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  1. For Solipeds or firm-hoofed animals, as Horses, Asses, Mules, etc.

  2. Which though we allow, we do not make answerable unto living expiration; and therefore the Chicken or Mice were not so light being dead, as they would have been after ten hours kept alive; for in that space a man abateth many ounces.

  3. Beside, in carcasses warm, and bodies newly disanimated, while transpiration remaineth, there do exhale and breath out vaporous and fluid parts, which carry away some power of gravitation.

  4. In the next year he was constituted one of the “conservators of the truce made with the Scots for all hostilities to cease.

  5. I would suggest for them, therefore, as opposed to the Conservators and contrasted with the Planless Progressives, the name of Constructors.

  6. If we cannot do so, we had better throw ourselves in with the Conservators forthwith, for they are right and we are absurd.

  7. There are no other Conservators so clear-headed and consistent.

  8. They agree with that class of thinking I have distinguished as the Conservators in their recognition of vast contemporary disorders and their denial of the essential beneficence of change.

  9. Now opposed to the Conservators are all those who do not regard contemporary humanity as a final thing nor the Normal Social Life as the inevitable basis of human continuity.

  10. On this account the same province of supreme judge was conferred on his substitute Castor, in conjunction with his brother Pollux: and they were accordingly looked upon as the conservators of the rights of mankind.

  11. The real conservators of the wealth were the priests.

  12. The better to insure the same end, he allowed them to choose five-and-twenty members from their own body as conservators of the public liberties; and no bounds were set to the authority of these men either in extent or duration.

  13. Henry returned to his palace at Westminster; new officers of state were selected; and the King's concessions were notified to the conservators of the peace in the several counties.

  14. The same ceremonies are done by the Conservators and other officers of state at St. John di Lateran; and now the table on which they say our blessed Lord celebrated his last supper is set out, and the heads of the Apostles.

  15. The first yeer of England's declared Freedom, by the lying and false pretended Conservators thereof, that never intended it.

  16. The Conservators and Continuators of Patristic Culture.

  17. The shooting of the Regiment was much restricted this year by the closing of all but the short (300 yards) range at Wimbledon, owing to the efforts of the Conservators of the Common, who alleged danger to the public.

  18. But ever since then the Conservators of the Common, with their restrictions, protests, and objections, have been a thorn in the side of the Regimental Range Committee.

  19. Matters were considerably disturbed in 1871 by the passing of the Wimbledon Commons Act, and by the appointment of Conservators to protect the interests of the Common-holders.

  20. He was chosen one of the twenty-five conservators of the public liberties, and engaged to compel John to observe the great charter.

  21. He was appointed one of the twenty-five conservators of the public liberties, and was one of the chief leaders and promoters of the barons' war, being a party to the covenant for holding the city and Tower of London.

  22. By the establishment of baronial partisans as governors of the castles, ministers, sheriffs, and conservators of the peace, the administration passed at once into the hands of the victorious party.

  23. One sign of the increasing attention paid to suppressing disorder was an act of 1344, which empowered the local conservators of the peace, already an element in the administrative machinery, to hear and determine felonies.

  24. On the first Saturday in Carnival, it was the custom for the heads of the Jews in Rome to appear as a deputation before the Conservators in the Capitol.

  25. Act anent the Assemblies desires to the Lords of Counsell, and Conservators of Peace.

  26. The better to insure the same end, he allowed them to choose five-and-twenty members from their own body, as conservators of the public liberties; and no bounds were set to the authority of these men either in extent or duration.

  27. In addition to their duties as conservators of the peace, they are invested with others by statute, such as to execute civil as well as criminal process in certain cases, to attend courts, keep juries, etc.

  28. Some religious communities and church societies were conservators of abolition ideas.

  29. Recently the Conservators have taken powers more frankly directed to the preservation of natural beauty, though even in these cases what may be called direct "taste legislation" has not been exercised.

  30. These men are conservators of the law; and to enable them to preserve it in its perfection, they are secured from the resentment of the sovereign: for he cannot touch them.

  31. You are the conservators of our Republic--nobly perform your duty.

  32. In their vastly different fashions they are Poland and Ireland--the extreme islands of tenacious tradition: the conservators of the Past through a national passion for the Faith.

  33. The conservators shall have the right to inspect all wheel-races, cruives, &c.

  34. Impose a penalty, if you like, upon any millowner who may kill Salmon in his mill lead; and as you give your conservators power to inspect everywhere, you will readily detect such practices.

  35. There ought to be conservators employed, to see that the fisheries are properly regulated, and these should be paid by an assessment on all the proprietors in proportion to the value of their fisheries.

  36. But Mr. Eden suggested at Chester that if these funds were inadequate the conservators should have the power of supplementing them by a rate on the owners and lessees of fisheries in proportion to their extent.

  37. We see that it has even corrupted the guardians and conservators of the public peace.

  38. The middle class, as ever the true conservators of society, seeing this miserable state of affairs, attempted to remedy it.

  39. In measures easily recognized from the Prelude, to which the Nuremburg Motive is added, Sachs now praises the masters and explains their noble purpose as conservators of art.

  40. Very beautiful is the theme in which Sachs protests against Walther's derision of the masters; for they are, in spite of their many old-fogyish notions, the conservators of much that is true and beautiful in art.

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