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Example sentences for "afflicting"

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affixing; afflatus; afflict; afflicted; afflicteth; affliction; afflictions; afflictive; afflicts; affluence
  1. I could not immediately go on, and it is now long since I have written at all; but I will go back to this afflicting theme, which I can now better bear.

  2. I found that sweet lady not so well as I had hoped, and strongly affected by afflicting recollections at sight of me.

  3. I watched her intently, but with an afflicting anxiety at my heart.

  4. One of the most afflicting phases of this picture was, that the authority of the king became less respected daily; as corruption increased, the habits of obedience declined; the laws were without power, and virtue had no longer any empire.

  5. He received letters from Warsaw, but they told nothing of her life there: she referred vaguely to duties whose afflicting nature he half guessed now; and the rest was filled with loving solicitude for his welfare.

  6. The situation a trois thenceforward became, for Tom, an acutely afflicting one.

  7. It was impossible to credit the afflicting nightmare of a few hours ago.

  8. So clear and unhurried was the writing of her last message as to preclude, I think, the afflicting thought that her visitor had been the cause of any apprehension or anxiety.

  9. It has been an afflicting time though considering all things he made a peaceful end, with a smile on his face as you would hardly consider possible.

  10. How much less afflicting at times would my present have been if I had had the foresight to remind myself how beguiling it would appear as the past.

  11. Sometimes the sick man thinks that it is his own private or tame ghost who is afflicting him; so he will leave the house in order to escape his tormentor.

  12. Finding that they are not, the Atheist simply sets Theism aside as not proven, and goes on his way without further afflicting himself with such abstruse questions.

  13. The worldly, afflicting clergy will multiply not only such as are disaffected to them, but downright fanatics, and sectaries that will run as far from them as they can, into contrary extremes.

  14. Oppression is a sin that greatly serveth the devil, to the damning of men's souls, as well as to the afflicting of their bodies.

  15. And, as if they were blindfolding and scourging Christ again, they will follow the people with afflicting wounds; and then charge the moderate ministers with their discontents; and charge them to reduce them to peace and conformity.

  16. Feeling this at the very time of writing, I was yet unable to correct it; so little self-control was I able to exercise under the afflicting agitations and the unconquerable impatience of my nervous malady.

  17. The Asuras, by afflicting the Earth and killing kine, used to weaken the deities.

  18. By cherishing women, O Bharata, one cherishes the goddess of prosperity herself, and by afflicting her, one is said to afflict the goddess of prosperity.

  19. Yudhishthira said, 'It is true that we should make gifts unto others without afflicting anyone and without doing violence to the ordinances of the scriptures.

  20. Thou hast also told me, O grandsire of great intelligence, of the exceedingly afflicting character of the calamity that overtook the high-souled king Nriga in consequence of a single fault of his.

  21. Fierce is the thirst that is afflicting me, and hunger is gnawing my bowels.

  22. We should, however, make gifts without afflicting those that depend upon us.

  23. By afflicting one's dependants, one afflicts one's own self.

  24. This afflicting catastrophe gave birth in the breast of all to a by no means unnatural feeling of distrust towards the escort engaged on the sea-coast, not only as to their ability, but also as to their intention to afford protection.

  25. Who first noticed hunger and cold as awful realities afflicting poor women and innocent children?

  26. Accordingly it is amongst the young men and women of this body that the most afflicting cases under this type occur.

  27. But there is abundant proof that such time as he had, always pointed his thoughts backwards to the afflicting case of Lord Stratford.

  28. Herself comparatively unaffected by the feelings strongest in her mother, this ear-afflicting clamour altogether checked her sympathy, and in a great measure overcame those personal reasons which had made her annoyed with Richard.

  29. My mother gently replied, "She has been afflicting herself, foolish child!

  30. But these are personal considerations; the dispensation is heaviest and most afflicting on public grounds.

  31. Sir: It is my great misfortune to be obliged to inform you of an event not less afflicting to the people of the United States than distressing to my own feelings and the feelings of all those connected with the Government.

  32. This afflicting event took place this day at the Executive Mansion, in this city, at thirty minutes before 1 o'clock in the morning.

  33. Such was the effect of his lordship's illness on the public mind, that all classes had forgotten their usual recreations of Easter, even before the afflicting end was apprehended.

  34. This is the case I referred to a short time ago, when answering your inquiries on the same subject, Master Richard, and a most afflicting one it is.

  35. This afflicting scene excited the deepest concern in him, who, though he had every passion under the most perfect control, now chose to indulge and to manifest his tenderness for Lazarus.

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