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Example sentences for "bewilderingly"

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bewigged; bewilder; bewildered; bewilderedly; bewildering; bewilderment; bewilders; bewitch; bewitched; bewitches
  1. There was nothing to prevent their milliners from making hats for her own aspiring head, and she could still buy her jewelry and her flowers in the same shops with them, and even drive bewilderingly near them in the Park.

  2. But to Hartley the great restless New World city seemed so bewilderingly different.

  3. This unit of the city humanity was not bewilderingly beautiful.

  4. But not a bewilderingly efficient protector!

  5. I should not like to assert--because I am telling the truth here--that our boat was bewilderingly roomy.

  6. I have never heard anything that sounded so bewilderingly devoid of reason.

  7. In about half an hour they found themselves standing in the great central hall or cavern, which, lighted up as it now was by the glare of four flaming torches, looked more bewilderingly beautiful than ever.

  8. She told him once how bewilderingly far from the earth the sun was, and how comparatively close was the moon.

  9. She had not had the chance to tell him of the disclosures her father had made, or of the sense of bondage that had weighed upon her until the colour of her thought had lost its clarity and become bewilderingly turgid.

  10. Never had he seen such a massed and bewilderingly colourful display of evening dress, nor heard such a confused chorus of bright laughter, light talk and blaring orchestration.

  11. He would witness this drab life of ours as a bewilderingly endless romance.

  12. It's bewilderingly effective, and I am a bit of an artist, as you know," he said.

  13. Creeks, it was evident, were bewilderingly plentiful in that country, and there were no distinctive features in the scenery.

  14. Austin could not quite see how he did it, for his motions were bewilderingly rapid, but he saw the wave of the gaudy cloak and heard its crisp rustle that was lost in the roar.

  15. To the girl's unaccustomed eyes the scene was bewilderingly strange.

  16. Bewilderingly sudden, so sudden that as yet she had not adjusted herself to the change, had barely become conscious thereof, yet certain as existence itself, the transformation had come to pass.

  17. Isn't it almost bewilderingly curious that both these letters should have come to sweep my troubles away to-night?

  18. Sah-luma, was content to be gently but surely drawn within the glittering web of her magic spell--a spell fatal, yet too bewilderingly sweet for human strength to fight against.

  19. To the Indian mind it was beautiful, bewilderingly beautiful; and the simple country-folk around drew deep breaths of admiration as they passed.

  20. He knew very well why Margaret had spoken, and that she would not speak without reason; but the fact revealed was so bewilderingly new to him that he could not take it in.

  21. The arguments twisted and turned as bewilderingly as the twining branches of his design; and behind each by which he might climb to decision lurked a beast.

  22. Eveley could not attend except on Saturdays, and a boy near her, whose features had seemed vaguely and bewilderingly familiar, announced that he must withdraw as he worked and had no time for baseball.

  23. Fumbling with the fasteners of her wide cape she drew it back and revealed a bewilderingly beautiful creation beneath.

  24. Indeed, confidence and gaiety were so bewilderingly mingled that Dorothy did not always understand her companion.

  25. At no other season of the year is the country so bewilderingly beautiful--so "beautiful exceedingly.

  26. As if not satisfied with giving us perfect winter weather, Nature started in yesterday afternoon to show what she can do, when in the mood, to make the world bewilderingly beautiful.

  27. For the tone of voice and the little term of endearment and the woman herself were all rather bewilderingly like her aunt.

  28. To Arethusa, the county-seat seemed bewilderingly active and alive.

  29. Without waiting for an answer, he led me through a parlour, hung with pictures, and bewilderingly furnished with French and Italian things, and Japan and China ware and bronzes, and cups and trophies.

  30. Austen alighted and followed Victoria into a great, cool hallway, and through two darkened rooms, bewilderingly furnished and laden with the scent of flowers, into a narrow passage beyond.

  31. We were bewilderingly aware of a girlish figure amongst us.

  32. The valleys far below were filled with mist, cutting them off literally from the world of men, but the beauty of the upper mountains grew more and more bewilderingly enticing.

  33. As I bent down to tuck the clothes about him, that fragrance as of flowers and open spaces rose about my bending face like incense--bewilderingly sweet.

  34. The figure approached, and the Queen, dazzlingly and bewilderingly beautiful, held out her hands to him, and their eyes met and they looked at each other across the gulf of fifty centuries.

  35. But this stranger--this bewilderingly beautiful girl-- In the upper hall he came face to face with his father.

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