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Example sentences for "bother"

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botches; bote; botes; both; bothe; botheration; bothered; bothering; bothers; bothersome
  1. And I'm not going to stop your work, or bother you.

  2. I came to help you if you needed help, not to bother you or spoil your enjoyment.

  3. We won't bother you--is it awful cheek asking you?

  4. So he did this, and no more wushky-woshkys came to bother them.

  5. Drive on, and don't bother about me," said Patty.

  6. Think how much simpler it would be to grow like a crystal, without all 'the bother of all the fixin's inside on us,' as Bathalina says.

  7. I suppose it is no use to bother my head for what I can't have.

  8. I wish I could run on and leave them to come home together (but they both walk as fast as I do any day, bother them!

  9. Nobody but Mrs. Cartwright (who was so kind), would bother to draw him out, Olwen thought.

  10. A very few men could look after a great many sheep, and there would be no bother about keeping up buildings and barns.

  11. If the people were got off the land, there would be no poor to bother about relieving.

  12. The ranch is just enough bother to be interesting.

  13. That tough-minded central bureaucracy did not ordinarily bother to obtain proof against those it suspected.

  14. It's so comforting, Doris, to know that you and I don't need to bother with all these guest and hostess niceties.

  15. There were the usual new faces, but Mac Tavish understood perfectly well that they were there to bother a mayor, not to help the woolen-goods business.

  16. Tell Jock he'll not have to bother with my car!

  17. All the rest of the Big Ones seem to be too almighty busy to bother with the common folks to-day, sir!

  18. Being both adjutant-general and brother-in-law, Totten did not bother to knock.

  19. The adjutant-general did not bother with the elevator.

  20. His demeanor was so untroubled and his air so eagerly invited her to go on from where she had left off that she did not bother her mind about the errand which had called him away.

  21. You look after those onions and don’t bother about the turkey.

  22. I’m not going to bother my head about it any more.

  23. Now don't bother me while I think out a plan.

  24. Don't you bother about those people out there," he said at parting.

  25. I wouldn't bother about it myself, though.

  26. He seemed rather annoyed at having to bother with such help, but put down her name and then led her across to where a line of girls occupied stools in front of clacking machines.

  27. I'm much obliged, but I won't bother you any more.

  28. I won't bother you--you needn't be afraid.

  29. I heard him and Griffin say this morning that there was only Huntley to get over, now Tom Channing was put out of it through the bother about Arthur.

  30. It's of no use for Brittle, or any other fellow, to be at the bother of writing it out, if nobody can be got to sign it.

  31. He wants you to see about this bother of the seniorship.

  32. You bother me again with that stale fish, and I'll put you up for punishment.

  33. All that bother that they laid upon you about the bank-note ought to have fallen upon me, for it was I who took it.

  34. It saved him the bother of ever making up his own mind about anything.

  35. We'll arrive after they have had their tea, and they'll have all the bother of getting ours over again.

  36. But it's too much bother getting out now to say them.

  37. Now, Davy, you try to be a good boy and don't bother Anne," she straitly charged him.

  38. I'm not going to bother cooking any dinner for just Davy and myself today," she said.

  39. But the white man has put us on reservation at Camp Grant, and there bad white men bother us.

  40. Of course, the boys will bother a good deal, if they go free.

  41. Why do you bother with them, Michael Paovla, why did you bring them here?

  42. Shirley smoothed away the ripple of suspicion which he had mischievously aroused with, "So, that is why fellows like us would not bother with the life.

  43. As only small letters were used through the code Shirley did not bother about the capitals.

  44. Dat gemman alluz has too many callin' to bother with the telephone when he has a party.

  45. I know how our little housekeeping at Mestlebury used to bother you, and I am afraid that you must be very uncomfortable indeed in such a muddled life as you must be living now.

  46. I thought about my predecessor, who had died of drink and smoke; and I could have wished he had been so good as to live, and not bother me with his decease.

  47. Peggotty muttered something to the effect of "Bother the best intentions!

  48. And pretty soon he said in a whisper: "If you will tell this dreadful snake To bother me no more, I'll never pass this way again Nor knock upon your door.

  49. She won't bother anybody for thirty days," said the Policeman Dog.

  50. So the big bunny giant made a solemn vow never to bother them again.

  51. I don't want to bother you, and you are a goose to bother and worry yourself as you do about trifles.

  52. I must meet you at the station, and when I get to Scarborough, I don't suppose they'll bother about getting me back, and I can spend sixpence on a telegram and tell them where I am.

  53. I must be somewhere in the world, and if I'm such a bother here, why shouldn't I go off with old Floss and have a good time?

  54. My forefathers kept large establishments and had big families--and plenty of bother and discomfort into the bargain.

  55. Only I do wish he'd told us the very hour, so that we mightn't have had this suspense to bother us.

  56. Neither of them could quite understand Aunt Sally's present behavior, nor why she should wish to bother herself with two such hindrances to the labor which must be accomplished.

  57. Of the two, he would have preferred the latter keeper; but he would bother with neither very long.

  58. She knew Mr. Hilliard wouldn't want to bother about bringing her here next day, after he had just seen the trees himself, and for the second time, too.

  59. And all your time was taken up with the bother that ought to have been mine!

  60. Not to bother you--no more than if I was your hired man.

  61. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bother" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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