function be interrupted for any length of time, it is sure to derange the system.

  41. If the provocation be gentle, and does not seriously derange the machinery, then this power may overcome both it and any disease the animal may at the time labor under.

  42. The direct causes of this pathological state exist in any thing that can derange the organs of digestion.

  43. A slight error would derange my intended scale, though there is less danger in graduating four feet down to inches than in going from the less to the greater standard.

  44. I took care never to let the watch go to the full length of its chain, lest it might run down and derange my reckoning.

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