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Example sentences for "enervate"

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  1. This state of things causes lamentable cases of individual hardship, but it does not prevent the body of society from being strong and alert: it does not destroy family ties, or enervate the morals of the nation.

  2. By these means, a kind of virtuous materialism may ultimately be established in the world, which would not corrupt, but enervate the soul, and noiselessly unbend its springs of action.

  3. Such a condition cannot but enervate the soul, relax the springs of the will, and prepare a people for servitude.

  4. There are no revolutions which do not shake existing belief, enervate authority, and throw doubts over commonly received ideas.

  5. On each enervate string they taught the note To pant, or tremble through an Eunuch's throat.

  6. On each enervate string they taught the note To pant, or tremble through a eunuch's throat.

  7. They appear to me to be perfectly in the idiom of our tongue, and such as on some occasions could not easily be avoided, unless by recurring to circumlocution, an expedient which invariably tends to enervate the expression.

  8. They did not enervate her character, or convert her into a mere visionary; on the contrary, they but roused and invigorated her to alacrity in the discharge of every duty.

  9. She wished to avoid herself all the weakness of tender emotions, and to lure the thoughts of her companions away from every contemplation which could enervate their energies.

  10. Let not your enemies, with their desolating doctrines, degrade your souls, and enervate your virtues!

  11. He was neither rich nor poor, neither proud nor humble; he knew no hunger he was not sure of satisfying, no luxury which could enervate mind or body.

  12. They present us with incidents and characters which we can never meet in the world; and act upon the mind like intoxicating stimulants; first elevate, and at last enervate it.

  13. They enervate themselves by sensual indulgences, and consume spirits and spices by wholesale.

  14. I had grown enervate In the warm atmosphere which I had breathed.

  15. Riches and honours prevent a man from enlarging his understanding, and enervate all his powers, by reversing the order of nature, which has ever made true pleasure the reward of labour.

  16. What is very extraordinary, this affluence did not enervate or soften the courage of Crœsus.

  17. I enervate it to your hand; I degrade it; I emasculate its intellect; I destroy its dignity of mind and its strength of body.

  18. Thus not only the affections that do nothing but enervate and soften man, but in general all affections, even those that are exalted, ecstatic, whatever may be their nature, are beneath the dignity of tragic art.

  19. In vain I sought to enervate his soul In the loose joys of this voluptuous age.

  20. Accordingly the productions of this latter nature, of the tender nature, do nothing but enervate us; and without refreshing the heart, without occupying the mind, they are only able to flatter in us the sensuous nature.

  21. Even delicate living, and good accommodation, are not found to enervate the body.

  22. Whether this is an advantage to the intellect of man calculated to increase its strength and volume--or like luxurious diet, enervate and weaken, is a problem worthy the solution of every reader.

  23. Familiarity with scenes of blood and carnage--the rage of battle and the clash of arms did not enervate the exalted powers of his refined sympathies and softer passions.

  24. There are, I think, Cubbin, two Things that principally enervate your Language.

  25. Therefore unless you resolve to go quite thro', never weaken or enervate your Pastoral Language at all.

  26. In ascending from the simple and rude gastronomy of the savage, they have brought the art of cookery to such an excess of luxury as to enervate society by merely factitious appetites.

  27. Luxury had already begun to enervate the hardy soldiery at the time of Cæsar's assassination, yet not enough to show the full effects of degeneration and demoralization.

  28. Luxury and debauchery enervate the classes which indulge in them.

  29. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "enervate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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