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Example sentences for "denying"

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denuo; deny; denye; denyed; denyes; deoch; deodand; deodar; deodars; deodorizing
  1. There is, however, no denying the fact that flocks of birds frequently act with what he calls "multitudinous oneness.

  2. How blessed am I not to have been cut off in my sin, denying the Maker of Nature!

  3. Then, if it be true, as we all say, not one denying it, that our Lord brought to his mission the perfected wisdom of his Father, how could he have departed from the world leaving the way of salvation unmarked and unlighted?

  4. The prediction of Peter thrice denying his master takes a little different form.

  5. And they are far from excluding religion, from denying the essential of Christ's teachings.

  6. For his part he would willingly assume the extra burden, and he was far from denying the positive good such work accomplished through association and by the raising of standards.

  7. While we are trying to show the people who say that, that even if they were right, it would be no excuse whatever for denying our claim to vote whichever way we thought best.

  8. What's the use--what's the use of your going on denying it?

  9. The grey eyes, set somewhat too prominently, were heavy when not interested, and the claim to good looks which nobody had dreamed of denying seemed to rest mainly upon the lower part of his face.

  10. I am far from denying the truth of what you say;--Priscilla Bayard is very lovely.

  11. Nestorius, a priest of Antioch and a disciple of St. Chrysostom, was elevated by the emperor to the patriarchate of Constantinople, and in the year 428 began to propagate his heresy, denying the hypostatic union.

  12. Three hundred and sixty years passed, and in the thirtieth year of the reign of Theodosius, there broke forth a heresy denying the resurrection of the dead.

  13. Though Nataly's mention of the aristocracy of self-denying discipline struck a Lucifer in his darkness.

  14. But the Jews persist in denying the Lord because they are such that, if they received and acknowledged the divine of the Lord and the holy things of His church, they would profane them.

  15. All those who have not strength of mind to think for themselves, who would live to virtue without denying the world, who wish much to be religious, but more to be genteel--naturally flow into the establishment.

  16. It afforded the Government an opportunity once for all of denying this stupid charge, and in a manner which extorted from Peel an expression of his own conviction that it was not true, and this sets the matter for ever at rest.

  17. The Duke told me that the intimacy in which Sir Philip Francis had lived with his uncle, and his having been an habitual guest at Woburn, was quite enough to account for his concealing and denying that he was the author.

  18. Then there is no denying the immensity of the moral mischief that has been done.

  19. The letter never reached her to whom it was addressed, and Morton, ignorant of its miscarriage, could only conclude himself laid aside and forgotten, according to his own self-denying request.

  20. That dissembling, that denying of neediness, that splendour of metaphorical notions and especially that directness of dissimulation accompany all utterances of such a life.

  21. Your lordship's time has been wasted enough with falsehoods; I will not waste it further by denying the truth.

  22. It was her duty, though not her pleasure, to try and love him; to marry him would be a good and self-denying action.

  23. Very clever--to start a rumor by denying it.

  24. But if Goode keeps on denying it, they will.

  25. Having an appearance indeed of godliness but denying the power thereof.

  26. Instructing us, that, denying ungodliness and worldly desires, we should live soberly and justly and godly in this world, 2:13.

  27. For though no terrible thing disturbed them: yet being scared with the passing by of beasts, and hissing of serpents, they died for fear and denying that they saw the air, which could by no means be avoided.

  28. Kings Chapter 21 Naboth, for denying his vineyard to king Achab, is by Jezabel's commandment, falsely accused and stoned to death.

  29. For certain men are secretly entered in (who were written of long ago unto this judgment), ungodly men, turning the grace of our Lord God into riotousness and denying the only sovereign Ruler and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  30. Of all cowardly cynicisms that surely is the meanest which, denying women any chance of being good, condemns them for being bad.

  31. Learned themselves, and often profoundly learned, it was no contempt for learning which actuated them, but a devout godliness and the fervours of a most self-denying piety.

  32. They unite in denying that there is or can be any such thing as mere existence--phenomenon unqualified as respects meaning, whether such phenomenon be psychic or cosmic.

  33. It has been, and in some quarters is still, the fashion to say that Heraclitus is the originator of the doctrine of relativity; but Zeller is quite right in denying the charge.

  34. And I am far from denying that that is an element in forgiveness, although it is the lowest and the most external, in both the Old Testament and the New Testament conception of it.

  35. He insisted at times upon the letter as though the salvation of the entire Church depended upon it, and yet we find him rejecting whole books of the Bible and denying their Apostolic spirit.

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