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Example sentences for "bewilder"

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bewayle; beweep; bewept; bewhiskered; bewigged; bewildered; bewilderedly; bewildering; bewilderingly; bewilderment
  1. They would bewilder him and he would put them aside, believing what he was told and acting upon it blindly.

  2. The possible effect on Una of Jerry's guests, who also might be along in a minute, was just beginning to bewilder me.

  3. And if your political efforts threaten to bewilder you, I advise you to withdraw from them for a time--travel or go on a walking tour--and let Nature have her way.

  4. If at any time the waves overwhelm you, if the many phenomena of modern art and literature bewilder and depress you, you can always turn to these ideals of antiquity as a means of recovering your balance.

  5. And if he hears from the attendants and comes after us, I will bewilder him by my knowledge, for he is senseless and like an idiot.

  6. Whoever there beheld her, was at once driven mad by the wealth of her beauty, which was enough to bewilder even the god of love himself.

  7. So this young Vidyadhara has committed no crime in allowing himself to be allured by an Apsaras with her beauty, which is able to bewilder the three worlds.

  8. As the hero went along, very terrible portents arose to bewilder him, but he was not terrified at them, and so he reached the foot of that mighty tree.

  9. So our father will assemble us in one place, and in order to bewilder you, will say 'Choose your own love out of the midst of these.

  10. The dogmas are obscure, inconceivable, frightful, and are therefore well calculated to bewilder the imagination and to render the vulgar more obsequious to the will of those who wish to domineer over them.

  11. It is effected by going into a shop, asking for change for a sovereign, purchasing some trifling article, then, by ostensibly changing your mind as to having the change, so bewilder the shopman as to cheat him out of ten shillings.

  12. But so many emotions--joy and hope--sorrowful reminiscences and brighter prospects, bewilder me!

  13. Never was philter formed with such power To charm and bewilder as this we are quaffing; Its magic began when, in Autumn's rich hour, A harvest of gold in the fields it stood laughing.

  14. They pierce the hide of the thickest and dullest; they startle and bewilder the brains of the most crass and the most insensitive.

  15. And the more we turn away from looking at the dazzling lies with which time and the material universe befool and bewilder us, the more shall we see Him whom to see is to live for ever.

  16. Do the arts of hell, which on the field Wrought such disastrous ruin, even here Bewilder and befool us?

  17. What art thou, double-tongued, deceitful being, Who wouldst bewilder and appal me?

  18. We will so bewilder them with balls that they shall not know whence the salutes are coming.

  19. If I haven't got what the buyer wants I promise to bring it next journey, or bewilder him with an oration until he gives me a dollar for something he has no possible use for.

  20. The relief he had experienced a little while ago had been great enough partly to bewilder him, and some time had passed before he produced a fairly intelligible letter.

  21. This term only serves to bewilder us, and fails to throw the least light on the nature of the malady, or its causes.

  22. Then, as if her aim was to astonish and bewilder him on this first evening, Aunt Nancy kissed him on both cheeks as she said "Good night," and left him to his own reflections.

  23. The explosion, the sudden glare of light, and the shower of he knew not what, all served to bewilder the boy to such an extent that for the moment it seemed as if the same force which caused the report had knocked him down.

  24. He keeps the main object of his argument ever in view, without allowing himself, like the garrulous chroniclers of the period, to be led astray into a thousand rambling episodes that bewilder the reader and lead to nothing.

  25. Now there was something in all this that began at moments quite to bewilder one, the more excited the state was it put you in.

  26. Maggie's first impression was her ultimate one--that her aunt had strayed out of some stained-glass window into a wild world that did not bewilder her only because she did not seriously regard it.

  27. Bewilder the young ideas of Doctor Blimber's young gentlemen," used to be considered too strong a criticism, but modern psychology fully sustains Dickens in his view.

  28. Strange it is that the so-called 'poetical' trick of confusedly heaping words together regardless of meaning, should so bewilder men and deprive them of all wise and sober judgment!

  29. The pride and peril of a matchless loveliness was revealed in all its fatal seductiveness and invincible strength--the irresistible perfection of woman's beauty was openly displayed to bewilder the sight and rouse the reckless passions of man!

  30. Inheritors and conservators of national freedom, let us, while others are seeking it in restlessness and trouble, be a steady and shining light to guide their course; not a wandering meteor to bewilder and mislead them.

  31. I was subjected to the cross-examination of eight or ten barristers, purposely, as far as possible, to bewilder me.

  32. Och, and the girls whose poor hearts you deracinate, Whirl and bewilder and flutter and fascinate!

  33. You really bewilder me with your nonsense, child.

  34. Peterborough, however, simply told them to wait and see what would come of it, and in the mean time he continued to bewilder his foes by the most surprising romances.

  35. He had already contrived to bewilder the division of Las Torres before it reached the main body under the Duke of Arcos.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bewilder" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    abash; addle; amaze; astonish; astound; awe; becloud; bewilder; boggle; bother; bug; cap; cloud; confound; confuse; daze; dazzle; demoralize; discomfit; discompose; disconcert; dismay; disorganize; distract; disturb; dizzy; elude; embarrass; entangle; floor; flurry; fluster; flutter; fog; fuddle; fuss; get; knock; maze; mist; muddle; mystify; overwhelm; paralyze; perplex; perturb; petrify; pose; pother; puzzle; rattle; ruffle; stagger; startle; stick; stump; stun; stupefy; surprise; throw; unsettle; upset